Know Why End Citizens United Is Screening Political Funding

The dynamics of politics are changing, and the political parties are no longer transparent with the way they handle their political campaigns. Many things are no longer brought to light in politics especially the funding aspect. If the economic health of any country is to get better, transparency in political funding has to be restored. It’s surprising that the modern politics and politicians are no longer focused on ideological competition and identity politics. Politics in many countries today are all about regular interaction with the electorate.

As a result, many political parties and their candidates have engaged in illegal funding. All they want is money without caring where this money comes from. As a way to find a lasting solution to this, End Citizens United was formed to get the truth about the campaign funding most politicians and political parties got.


The Supreme Court opted to open a Pandora’s Box on this issue in 2010. This means political candidates can get money or funding from any individual or organization without being limited to the amount they should get for their campaigns. With this moral crisis, politics have lost sanity, accountability, and credibility. There has to be someone willing to ask some hard questions on political funding, and that’s what End Citizens United is doing. Big money in politics highly contaminates and cripples the economic stability of a country quickly.

This movement can’t understand how the politicians could leave or breach the social contract they had with the electorate at the expense of their individualized or selfish politics. The political action movement has confirmed that many incumbents collaborate with the individuals with unclean hands and the dark cooperate world instead of championing the interests and needs of the private citizens. A noble campaign called Big Money 20 has been launched to discourage such politicians from being reelected. According to End Citizens United, any politician who has failed in safeguarding equitable health care doesn’t qualify for any political office.

This movement insists only the politicians who show exemplary commitment to social justice would be endorsed. This year, the political action movement endorsed in the Senate the challengers and incumbents who were committed to their ideologies. Some of the incumbents the End Citizens United endorsed include Jackie Rosen, Kate Porter, Mazie Hirono, Bob Casey, and Sheldon WhiteHouse. The political action movement used these endorsements to bring sanity to the political funding and campaigns, and also push for some amendments. The group says the politicians should be funded from the grassroots to facilitate oversight, and keep the politicians true to the interests of the electorate.

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