Jeff Herman supports the Child Victims Act

Did you know that there is a time limit on justice? In the state of New York, if you or a loved one has been the victim of rape, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation, you or that loved one is on a clock. A statute of limitations is in place there, limiting the amount of time to file charges against an offender to five years. Five years to recover from the emotional and physical trauma that sexual assault or exploitation can cause, and some more to actually get past all the hurdles normally accompanying a lawsuit. If you disagree with justice being on a schedule, then you can find an ally in Jeff Herman.

Jeff Herman is an internationally famous trial lawyer ad has been in numerous cases in his career. His office is currently in the town of Boca Raton, Florida. Herman has become very well respected as an advocate for victims of sexual assault, including rape, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation. While he has already amassed many a thankful adult or adolescent, what is most impressive is his care and treatment younger victims. Herman is proud to say that he has become most well known for his treatment of children who have become victims of sexual assault. Herman can boast to having been specially trained to help with the coping and recovery of these children, while also relieving them of the significant pressure that court and counseling can put on a child.

In regards to the five year statute, Jeff Herman recently permitted a blog post on his firm’s website, outlining and summarizing the upcoming Child Victims Act. Many activists have been pushing for this bill, being led at the front by actor Corey Feldman, most known for his leading roles in 1980s films The Goonies and Gremlins, as well as USA volleyball player Sarah Powers. This statute puts a five year limit on a victim’s ability to press charges for sexual assault, with this clock only being started when they reach the age of 18 in criminal courts. This act would essentially erase the active statute of five years, allowing victims to press charges whenever they feel they are ready to.

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