Making Profits Following Paul Mampilly Advice

Being able to correctly pick stocks is an incredible skill. Of course, this is a skill that can turn one into a billionaire.

When is the toughest time to pick winning stocks? When the markets are tanking. And that is exactly when former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly made his mark.

Picking Winning Stocks

George Soros, Jim Rogers and Marc Faber are some of the big names in the hedge fund industry. Each of them have their own investment philosophies, but the thing that ties them together is success. They picked winning stocks.

When you hear about how stock picker Paul Mampilly got recognized, it seems rather amazing. Do you remember in 2009 after the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis and stock exchanges were shut down due to panic? When they started up again, many investors were shorting the stocks, creating a horrible bear market.

At this time, former hedge fund manager entered the Templeton Foundation stock picking contest. The goal was to use a $50 million investment and without shorting stocks, make good profits. This helped re-establish confidence in Wall Street.

In this nerve-wracking environment, Mr. Paul Mampilly earned an impressive 76% gain on his picks. The sky was the limit for successful stock analyst Paul Mampilly.

Stock Picking Author

His stock picking acumen established, Mr. Mampilly decided to take the next step and offer his services to subscribers through Profits Unlimited. Instead, of investing for them, Paul would suggest some good stocks and they would make the move with their own broker. This might be the ideal way to reach high net worth individuals.

Due to his continued success, Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited has hit the 60,000 subscribe threshold. There will never be a time when the wealthy don’t want good advice. And, how many can beat a 76% gain?

Stock picker Paul Mampilly knows what he is talking about. He has been a hedge fund manager and is now an author, sharing his top picks. If you check out his picks, you will see many people making profits following Mr. Mampilly’s advice.

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