OSI Group Is Expanding Its Production Capacity To Meet Demand

OSI Group is an international company that deals in the provision of various food products. The company’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin who has worked in this industry for over four decades now. He has seen OSI Group grow from a local company supplying hamburger meat to becoming an internationally recognized giant that has hired over 20,000 employees.

One of the pillars of the company is sustainability. Through its people, it has demonstrated care for the environment. They are motivated to continue building a sustainable and at the same time productive business. Among its sustainability initiatives is a reduction in power consumption. It has installed new equipment in some of its plants to lower the overall amount of power that the company consumes. The other initiative that was taken to make OSI Group more energy efficient is the installation of systems that allow heat recovery in their plants.

The success of the company in various areas has earned it various accolades and recognition and its leaders have been recognized as well. For instance, in 2016 the company’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin was the winner of the Global Visionary Award because he has been a visionary leader in the company, and led it to achieve its current success. In 2017, the company’s operation in the United Kingdom was the recipient of International Safety Award which recognized the efforts it has put in safety management and health. It is not the first time that the British Safety Council has honored the OSI Food Solutions UK.

In the recent past, OSI Group began to expand operations. It has been acquiring new properties to support growth in various countries. Among them is a warehouse in the state of Chicago and purchase of Baho Food, which will expand operations in Europe. In 2016, Flagship Food Group sold Flagship Europe to the company. This expansion has also happened to the company’s operations in Spain. It has expanded its chicken processing capacity in this country to keep up with the change in demand in this region. The new production line introduced in Spain will double the quantity of chicken processed daily. The expansion efforts are meant to increase OSI Group’s ability to meet the food needs of its customers.

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