Mike Baur’s Three Eye-opening tips for Astounding Business Performance.

Over the past few years, the growth of business culture has taken over most countries. In fact, the world has developed into a hub of business startups alongside entrepreneurship. Therefore, the young generation has been empowered to be at the frontline of building businesses. This skyrocketing business pace has been set and also maintained by a team of benevolent business experts who have vowed to circulate amazing insights to foster the growth of small investments to rise into global companies. Among these generous contributors is Mike Baur, who seems to have vowed to give a chance to young entrepreneurs through his company, the Swiss Startup Factory. Moreover, through a program that he runs in Swiss Startup Factory, Baur has catalyzed the launch of numerous companies that began from scratch.


The Three-month Program to Blossom Your Startup


Consequently, Mike Baur employs a detailed program that entails counseling sessions where business gurus analyze business ideas and pitching opportunities. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs comprehensively explain to the investors where they intend to conduct market research in addition to their expectation for the market demand.


The Three Rose-Colored Tips for Successful Startups


Create Opportunities


With his vast experience, Baur suggests that entrepreneurs are the scion of success at any given time. Furthermore, he asserts that opportunities to start and run a company are not a natural occurrence. On the contrary, they are a unique creation to be pursued by the entrepreneur.


Change is inevitable, be flexible


The business ace, Baur, change will come over, and over both from internal as well as external factors, since you have no control, your business should be well suited to adapt to constant changes.


Risk Evaluation


Finally, an entrepreneur must not only understand the nature of the risk they are about to undertake but also must exude the willingness to bear the load with which the risk comes. Risking taking is not elaborate when coining a company; instead, it occurs during the execution phase and extends to the decision revolving around growth strategies.




In conclusion, Mike Baur is burning with a passion for seeing Switzerland’s economic docket improve with time. His company consequently stresses on the value of technology and internet. Additionally, SSUF equally provides funding to companies that are rigorously tested for the three months program. Therefore,to widen their scope of services, Mike Baur’s company partners with Red Bull and Goldback. Moreover, as the head of the company , he chairs additional, amazing startup programs for the betterment of the lives of entrepreneurs.


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