Marketing Entrepreneur Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer currently serves as a partner of a marketing company known as Managed Benefits. On a daily basis, Iyer looks to help grow the company and build it into one of the top lead generation referral companies in the world. With his business, Iyer regularly helps businesses find sources of lead generation services. When looking to help clients and grow the company, Iyer performs a number of tasks such as conversing with clients, managing marketing campaigns and also evaluating the quality of leads available provided by lead generation companies. Within a few years, Krishen has been able to make Managed Benefits one of the most reputable marketing referral companies around.


Like all other entrepreneurs, Krishen Iyer came up with his idea after observing companies that were struggling to find dependable sources of lead generation. He realized that companies need leads to grow and therefore need other companies to provide them with leads. Iyer decided to help companies find lead generation sources as a referral partner. In other words, his company Managed Benefits specializes in finding lead generation companies and helping clients get lead sources from them. With this idea for a business, Iyer looked to establish his company as a leading provider of referrals for lead generation services.


During his career, Krishen Iyer has succeeded by being very effective at communication. He regularly interacts with clients and looks to find out information about their particular needs. Once he finds out about what they are looking for, he then works to get them the lead sources necessary. Iyer then interacts with lead generation companies to inform them about what his clients need and then matches up the two parties. His effective communication skills have allowed him to build his business. Krishen Iyer is also very inquisitive. By interacting with a number of different people, he is able to get a variety of perspectives which help him make better decisions on a daily basis.

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