Why Banyan Hill Publishing Brought In Cryptocurrency Expert Ian King

Ian King is a stock market and cryptocurrency trader who currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida. He has been in the financial industry for 20 years and has worked for financial firms such as Peahi Capital, Citigroup, and Salomon Brothers. He is also an entrepreneur who launched a company called Intellicoins. Through this firm he helps people that want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, he offers his advice on this type of trading through financial publications that are put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. Learn more on medium.com about Ian King for more updates.

It was in 2013 that one of Ian King’s libertarian associates introduced him to Bitcoin. His friend was saying that it was the next big thing and would one day eliminate the need for central banks. Since that time many more cryptocurrencies have been released with some of the most popular ones being Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Over the last five years he has become an expert in this field which was why he was brought on board Banyan Hill Publishing to inform their readers.

Speaking for Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine said that they brought in Ian King in late 2017 because their readers wanted to learn from somebody who makes their own cryptocurrencies trades, not someone who just writes about them. He also is able to explain this murky field in a way that people on Main Street can understand what the fuss is all about and what the investment opportunities are.

Ian King says that cryptocurrency will be recognized as the big technological trend of the 2010s. He points to mainframes taking over in the 1970s, p.c.’s in the 1980s, the internet in the 1990s, and social media being the big thing in the 2000s. He says this is because cryptocurrencies allow people transfer digital money between them without having a third party involved in the transaction. Follow Ian King on Twitter.

Ian King expects the value of Bitcoin and other digital currencies to continue to rise despite having an amazing return for 2017. He says it’s really now that the mainstream and financial industry are getting in on this market and he expects it to continue to expand going forward.

Read more on Banyanhill:https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/


Securus Technologies Modernizing the Correctional Industry for a Better Future

When two major correctional firms, Evercom and T-Netix, merged in 1986, a new company was formed by the name of Securus Technologies. It continues to be the leader in the correctional sphere and has by far the best catalog of products and services in the industry, backed by award-winning customer service. The company was previously known by the name of TZ Holdings but changed its name to Securus Technologies in 2009. Over the years, Securus Technologies has been able to make a name for itself in the industry and develop a wide range of products and services that are futuristic and advanced. Securus Technologies knows that the only way to grow amidst fierce competition in the correctional sphere is to develop products that would meet the specific requirements of the end users.


Currently, Securus Technologies serves the correctional industry and all its branches, including the inmate communication services, investigative services and solutions, parolee tracking system, and the governmental information management system. Securus Technologies knows and understands that it is not easy to win the trust of the customers in such a competitive market, and that is why it focuses on developing better products than on marketing gimmicks. Securus Technologies is known to have some of the best technologies in the corrections space, and its products and services are widely appreciated even by the industry leaders. Securus Technologies has been able to secure the A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau and has won the Gold Stevie Award as well for having the best customer service training team in the industry.


A press release was recently published by the company that contained words of encouragement written to the company by the law enforcement officers who feel that technology and services of Securus Technologies are superior to any other companies in the market. It has dramatically boosted the market reputation of the firm.



Jacob Gottlieb: A Notable Member Of The Financial Industry

Jacob Gottlieb has led a rather interesting career through the course of his life. Today, he stands at the top of the financial field and has contributed immensely to different organizations through the incredible skill that he possesses. When it was time for Jacob Gottlieb to choose a field that he wanted to pursue, he decided to choose the field of medicine. He thought it would be a good path for him to choose since he was a fairly good student in school and always scored well in every test that he took. This prompted him to take up his course. He attended the School of Medicine at New York University and pursued his degree there.

Soon after completing his degree, he decided that the next best step for him would be to take up an internship. With that idea in mind, he decided to pursue his residency at the St. Vincent Hospital. He worked there for a few years before he decided that the field of medicine was not for him. Even though he had fared well in the field and during his education, he was still always more fascinated with the stock market and all the intricacies of the financial field, which is why he thought that it would be best to follow his passion and pursue something that he had been dreaming of for a long time. This was when he began the path that would one day lead him to be one of the most notable names in the financial industry.

One of the reasons why Jacob Gottlieb was able to be so successful in the financial industry was because of his understanding of the stock market, and his ability to help the clients who were coming to him for financial help. When he started working in his first company in the financial field, he possessed a brilliant ability for being able to gauge concepts and understand the workings of the work that he was tasked with doing. This helped him immensely as he was climbing up the corporate rung to get to the position that he currently is in.

One of the more prominent executive positions that Jacob Gottlieb undertook was when he was working at a company known as Visium Asset. He held the position of Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the company. He was responsible for the incredible growth that the company had witnessed over the years and brought along several positive changes to the workings of the company. He also was one of the founding members of Balyasny Asset Management, located in London. The company offered a wide range of financial services to traders and corporates who were coming to them for help with their financial matters.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Outstanding Care in Dallas

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a well recognized and highly acclaimed plastic surgeon in the Dallas area. He has been awarded the Compassionate Doctor rating through patient voting. Evaluations were on his bedside manner and provided services. Patients’ Choice is the official name of the program. He responded that he felt honored to be selected.


