About Securus Technologies Successful Drone Pilot Program

According to a recent article by the business wire, secures technologies is the leading provider of the technology that is mainly geared towards public safety. It is the leading technology company in providing a solution for the law enforcement, correctional facilities and also government payment services. Based in Dallas, the company is the first to launch a program that will be used to detect any threats in prison and jails using drones. The drone detection technology is fundamental because it is going to be used to identify the drones that are being used to deliver illegal good in prisons.

Many prisons have found evidence of drones being used to deliver drugs and also mobile phone to the prisoners. In some cases the drones are sued to deliver weapons, the article stated. The technology company has spent more than 18 months testing the technology and making improvements. The drone detection technology is meant to stop the use of a drone to deliver illegal good in the prisoners. During the launch, the spokesperson of the technology company stated that the done detection program would continue being improved over time and also the weakness identified would be corrected. He further said that they collaborated with some different technology companies to come up with the product while recognizing the engineers that were best suited for the project.

He also assured the attendees of the launch that the technology would get better after many trials just like any other technology out there in the market. He then stated that the main aim of the entire project was to work with the different correctional facilities to stop the delivery of contraband in jail. The initial trials have identified the various tactics which the technology will put in place to make the technology much better.

The success of the drone selection program will ensure that the prisoners are safe too when they are in the correctional facilities. It will mean that they are not going to be exploited by the use of the dangerous contraband that is delivered in prison. The number of drone incidents in the prisons is what has led to the need for innovation in the security sector. Securus technology has taken the lead in ensuring that they proved the much-needed solutions to ensure that individuals are kept safe.

Securus technologies have gain recognition as having won three customer care awards during the 2018 Stevie wards. They won these awards in the sales and customer services. The Securus team than took gold as the team of the year. The customer service manager won silver for the customer service profession of the year. The team that took bronze was the video visitation team. The Stevie awards are globally recognized..



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