Chris Linkas: Why It Is Important To Invest While Young and Not Wait

Chris Linkas has worked in the finance industry for his entire career which is sent for over 20 years. During this time he has worked in a number of different countries with some of the top companies in the finance world. By combining his diverse array of experiences, he has gained significant wisdom that he wishes to pass on to the newest generation of investors. This is advice that he wishes someone would have given him when he was younger.

There are several key benefits to investing when you are in your youth. One of the most powerful forces investment is that of compound interest. Compound interest is the ability for money to generate greater returns over time. Although young individuals may not have an excess of capital to invest with one thing that they do have for certain is time. If an individual were to invest a small amount of money and continue to reinvest the dividends and interest that is gained on their initial investment the compound interest generated over many years can potentially be great. For example, assuming a 5% annual compound interest rate and initial $10,000 investment at the age of 20 years old would be worth over $70,000 by the time you were 60 years old. This evidence a significant accrual wealth with only a minimal initial investment.

Investors also have the benefit of being more risk tolerant. As you get nearer to retirement is more difficult to take risks financially as they could potentially disrupt your retirement plans. When you are young, however, you were able to take risks financially in your investments, and if they go badly, you still have the time to get the money back. Risk investments are often some of the most profitable ones so it will pay off to begin investing at an early age when you’re more risk tolerant.

Chris Linkas believes that if today’s youth will take advantage of the technology that is available today, they will be old to educate themselves on sound investment advice and be able to set themselves up for a comfortable retirement by generating long-term, lasting wealth.

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