After Dr.Sameer Jejurikar received the Award known as Compassionate Doctor he was also recognized by The Registry of Business Excellence. While the Patient’s Choice Award focuses on the outstanding care and practices of physicians, The Registry is designed to highlight the best in business practices.


Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He focuses his art on a variety of cosmetic surgeries. His expertise is of the face, and upper body areas. Not only is the doctor well known for his practice in the Dallas area, he also volunteers his services to help improve the lives of others. He has participated in a number of medical missions including an annual participation with the organization Smile Bangladesh.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Jejurikar is passionate about his craft and provides his patients with a full range of cosmetic surgery options. He provides both surgical and non-invasive solutions for his patients. All patients are unique in their needs.They receive individualized attention. The doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon who graduated from the University of Michigan. He has been in practice more than 11 years.


As a plastic surgeon Dr. JejuriKar repairs or replaces bone, skin and other tissues. He is also able to do reconstructive surgery on hands and face. The latter is known as craniofacial surgery. He is associated with multiple hospitals in the Dallas area and his practice accepts a wide variety of insurances for the convenience and peace of mind of his patients. He exhibits good business practice and compassionate care.


Malcolm Casselle, the brains behind WAX

The worldwide asset exchange (WAX), is an online marketplace for buying and selling of gaming assets. WAX has been created by OPskins, a world leader in the selling of in-game assets and the leading bitcoin merchant. The WAX P2P marketplace solves major issues with fraud and fragmentation. Fragmentation has been put in check by the blockchain such that the token is creating a market with less friction that allows the buyers and sellers to convert their assets into tokens and sell their products in a setting free of fraud enabled by the blockchain.


WAX has made no investments whatsoever in other areas such as security, infrastructure or payment processing. This platform is expected to serve over 400 million online gamers who collect, buy and sell the in-game items.


Malcolm CasSelle is currently the president of WAX. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in computer science from Stanford University. He is the CIO of OPskins, and he is a fluent speaker of the Japanese and Mandarin languages. Malcolm has been an avid leader in developing startups in the digital industry. Some of the startups include Media pass, Xfire and Groupon’s joint venture with Tenscent in China.

WAXing Lyrical: Malcolm CasSelle Interview

In 1995 Malcolm co-founded and was the CTO of net-noir which was among the first media production websites that had most of its focus on Afrocentric culture. In 1998-2002 he was the senior vice president and the advisor to the CEO at Pacific Century Cyber Works, a publicly trade telco service provider that is based in Hong Kong.


In April 2012, Malcolm was the CEO of the Global Social Network that was for core video game players as well as Xfire. In January 2013 he was the CEO of media pass, an online paywall solution that was made in a way that revenue was generated on the basis of subscription for digital content.


Malcolm is a gifted entrepreneur, an executive, a natural born leader, and an excellent communicator. He mostly works with goals such that wherever he is stationed, he sets organizational goals and works towards them. He selects the brightest and most creative minds to work with him and to create business. He is an exceptional and dynamic person and never ceases to amaze the people that work with him.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Can Be Trusted

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas, and she has chosen to work in that same city. She chose to stay near her family and to appreciate all that the city of Austin offers. This woman was born to a dentist father and a mother who worked as a surgical nurse, and she was exposed to the medical world at a young age. She completed her residency at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas, and she was serious about her studies. The education that she received when she was younger has helped her to be a great doctor.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is known across the nation as someone who is talented as a plastic surgeon. She is a speaker who shares information with others. She has worked as a media commentator and used her knowledge to inform others about plastic surgery. She works on the face and breast, the nose and body, and she completes the work that she does in a compassionate way.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has a heart for each one of her patients and she makes sure that her patients know that she does not judge them for the changes that they are making.There are advances that have been made that have helped plastic surgery to be done in new ways. About Dr. Jennifer Walden he is someone who takes advantage of all advances that are made in the area and who uses those to better help her patients. She appreciates the new technology that is developed and takes advantage of that.

Ian King is an Expert on Cryptocurrencies

Ian King is an experienced trader and expert in cryptocurrencies who recently joined Banyan Hill Publishing as the company’s resident crypto guru. Before long, he and Banyan Hill will launch a trading service specializing in helping investors profit from the huge gains that cryptocurrencies will make in the future. Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies are going through a hard stretch in early 2018, but it has seen difficult markets before. It the long run it will keep rising. The blockchain technology is extremely powerful, and destined to disrupt many industries.

