Bruno Fagali Is A Reliable Lawyer

Are you facing a tough legal problem and need to hire a powerful layer? Do you want to find one of the most reliable or experienced lawyers in Brazil? Perhaps you are thinking about getting in touch with Bruno Fagali.

Don’t waste your time and money hiring the services of a law firm or lawyer who is not well versed in the type of case you’re dealing with. You can find the right legal advisor for you or your organization.

If you are serious about getting top notch legal representation in Brazil, you need to check out Bruno. Facing a complex or difficult legal situation without a good lawyer by your side, is not a good idea. It is imperative to enlist the services of a competent lawyer.

With so many lawyers and law firms offering to render excellent service or guidance to you, it can be a daunting task deciding which one to go with. It is crucial to get a lawyer that has an established history of providing outstanding service to clients.

In Brazil, numerous business owners and high-profile organizations rely on Bruno for expert legal representation and advice. Bruno Fagali has vast experience in the field and is well known in the legal community. As an experienced and reputable lawyer, Bruno takes the time to assess a case before he decides what steps need to be taken.

Once you hire a lawyer like Bruno Fagali to handle your case, you will have peace of mind during the course of your legal case. Your lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding the case, perform the necessary research, prepare the case for trial or settlement, deal with the opposing party and their legal team on your behalf and ensure that all necessary paperwork are filed.

Bruno Fagali makes it priority to understand his clients’ business and work with them to find a solution to their legal issues. He is a highly knowledgeable lawyer and compassionate person. He will represent your organization’s interests and ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your situation.

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Bernardo Chua: The Coffee Lover

Bernardo Chua has a chain of nutrients that are growing faster by the day. In fact, the CEO of Organo Gold has been revolutionizing the gourmet coffee industry. With a coffee lovers best interest, Chua business took off in a short time. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chua has always been interested in preserving life and creating a net worth at the same time.

Bernardo Chua has received two People’s Choice Awards and the Dang ng Banyan Award for his work in the community. The purpose of winning the People’s Choice was simply because Chua has the best tasting organic and healthy coffee a consumer could ever imagine. Chua strives to make the world a better place, and he feels like the traditional coffee has the best boost now that his product is on the market. It is all because of Organo Gold and the hard work that Chua put behind his ingredients As his services are rendered, Bernardo Chua focuses more on changes the flavors of the coffee one cup at a time. Visit SlideShare to know more

Because of the taste of Organo Gold coffee, the company took off globally. Chua has the biggest accomplishment with having his products in 35 countries. The consumers love the fact that the coffee and tea bags are not as expensive as most organic products are on the shelves. Each box lasts for quite a while, and each tea bag or coffee bag can be used 3 times.

Bernardo Chua is known to be humble and have the best office staff that will answer questions about the product by email or phone. In most cases, it is easier to reach out by email or attend one of his seminars. Consumers have found that there are millions of people that have felt better with drinking this product and eating healthy every day. Chua is feeling great these days and is making plans to continue the product’s expansion into other avenues. Read more:


Jeff Yastine: A Brief Overview

In 2015 Jeff Yastine became an editorial director for the company Banyan Hill Publishing. In that job he took with him over twenty years of knowledge in the fields of financial journalism and stock market investment. Yastine assists investors comprehend the newest trends of economic, monetary, and business. He does this by utilizing his prosperity of knowledge writing and spending in the financial markets.

Jeff Yastine on top of that is an anchor who’s Emmy-nominated. He had on job on PBS as a correspondent. In the years of 1994 to 2010 on the “PBS Nightly Business Report”. While there, he did interviews and was educated in principals in the field of investment. He got this from differentiated entrepreneurs found in the world. Some examples are Bill Gross, Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, John Bogle, and Michael Dell. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Jeff.

Jeff Yastine has a newsletter by the name of “Total Wealth Insider”. This is full of opportunities that are not known a lot of about. This is to assist investors live a life of more prosperity and that is more free and rich. These writings is amid the financial the peaked accomplishing financial newsletters in its class. In the publication Jeff Yastine utilizes his substantial experience to help his readers move up and secure their wealth. This is from investments in companies that are stable and safe companies that are valued to give investors with great value. Those who subscribe to this get an opportunity to look over his shoulder as he deeply takes them into the day’s most vital events and trends of the day. This is in order to reveal value stocks balanced to obtain gains that are rich. This such paper was edited by a financial journalist who is Emmy-nominated.

