Wild Ark

Our environments are under constant stress due to deforestation, pollution, and mankind’s lack of caring to seeing the bigger picture. Many plants and animals have already gone extinct and are in danger because of these things. Which is sad considering our development directly relies on nature itself. Everything we have created stems from our planet. Luckily, there are still those who care about the environment enough to want to protect it. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/


Wild Ark is a great example of individuals caring for the wild. Founded by husband and wife Mark and Sophie Hutchinson the conservation center uses all of its resources to protect the wild and improve the conditions of ecosystems around the world. It has been referred to as a movement for the wild. Wild Ark is made up of dedicated conservationists who sacrifice large parts of their lives on a daily basis to raise awareness about the environment.


Wild Ark is also a great provider of eco-conscious travel destinations for those who want to connect with nature. A great eco- conscious destination can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Individuals will be able to see sights and animals they would never lay eyes on in the area they live in.


Wild Ark Travel is more than happy to provide this experience. The conservation center feels that if people become closer to nature they’ll be more likely to make an effort to clean up the environment. This is why Wild Ark offers fun and adventure as well as information that every person should know about how they can contribute to the centers cause. Wild Ark Travel offers a variety of eco-conscious destinations and experiences. Guests can attend a safari on the plains of Africa or go fishing off the coast of Alaska. The choice is up to those looking for an adventure in the wild. Visit here: http://wildarkonline.com/


How Louis Chenevert Contributed to the Economy

While serving as the top executive at United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Louis Chenevert was credited with guiding the company through the 2007 recession that heavily impacted companies around the world. He was the Chairman and CEO of the company from 2006 to 2014. Upon his resignation in December of 2014 the Director of the company, Edward Kangas, took over his role.

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal and earned a degree in production management. He worked for several years at General Motors before moving on to the airplane engine manufacturing company Pratt & Whitney in 1999. He first joined United Technology as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. It wasn’t long before has promoted to the company’s top position.
Unlike many manufacturing companies in North America, under Louis Chenevert’s leadership, the company declined to outsource jobs to other countries in order to save money. He felt the quality of work by the American workers was too high to compromise by chasing lower salaries. The company, headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, continued to grow while he led it and he led it to a value of $63 billion.
Beyond paying a fair salary to the workers at UTC, Louis Chenevert also took the company’s environmental responsibilities very seriously. The company built jet engines that were used by plane manufacturers around the world. Additionally, Louis Chenevert oversaw the subsidiaries of the company as well including elevator and escalator giant Otis. His company also built helicopters and was one of the largest such manufacturers worldwide.
Louis Chenevert is credited with greatly contributing to the economy of Connecticut. He had acknowledged that there were less expensive places to do business even in the United States but he remained committed to the workforce he had built at the company. Despite these additional costs, UTC had annual returns that were twice that of the average company on the S&P 500. Every year, even during the subprime recession, UTC paid out dividends over the last 70 years.