Entrepreneurship with the love for prosperity; Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the partnering founder as well as executive chief of LaunchPad Holdings. The firm was founded in the year 2015. Glen Wakeman works to develop M and As guidance for any starter company as well as creating new performance methodologies to enable these starter businesses to thrive in the existing economy.


The brilliant entrepreneur is a Business and Finance MBA holder. This is only to ensure that he has a full grip on what needs to be understood about the line of work he ventured into. It also clearly shows his passion as well as desire to delve deeper into this line of work and offer the best services to his clients.


Glen Wakeman is known for the five-step performance methodology. It entails; focusing on the risk management of the firm you are working for, human capital, leadership power, and execution of business, mentioning just a few.


He is also keen on the marketing strategies due to his long experience. This enables him to keep abreast with the current trends that pertain to his line of work. As a result, his firm, as well as those he mentors, remain at the top of the food chain.


Getting a peek into his day to day life, Glen Wakeman‘s typical day starts with the reviewing of the previous day’s data. This enables him to know where his strengths, as well as his weaknesses, are and in so doing he can better the productivity of the business by rectifying previous mistakes. He then conferences with a partner for delegation of duties and to plan for the day.


Mr. Wakeman later dives into thorough research on current issues such as customer trends and how they respond to communication. Glen Wakeman ends his long day with tea or coffee and at times a margarita depending on how good or how bad his day went.


Glen Wakeman is fascinated by the application of machine learning to business problems. He likes how it helps in the generation of insightful improvement on decision making, speed as well as the overall quality of everything.


He believes that the best way to bring ideas to life is by explaining them to others. The proper understanding of a concept or plan brings forth spectacular results as opposed to any other way in his perspective.


He also gave recommended software that he too has applied to his firm. Examples are the live chat for customer care purposes, doodle for prior planning and Fiverr since it is the fastest and the cheapest way of resource acquisition.

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