Attorney Bruce Katzen will look out for the little guy in financial fraud cases

You are a Miami resident who has just encountered a problem with the division of an estate probably left to you or a will that has not been implemented to the letter. At this point, you realize that whatever is happening is beyond your scope of knowledge, but what is at stake is something you would not want to take chances on. Your first thought is to go to court which is a good idea the only problem is that you might end up with just another trying their luck in this type of case. What you really need is one who is really good at litigation of probate. This is the area of law which deals with all matter wills and the sharing of estates belonging to those who have gone before us. The division of the deceased’s estate may be clearly outlined in which case you only need to have a lawyer oversee the same all it may be vague and need some legal experts to hammer some parts. Bruce Katzen is this legal expert. He has a well-known track record and has over the years proved how good he is.

Bruce Katzen has practiced for the last three decades and in doing so has come to understand what the letter of the law says about different things. As the chairman of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group his position has come from handling probate litigation. He has been named as the best lawyer in the same by a number of publications. He is also a corporate law and financial law expert. To expand his skills as a financial law expert, he got his CPA soon after graduating from law school. In the years that followed, he would merge the two areas to get the best of each.

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