Like many, Ian King is a cryptocurrency true believer. He believes in it so much he left a great job with a hedge fund to set up a website to educate people on Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other cryptocoins. He started his professional career trading dot com stocks from his dorm room while still in college. He kept his major Psychology, however, because he loved analyzing why traders do the things they do, and applying that to the markets, because the market is just a large group of people. He interned at Merrill Lynch while the 90s bull market was still going on. He became a clerk for Saloman Brothers trading mortgage bonds. Next came stint in credit derivatives for Citigroup. Then he spent ten years as Head Trader at Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York City. That’s the job he left to set up his own firm to educate investors on how to make money from buying and selling cryptos. Read more about Ian King at tumblr.com for more updates.

He also applies the psychological lessons he learned about trading to cryptocurrencies. As a trader he learned that while asset classes such as stocks and bonds are different, traders are the same. Cryptocurrencies are just another asset class. However, the technology is dramatically affect banking and the economy.

Ian King believes that cryptocurrencies are a long way from their peak values. Institutional investors are just beginning to pore into it. We are many years away from the top of this market. That’s why this is the best time to get into the market. By now, everybody has heard of Bitcoin, but not many ordinary people own any. He points out that the current Bitcoin market is unprecedented because it’s the first time an asset has become popular without participation by Wall Street. Billionaires and hedge funds are entering the market behind the nerds and libertarians.



Omar Boraie Leads the Way to a Stable City

I have often heard from those in America, who are quite opinionated, that the rich 1% are selfish jerks that step on every common man to get to where they are. I am sure this can be characterized of at least some of them, but it cannot be applied to Omar Boraie who is like a father to the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie has led to this cities resurrection through his Boraie Development company. He dreamed of helping New Brunswick flourish ever since he visited the influential cities on the continent of Europe. He visited places such as Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, and Sicily and saw how powerful these places were. He felt that he can make New Brunswick, New Jersey just as influential and powerful for the North East portion of the United States.

Omar Boraie set to work on the four pillars that make a strong society. He began by working with the community to make it more oriented towards families. One of the many things he did was provide social events for families to get to know one another. One of these events was hosted by the State Theater and was a summer of movie nights given to the public for free Omar Boraie paid the admission for 7500 families so that they could all get to know one another and begin working as a community to help New Brunswick become great.

According to NJBiz, Omar then began by making the job market in the area more stable. His first step to doing that was keeping Johnson and Johnson in the area. The second step to doing that was building commercial real estate that would attract factories so that they could employ a large portion of people.

Omar then looked through his Rolodex and began calling people who could unite together and help New Brunswick thrive. Eventually, he had a coalition of 20 people which included the President of Rutgers University, the city Mayor, and the editors of several newspapers. Check out Press of Atlantic City

Omar then focused the rest of his attention to bringing back a strong middle-class. He knew that the middle class was the backbone of any society. He wanted to target young professionals who are just starting their practice so he built upper-class office space, which normally they could not afford, was sold at a lower price. This was so enticing that hundreds of families moved to New Brunswick.

See more: https://re-nj.com/report-new-250-unit-rental-project-rising-in-atlantic-city/

Ian King And His Bet On Cryptocurrencies

Ian King is one the cryptocurrency market’s most noted experts on the cryptocurrency subject. In 2017 Ian began working for Banyan Hill Publishing an economic expertise publishing journal dedicated to provide the latest economic expert advice. In this case Ian King remains as one of the few people who can tell you exactly what to expect from the cryptocurrency market growing every day. Ian worked as a trader for a number of years at a New York hedge fund Peahi Capital. He studied psychology in college which he says still remains part of assessing trading behavior. The idea of digital currency began to interest him after the economic crisis and the realization of banks’ ultimate futile nature. The idea of crypto currency such as giant Bitcoin provides trading based on digital visibility without relying on any monetary currency fund or bank as proof of the trade. Ian King sees Cryptocurrency as second to the internet in terms of advancing people to exchange ideas and money without the need for physical presence. Ian says trust is the sole base of crypto currency and believes this can only move the economy forward. Ian himself has purchased from Litecoin another cryptocurrency project on the rise.

View more on Ian King at talkmarkets.com for more updates.

With companies whose success have proven to attract Wall street immediately, cryptocurrency is still in its early stages. Ian says cryptocurrencies are currently open for investment to the general public, because very few institutions are attached to them. The Chicago Trade of Commerce began opening shares for digital currency last December. To Ian this by far has been the fairest investment project the world has ever seen. The gains are also very powerful. Unlike stocks which provide a slow change in value turnout, cryptocurrencies have a strong alteration rate. The number of cryptocurrencies available are also growing. Bitcoin is inspiring and growing competition. Ian is sure once others begin to see how cryptocurrencies rise, they too will take interest in them, at some point let go of banking as funding for the crypto market, so the time to invest is early. Ian hopes to reach those still unaware of cryptocurrency, and educate those wishing to know more. Ian also promises to advise which cryptocurrencies worth investing in. Banyan Hill Publishing has been grateful to have Ian King join their team, as they too have faith in cryptocurrencies and want to provide real time information against any unreliable sources. Read this article:https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-08/bitcoin-end-beginning