Jeff Yastine for his college education attended the University of Florida. It was there where he got his BA in the field of “Telecommunications”. He went there from the years of 1983 to 1986. Also, another job that he had was “The Oxford Club”. There he served the position of Editorial Director. He was there for a little more than two years from April 2011 to May 2013. Another job was at NewsMax with the title of Director of Financial Newsletters. He was there for a little over two years form April 2013 to May 2015.  Read More:


Know Why End Citizens United Is Screening Political Funding

The dynamics of politics are changing, and the political parties are no longer transparent with the way they handle their political campaigns. Many things are no longer brought to light in politics especially the funding aspect. If the economic health of any country is to get better, transparency in political funding has to be restored. It’s surprising that the modern politics and politicians are no longer focused on ideological competition and identity politics. Politics in many countries today are all about regular interaction with the electorate.

As a result, many political parties and their candidates have engaged in illegal funding. All they want is money without caring where this money comes from. As a way to find a lasting solution to this, End Citizens United was formed to get the truth about the campaign funding most politicians and political parties got.


The Supreme Court opted to open a Pandora’s Box on this issue in 2010. This means political candidates can get money or funding from any individual or organization without being limited to the amount they should get for their campaigns. With this moral crisis, politics have lost sanity, accountability, and credibility. There has to be someone willing to ask some hard questions on political funding, and that’s what End Citizens United is doing. Big money in politics highly contaminates and cripples the economic stability of a country quickly.

This movement can’t understand how the politicians could leave or breach the social contract they had with the electorate at the expense of their individualized or selfish politics. The political action movement has confirmed that many incumbents collaborate with the individuals with unclean hands and the dark cooperate world instead of championing the interests and needs of the private citizens. A noble campaign called Big Money 20 has been launched to discourage such politicians from being reelected. According to End Citizens United, any politician who has failed in safeguarding equitable health care doesn’t qualify for any political office.

This movement insists only the politicians who show exemplary commitment to social justice would be endorsed. This year, the political action movement endorsed in the Senate the challengers and incumbents who were committed to their ideologies. Some of the incumbents the End Citizens United endorsed include Jackie Rosen, Kate Porter, Mazie Hirono, Bob Casey, and Sheldon WhiteHouse. The political action movement used these endorsements to bring sanity to the political funding and campaigns, and also push for some amendments. The group says the politicians should be funded from the grassroots to facilitate oversight, and keep the politicians true to the interests of the electorate.

Matt Badiali, A Predictor of Natural Resource Investing

Matt Badiali is a leading expert in investment advising and when he joined the Banyan Hill Publishing investment research firm he brought so many years of expertise in the field of geology with him. He obtained previously a Master’s Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and it had much experience traveling the world to places like Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland and many others learning first hand the biological structures and the land that contain precious mining opportunity. While Matt also visited these countries, but learned about the laws locally, conducted research, involved himself in government and political issues, and for more than a decade has put together a complex your harmonious mixture of geology and investment strategies that interplay to become a predictor in how the market has cyclically investing operations. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali is constantly showing that he is a valuable source for precious metals and natural resources research, as he is skilled and looking at various unknown areas that are typically not researched. Recently Matt had explained that between the years 2015 and 2017 the bankruptcy of oil companies was skyrocketing and that more than a hundred fifteen faced bankruptcy. It seem as if oil or something that was no longer going to be profitable, however, with Europe having low demand and not showing signs of much growth economically, it was still bleak for the oil business and more and more electric vehicles driving on the roads. Matt spoke about how this was a sign, that when he spoke at the Canada’s Sprott Natural Resource Symposium that oil will actually be very profitable and to put your money in, but many people did not believe .

Some facts that Matt Badiali stated were how the S&P 500 was beat by oil in performance by over 30%. He also wrote that with oil extraction be extremely expensive it would be very hard for them to make money on barrels but with a combination of negative attitudes toward oil and many people seeking electricity as their means of resource investment over the past year alone the price of oil has more than 45% and over 145% since the beginning of 2016 it was more countries gaining loads of oil piled up under what he calls the 5 year average the estimate about a hundred million barrels And while it looks extremely tight in the market those who bought the stocks that Matt recommended so 30% gains in the past year for those who seek to find short-term ways to increase their investment capital. Matt Badiali recommendations should continue to be taken seriously as he continually gives insightful natural resource investment ideas to clients.

