Talkspace: Michael Phelps Joins The Mental Health Conversation

In today’s world, it seems as if mental illness is finally being taken a lot more seriously. It’s not uncommon to see on the news some tragedy or accident that is happen because of a mentally ill person. We are learning that people suffering in silence struggle with stepping out the door and meet the therapist in person. It may also be so bad were they would prefer not to share it their friend or family members. With advanced technology and consumers spending more time other electronic devices, a new revolutionary company called Talkspace offers online therapy. Therapists can be accessed through your smartphone or from your desktop computer. All therapy sessions are done online where users can talk directly to unlicensed therapist out of New York via text message.

The concept of Talkspace is getting a lot of attention from many people. Once it hit the market, their user base blow up to 1 million in a very short time. One person Talkspace has impressed with their business is Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. He has joined the company and fully supports Talkspace’s journey of offering these critical services to those who need them. Phelps has made it known that he would like to focus on bringing more professional therapy assistance to the sports world. He understands that mental health is an important issue to be discussed because he has suffered himself. Phelps states that in the past few years he had always felt very lost. He believed that Talkspace will make a huge impact on the mental health community.

Talk space gives users the opportunity to chat with therapists directly online no matter where they are. When you sign up, a therapist will be match with your specific concerns. If they don’t work out, you have the opportunity to switch therapists to your likening. Talkspace is a god-send for those to shy to leave the house. The company changes the traditional therapy concept into where now users have other options. This can crucial if some needs to talk immediately. Talkspace has an affordable price and sessions that won’t hurt your budget.

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