Seeing into Healthcare’s Future with Jim Tanabaum

Innovative technology and new methods of providing healthcare has always been a top priority with Jim Tanabaum. Tanabaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, a healthcare private equity firm. Foresite Capital’s mission is to support healthcare leaders in their endeavors to create innovative and revolutionary products and services. The premise of the organization is that by collaborating with these healthcare leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, patient care will improve tremendously.

Tanabaum’s experience with the healthcare industry extends to GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance Inc. He established these companies and acquired healthcare investments that helped him establish a healthcare services investment practice. His vision is to marry the technological aspects and the healthcare services aspects of the healthcare industry into a novel investment platform. This platform would provide up and coming scientists and medical professionals opportunities that they wouldn’t have received in the past.

The fact is according to Jim Tanabaum healthcare innovations quite often take more time and financial resources than most potential investors are comfortable providing to new healthcare leaders. Foresite Capital provides the means in which leaders can gather necessary information to “make their case” to investors and succeed.

Tanabaum’s passion for “marrying” computer science, specifically biotechnological science with healthcare innovations comes from his drive help patients worldwide live better lives. This drive has helped many healthcare scientists discover new methods of treating diabetes and glaucoma. Biotechnology has grown exponentially over the past decade. Tanabaum believes that in the next few years blood, tissue and saliva samples will provide more accurate information to prevent disease. These samples could also provide information on treatment options.

Advances in genomic sequencing have helped scientists discover cancer genes and other markers that denote abnormal sequencing. It is the advancement of this type of research that excites Tanabaum and creates a solid footing for healthcare investment. Synthetic biology is another realm that excites Tanabaum’s interest in healthcare.

According to Wired, the future is bright with possibilities. The ability to be able to see and prevent diseases that would have killed people is priceless. Jim Tanabaum stands by emerging leaders and is willing to take big risks.

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