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Alex Paul Muses About His Early Career

The Chainsmokers released new material. Fans of the superstar musical DJ’s look forward to new releases. Certainly, The Chainsmokers themselves, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, want to deliver solid new music to their fans. They also like talking about their career and artistic endeavors. Alex Pall clearly likes to talk as he recently spoke in detail about his career and musical endeavors.

One of Pall’s more interesting comments revealed he wasn’t ever planning on becoming a superstar DJ. He didn’t even want to work as a DJ full-time. Amazingly, Alex Pall’s career turned out to be something incredibly special. Pall rose to amazing heights in New York City, one of the toughest places for a new DJ to get noticed. He did more than become noticed. Alex Pall gained worldwide fame.

Alex Pall didn’t achieve his fame overnight. In the interview, Pall reveals he took small steps early on. Putting material up on SoundCloud included one of those small-but-important steps. Hearing an artist’s work reflects the only way people can truly appreciate a new DJ. Uploading music on SoundCloud provided a forum in which people could hear the great work of Alex Pall.

Not all DJs work well with others. Alex Pall is one-half of a DJ duo. Considering the wild success of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart do work well together as evidenced by their incredible success. The two worked together on a daily basis without fail. Finding a DJ and business partner willing and interested to put in the same amount of work and the proper amount of dedication isn’t easy. Picking the wrong partner often undermines what would otherwise be a successful career. Luckily, Alex Pall found the right partner, a partner who shared his vision. The two now reap the rewards of hard work.

Jeunesse Global Original Youth Augmentation Products

Jeunesse is a global group that commenced as a result of strategy and visionary depicted by the minds of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Following achieved success in other ventures, Ray and Wendy materialized from retirement to come up with Jeunesse on the 9th of September at around 9:00 pm. The timeline which represents permanency replicated the initiators’ yearning not only to endure but thrive. The mission of the organization is to change people’s lives while making Jeunesse a household, world-renowned brand.

With the eagerness to share their original youth augmentation products, the two set out to craft one of the most gratifying reimbursement strategies in the direct selling firm. This projected to a cutting-edge, universal platform that has yoked the influence of technology to segment great concepts, products, support, and training. One of the various objectives has been to creating a global movement that empowers human being to attain their full potential without the regard to race, age, rank or even the income.

The assortment of products is via a Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). The system is designed to syndicate many influential reimbursements into a synergistic synchronization of both skincare and enhancements that are hardly found anywhere else. The Y.E.S will keep you young in various ways such as Luminesce, which is an anti-aging skincare line that will reinstate your enthusiasm and vivacity to the skin.

Reserve is a distinctive merger of super fruits retaining a dynamo of antioxidants that slog as protection against elemental damage. For balance, the Zen Bodi system aims at the three vital facets of getting fit: structuring muscle, burning fat and appetizing. For energizing, the Nevo offers a fresh twist on energy in various refreshing formulas. For beauty purposes, Jeunesse provides an APT-200, NV which comprises a skin-nourishing foundation, primer, and bronzer giving a fortunate, proficient sprayer finish. Inspired by Eastern medicine, M1ND is a reminiscence and attentiveness dietary add-on made with clinically proven proteins mostly from silkworm cocoons. Instantly Ageless reduces the look of under-eye bags, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. For restoration, Finiti contains an exclusive amalgam of constituents and is Jeunesse’s most progressive supplement. It includes an amalgamation of fruit and vegetable extract. Jeunesse is passionate about redefining youngness via revolutionary products and life-changing opportunities.

Vijay Eswaran Displays Dual Talents

Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker that is also the king of direct selling in Asia. He has become very successful in Asia, and his work has even spread to America. Most people that know of Vijay Eswaran in Asia know him because he is part of a multitude of partnerships where various products like watches, energy drinks, jewelry and health care products are sold. This is what made him famous in the direct selling business.

In America, however, Vijay Eswaran may be known more so for his ability to write books and provide a large motivational books when it comes to changing the way that you are living your daily life. He has become one of the most influential writers out of Asia to create a collection of various motivational books that involve meditation.

