José Hawilla: Brazil’s Sporting Entrepreneur

So, you want to be an entrepreneur? The thought of owning your own business may sound fun, and perhaps rewarding, but there are some important considerations to remember. Owning a successful business requires long hours, a sense of independence, and quick mind for decision making. There needs to be a motivation behind that drive for success, be it financial or personal, and that drive needs to be channeled into the hard work. The business environment can change rapidly, and adaptability is key.


One person who is intimately familiar with the risks, and the rewards, of entrepreneurship, is José Hawilla. He is the owner of Traffic, the biggest sports marketing agency in his native Brazil. Traffic partners with sports tournaments for advertising sponsorships, and sells the television broadcast rights for the events. It was a natural progression for Hawilla, who began his professional career as a sports journalist. Hidden behind his reporting career, was a keen eye for the financial and business side of Brazilian athletics. In the short span of 20 years, Traffic rose from humble beginnings, selling advertising on public transit, to an empire that encompasses a television network, and affiliate offices in the United States and the Netherlands. For more details visit LinkedIn.


José Hawilla, along with the more than 600 employees he manages, holds broadcast rights across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, including prestigious and lucrative deals for Copa America and World Cup qualifiers. As Traffic’s expansion into television continues, recently adding TV Tem, covering 318 cities across the state of Sao Paulo, to the TV 7 network already under its ownership, Hawilla is also eyeing the arena of sports personality management. Called Talentos, the fledgling talent arm of Traffic, already has world class stars like Luis Fabiano and Robinho on its roster.



Over its decades of growth and expansion, Traffic has survived and thrived amongst the internet bubbles and various scandals that have rocked the Brazilian sporting world. José Hawilla, with the drive of an entrepreneur, the dedication to put in effort, and a preparation for the unexpected, expects Traffic to continue to diversify and flourish. For more details you can visit



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