Securus Technologies Modernizing the Correctional Industry for a Better Future

When two major correctional firms, Evercom and T-Netix, merged in 1986, a new company was formed by the name of Securus Technologies. It continues to be the leader in the correctional sphere and has by far the best catalog of products and services in the industry, backed by award-winning customer service. The company was previously known by the name of TZ Holdings but changed its name to Securus Technologies in 2009. Over the years, Securus Technologies has been able to make a name for itself in the industry and develop a wide range of products and services that are futuristic and advanced. Securus Technologies knows that the only way to grow amidst fierce competition in the correctional sphere is to develop products that would meet the specific requirements of the end users.


Currently, Securus Technologies serves the correctional industry and all its branches, including the inmate communication services, investigative services and solutions, parolee tracking system, and the governmental information management system. Securus Technologies knows and understands that it is not easy to win the trust of the customers in such a competitive market, and that is why it focuses on developing better products than on marketing gimmicks. Securus Technologies is known to have some of the best technologies in the corrections space, and its products and services are widely appreciated even by the industry leaders. Securus Technologies has been able to secure the A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau and has won the Gold Stevie Award as well for having the best customer service training team in the industry.


A press release was recently published by the company that contained words of encouragement written to the company by the law enforcement officers who feel that technology and services of Securus Technologies are superior to any other companies in the market. It has dramatically boosted the market reputation of the firm.



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