Ara Chackerian is the co-founder and general partner of TMS health solutions. He graduated from Florida State with BS in marketing. He is a serial angel investor philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the managing partner of ASC capital holdings. He provides treatment of transcranial magnetic stimulation. The procedure is for those suffering from treatment-resistant depression. He serves as a board member for early-stage healthcare companies in San Francisco. He is also committed to investing in environmental and youth development causes. An example of ecological focus is Limonapa teak.

Chackerian has recently explored into the venture of coming up with a new treatment device for depression. It is called transcranial magnetic stimulation. They performed research and found that this form of treatment has a possibility of becoming the third pillar of psychiatric care. The treatment is beneficial to patients suffering from depression. Richard who is the leader of TMS believed that this treatment could help thousands of people. He focused on expanding the business. They had a vision of building a care delivery model which enabled the patient and physician to achieve the desired outcomes. They worked under the methodology of the patient first.

Chackerian has written a blog on why first world countries are worried about their health care. He explains that everyone is fighting for efficient health care. He expounds by saying that even the wealthy may do anything for good health. In countries like the United States, the cost of health care is on the rise. It leaves the low-income earners at the verge of struggling to acquire health care. The main reason for seeking healthcare is to live a long life. Adequate Healthcare systems are the ones that enhance good health care. Each first world country is focusing on improving medical processes and cover as many citizens as possible.  To see more you can visit

AraChackerian emphasises that healthcare systems are essential no matter the location. The systems are relatively adequate. Healthcare provides people with treatment. It ensures that those who are under medication are provided with medicines. The procedure is to maintain optimal health and reach old age. Insurance is a necessity for this treatment. For more details you can checkout



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