Nationwide Title Clearing Responds to Customer Needs

To ensure compliance with property records and facilitation of transition of real estate from one owner to another, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has revamped its website to offer online ordering of records. NTC is the leading research and document provider in the nation serving the largest residential mortgage providers in the country. Changes to the existing website will ensure that anyone can easily track and correct title defects easily.


Usually, title defects create a lot of mess when someone has already made a decision to buy or invest in a property. A simple defect in the title of a property means that the existing owner of the property cannot transfer or sell the real estate. Similarly, minor title defects can also result in lengthy legal battle between two individuals who may claim to own the same property. To resolve such issues, which can also lead to wrongful foreclosures, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., has revamped its website to make it easier for anyone to order property titles containing complete records. Allowing the public to easily access such reports will help residential real estate owners to easily check and rectify any defects in the title.


According to the company, there are several prominent reasons why title defects may occur. For instance, a simple wording in the document that does not comply with the local building code can make a title invalid. Likewise, a lot of title defects also occur when the document does not contain signatures of a certain party to transaction. In addition, if existing encumbrances have not been removed, it also makes a property title void. In fact, failure of following the filing procedure in the past can also cause serious problems. To an average house owner, title defects may be a trivial matter, but expert know that it can easily harm existing house owners by making them ineligible to lay claim to an otherwise legal asset. Under these circumstances, it is practical to check the existing title of your property to check for non-compliance.


Founded in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is one of the leading research and document-processing service, which provide services to eight out of 10 mortgage service providers in the United States. Using multiple contacts and resources, the company is able to gather land registry and historical title records of over 3,600 different jurisdictions in the nation. The expansion of NTC is also putting Americans back to work as the company won the Hire Power award for the second consecutive year.

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