The fact that Vijay Eswaran has created this type of environment that involves a number of motivational books makes him the perfect middleman for helping those direct sellers that want to become part of his business ventures. It takes a certain type of motivation to conquer the world of direct-selling. There has to be a level of commitment that comes with the job. There is a lot of self-motivation involved.

This is what Vijay Eswaran tends to talk about the most in his books. People that have read books like “In the Sphere of Silence” know that Vijay Eswaran is trying to help people create an environment where they are able to connect with potential customers.

He also helps those that have been feeling down and unable to get out of a rut. Vijay Eswaran it’s someone that works as a motivator. He has created his own type of lingo when it comes to the things that people can do to stay grounded in the mist of a crisis.

Jeff Yastine: The American Stock Market and Excess Consumer Debt

Jeff Yastine originally received his education at the University of Florida where he studied journalism. He began his career in earnest in 1994 when he joined PBS as a correspondent on their financial broadcast The Nightly Business Report. He worked with them until 2010 and was rewarded with an Emmy nomination in 2007 for his journalistic work on a project investigating America’s system of infrastructure. Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to interview and interact with some of the world’s leading financial experts. In 2015 he joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company and became the chief editor of Total Wealth Insider. Today Jeff Yastine publishes his views on the economy and potential ways that Americans can profit from their investments. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

Jeff Yastine has recently posted an article about his views on the current performance of the American stock market. He believes that in the short term the American stock market will continue to rise; however, there are some key indicators that this will change in the future. Jeff Yastine was one of the individuals who warned Americans about the bursting of the housing market in 2007. He has stated that it is obvious that Americans are not able to carry unlimited amounts of debt without burdening the American economy. In 2007 the excessive mortgage that carried by Americans led to one of the world’s strongest recessions in recent memory. Today there is a similar trend occurring in consumer debt however instead of the debt being in the form of mortgages this time around it is instead in the form of automobile loans, credit card debt, and a student loans.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank as of 2018 the total amount of consumer debt is over $13 trillion. This is the largest amount of debt that has ever been carried by the American consumers in history. Jeff does believe that the American stock market will continue to perform well in the short term however as delinquency rates are relatively low and the interest rates on these debts are also well.

This could change in the near future, however. If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, then it could cause many Americans to begin to fall behind on their payments. If this occurs, we will have a perfect storm of economic conditions that resembles what occurred in 2007 in the housing market. For now, he simply recommends to begin investing in debt collection companies. Read more:


Paul Mampilly Is For Digital Currency, But Warns That Bitcoin Isn’t Doing Well

Paul Mampilly is part of the editorial team at Banyan Hill, a publisher of information on making your own investments and becoming financially independent. He focuses primarily on new unheard of stocks, but every once in a while he’ll give his opinion on other investments including cryptocurrency. He once told readers that cryptocurrency is a good investment to make, but he also warned them about Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency that exploded in market value in 2017 but to a point that greatly concerned him. What’s happened is the demand for Bitcoin was driven higher than it should have been, and the high prices have formed a bubble. It’s the same kind of bubble that happened to the internet and tech explosion of the late 1990s and the housing market in the mid 2000s. Mampilly suggests not buying Bitcoin at this time, but in his newsletters he reveals another cryptocurrency that’s more stable. Follow Paul on Twitter.

Paul Mampilly came to Banyan Hill after 20 years in commercial banking and running a hedge fund. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Montclair State University and his master’s at Fordham. He became adept at investment advice while serving in managerial roles at Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears and Banker’s Trust. He helped start a consulting firm in 2003, and then three years later became a hedge fund director at Kinetics International Fund. He brought in many new institutional investors while he was there and managed over $25 billion in funds.

Paul Mampilly surprised many when he bought stocks in Facebook and Netflix several years before they became mainstream. He sold those stocks after they made near 300℅ gains, and he impressed the experts even more when he joined an investment competition during the 2008 recession and grew $50 million into $88 million. But he made the most surprising move when he left Kinetics International Fund and the rest of the big Wall Street banks and later told his friends and former coworkers he had done so because he wanted big change. As an editor for Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly has been able to help more people and it gives him the chance to write about investing in his own way. He also has videos that show how he makes trades and builds his portfolio, and he uses fairly simple terms to explain how investments and the stock market work. His three newsletters are “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” which can all be subscribed to by going to

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