Focus on the Well-known Career and Life of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector due to her rich experience in recruiting the top and best talents in the industry. Julie is an expert in recruiting top talents. At the moment, she is the executive talent acquisition and recruitment lead as well as VP of the Deutsche Bank. She studied Philosophy at City University, New York before proceeding on to study Law at the New York Law School. Her career journey started off after she joined Hudson as the candidate placement director. Here is an overview of her long and illustrious career.


Julie Zuckerberg stayed on at Hudson for a period of five years where she was involved in the recruitment of attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staff as well as other numerous employees in different levels. She was responsible for providing information on the job, details and guidelines of the prospects they needed, promotion and benefits. As she had a legal background, she acted as the link between the management and employees in the advent of any issues and problems at the workplace. Julie ensured that all these issues were resolved and processed in accordance with the set legal provisions.

Citi Global Consumer Bank, New York

In 2007, she left Hudson and joined Citi Global Consumer Bank based in New York as the executive recruiter. Julie helped the management by offering valuable advice on a number of recruitment strategies and trends in compensation that would enable it to triumph over its competitors. She also offered her actionable ideas and planning by providing great insights on the competitive market and talent acquisition. Julie was actively involved in a number of intricate recruitment components. She used to solely manage the process of international and expatriate relocations.

Citi Global Functions and New York Life Insurance

Julie was poised to assume the position of the executive recruiter at Citi Global Functions due to her exceptional skills and performance. She had been exposed well to the process of recruitment and had the ability to choose a candidate that would be productive and contribute to the company well. Julie had by now perfected the art of recruiting executives to occupy top positions on behalf of Citi and its various branches. After severing her ties with Citi Group, Julie went on to join the New York Life Insurance Company. She enabled the company have a lifecycle recruitment support for diverse levels. She was also involved in working with the top management level and came up with various business strategy plans for providing solutions.

Present Responsibilities and Hobbies

In her current position as a Talent Acquisition Lead with Deutsche bank, Julie Zuckerberg is tasked with counseling and coaching staffing executive groups. She leads in the procedure of hiring candidates to fill the top MD level vacancies and is directly involved in the negotiations. Apart from her recruitment work, Julie has some interests of her own. She resides in Manhattan, New York and is interested in photography, food, art, running and technology. She is an advocate for animal welfare, economic empowerment and engages in charity work.




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