Living the Good Life in NYC Apartments



TOWN residential offers the best of high end luxury apartments from NYC  to Miami. Thisr high end approach to luxury does not stop with the property listing itself but rather they are a full service entity that can handle your marketing and branding needs too! Imagine having access to the best of the interior designs and amenity providers at your doorstep and call every single moment of the day.


TOWN residential highlights its laser sharp focus on building a property from the ground up including its planning, branding, and pre-market research to ensure the maximum value for the property in the least amount of time.


If you or your family members are looking for NYC apartments for sale, be sure to check out these guys for the great value and service that they provide to everyone. Many NYC apartments for sale offer luxury like in the SOHO district or the Upper East side but primarily in these spots, you are paying for access to the best of the best parks and restaurants the city has to offer.


But in other NYC apartments for sale, you are paying for the internal luxury of the apartment itself in terms of the granite and marble fixtures and great open concept kitchens. Still yet in other NYC apartments for sale, you are simply paying the price the uniqueness of an indoor lap pool or a pet spa that you can find nowhere else in the city.


And it is these out of the box places and luxuries that you will want to focus all of your attention on such as the apartment with an artist studio built inside or the one with a library inside for the book lover. Or if you really want to relax, you can enjoy movies inside private screening rooms too!  So check them out one by one and start living in luxury today and not tomorrow!

Shared Office Spaces For People Who Are Not Afraid To Branch Out

One thing that could be said about society is that it is filled with people who want to follow the herd. There are a lot of reasons for people to follow what others are doing. Among these reasons is the fear of the unknown. While people are often admired when they step out of their comfort zone and succeed, people are afraid of doing so themselves and even discourage those who attempt to. However, there is no success without risk. Also, one could not follow the herd if there is nothing to follow. Therefore, it is important for some people to be willing to step out in the face of resistance.


Fortunately for people that have the toughest time staying on the tried and true path, there are shared office spaces which allow people to do their own work and make their own success. Among these shared office spaces is Workville over in Manhattan. There are tons of advantages that people get when working in this type of environment. One of the most important advantages for people who branch out is freedom.


With Workville and other shared office spaces, people experience a lower level of stress as they work towards their own goals. They also work on projects that they believe in. What is even better is that they are surrounded by individuals who share the same goal oriented mindset. They are also willing to help and encourage others that are working towards similar goals. One thing is that while the shared office space is a friendly area, it is also an area where people work in harmony. Therefore, workers will find that they are more successful with these spaces as opposed to dealing with the atmosphere of a regular workplace.

Who Mike Baur Partnered with for Swiss Startup Factory

Good partners are everything in business and that’s why Mike Baur asked Michael Hartweg to join him in the journey for the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur and Hartweg are both “dropouts”, for lack of a better word in the field of finance. This is why they now want to grow their mission and vision for the startup factory. Startups are the lifeblood of the economy, and the goal is to see great things happen for Switzerland in business. Both Baur and Hartweg see the world of business changing, and it’s all digital. Digital companies, no less finance companies have adopted the idea that digital is the best thing going.


Hartweg is a former top advisor in finance, and as an ex-banker, Hartweg knows all too well just how vital the startup phase is for an entrepreneur. There are many steps for starting a new company but without the right initial steps and plan, the funding just isn’t there. This is why both men have chosen to work together in this endeavor to help entrepreneurs win at starting a business and getting it up and running with the right tools and resources.


Hartweg was previously with Leonteq and was a derivatives specialist. The digital platforms for which banking runs day-to-day have caused a stir, and now even more applications are digital in other areas of commerce and banking. This is just one aspect of how Swiss Startup Factory can help a startup. The finances are important, but it’s vital that there is a plan that takes the entrepreneur from A to Z.


The accelerator program is designed to take an idea and refine it and then bring it to fruition. The program addresses all aspects of the idea from its inception to financing as well as legal, design and of course securing funding. The proper forms are on the website for the World Web Forum.


Hartweg will only be working with select startups while Mike Baur is mostly focused on the management aspect of the business. Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur, and has more than 20 years experience in banking. When Baur first created the Swiss Startup Factory he was working with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Danilo Diaz Granados: The Man on a Mission

Danilo Diaz Granados is the co-founder of TOYS FOR BOYS Company. Danilo is a graduate of the prestigious Babson College found in Wellesley Massachusetts. LinkedIn shows that he has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship and has extensively used this to his advantage since moving to Miami. Danilo uses the luxury concept to establish a Toys for Boys Boutique in Miami. The boutique provides a one-stop shopping experience for the Latino community where they can buy a variety of items such as contemporary art, exotic automobiles as well as fine watches.

During this summer, Danilo Diaz Granados hosted an event for affluent guests from Miami. During this event, guests were treated with fine cuisines as well as exclusive previews. There were also helicopter rides for the guests. Guests were also treated with time at the racetrack and were also given bottles of the expensive Dom Perignon. Those present also got to enjoy sunset boat ride. This was not the first time that Danilo Diaz Granados held such an event.

During the July event, the guests were hand selected and were given a chance to have breakfast at the Dame Zaha Hadid sale center. During this breakfast, the guests were given a preview about the upcoming residential building in Biscayne area located in Miami. Later, Danilo Diaz Granados joined the guests for a 30-minute ride and flew to Pal Beach Race Track. Each man abroad was offered the opportunity to be behind the wheel. After the event, the guests returned via helicopter where each member was served Dom Perignon upon arrival. They took lunch at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River.

This event would not have been successful without the help of outside sponsors. The sponsors included Van Dutch Americas, One Thousand Museum as well as Air Commander aerospace and the Gryphon Racing. Danilo Diaz Granados is active in social media and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   Also, see more of what Danilo has done on here: