Todd Lubar Shares His Views On The Baltimore Real Estate Market

Quietly and under the radar, Baltimore is experiencing a positive real estate market. While Baltimore has garnered a lot of negative press in recent years those outside the city haven’t really noticed that there are a lot of buildings being converted to apartments and condos. These chic new apartments are designed to be appealing to millennials who are increasingly moving to the city. One of the main things attracting them to Baltimore is a less expensive cost of living, particularly compared to Washington D.C., and it being a good place for new college graduates to start their professional careers in.

Due in no small part to all of the young professionals moving to Baltimore, a number of start-ups are thriving in the city. This has led to a rising income in the city and greater opportunities. It has also supported an increasing number of local restaurants and upscale shopping options. The most popular area right now is Harbor East which features a lot of dining and shopping options for residents in the area.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who has been following the Baltimore market for over 20 years. He attended Syracuse University and then entered the mortgage industry after graduating. His first position was a Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he handled mortgage applications. Todd left this company in 1999 and established his own firm in the industry, Legacy Financial Group. He quickly became one of the top mortgage producers in the region.

After surviving the recession that rattled the overall economy but especially real estate, Todd Lubar now runs TDL Global Ventures, LLC. which he founded in order to solve people’s mortgage issues. He is also the Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments, the company he had founded back in 1999.

When not working, Lubar really enjoys spending time with his two young children. He has said that he also loves traveling whenever he can. His favorite vacation spot to return to whenever he can is Southern California. This region of California stands as a big contrast to Baltimore and so provides a place that is an ideal location for a vacation. You can follow him on his Facebook account

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  1. With the influx of young people into Baltimore, it is not difficult to agree with coursework expert and the vision that he has of the city’s real estate future. Todd Lubar has watched aspiring investors in the sector, he is worthy to have as a mentor. However, he has his investment also in TDL Global Ventures, a firm he has used to solve people’s mortgage issues.

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