Sussex Healthcare facility: Providing Care for the Elderly

Sussex healthcare has been in the healthcare industry for years now and brings in massive experience. The healthcare facility provides care to the elderly and other people who require specialized care. The company offers its services in the southern coast of England. The facility operates a daycare, state of the art gym and the full care residential houses. It has skilled staff that have gone through the required training to care for the elderly. Sussex healthcare facility ensures that its residents stay active by taking part in activity based plans that interest them.

The leadership of the facility has played a vital role in its growth. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have led the healthcare facility for the past two decades. The chief executive officer is Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has worked her way in the ranks to be in the top position.

There are different types of care being offered by the healthcare facility. Its primary focus is on caring for older people who get meals accommodation and individualized attention. There is also the specialist adult care which is offered to adults of all ages. The facility also provides short term respite care that ensures that home caregivers get a short break. The palliative care is meant for those who are terminally ill. The specialist is trained to provide compassionate care to the residents. There is also neurological care and dementia care.

Sussex healthcare has over 580 facilities. Some of the residential facilities for the elderly are forest lodge, Clemsford house, Longfield manor, Upper mead, Rapkyns care home, and Kingsmead care center. The specialist, adult care facilities, include Redwood house day center and Rapkyns care center among other facilities.

Sussex healthcare is a company that provides support services in Sussex. It offers a wide range of services that care for people who are mentally ill with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The special care is meant for people who have neurological disabilities and adults with learning difficulties. It has been providing the services for 25 years. In 2002 and 2003, the healthcare facility received accreditation from the health quality service (HQS). It also got an international standard accreditation in 2005.

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