Education and Experience Marks the Success of Paul Mampilly

There are few financial experts who have had such an impact on the financial industry as Paul Mampilly, now a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul Mampilly spent 25 years living his dream of working at the highest echelons of the financial industry before deciding to give up on this dream and explore the possibilities offered by guiding others to financial success. The Montclair State University graduate is now one of the most respected financial experts called upon to give his view of the recent events on the markets for major networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg.

The rise of Paul Mampilly to financial success over the course of three decades in the public eye began in 1991 with the appointment of the financial expert to the role of portfolio manager with Deutsche Bank. After spending the first decade of his career with the globally-respected Deutsche Bank, Mampilly made the move to pastures new and eventually found himself as Kinetics Asset Management. It was in this role, which began in 2006, that the Florida resident made his name as the Senior Portfolio Manager turning the Kinetics hedge fund into a $25 billion fortune. To know more about him click here.

After completing his MBA at the Fordham Graduate School of Business, Paul Mampilly decided to explore the opportunities offered on Wall Street. It is this day-to-day work on Wall Street which sets Paul Mampilly apart from other analysts offering their advice on the markets in the 21st-century. Education has never stopped being important to the founder of Capuchin Consulting who attended classes at Seton Hall University and New York University Tandon School of Business. The advance of the career of Mampilly has allowed him the opportunity to provide his skills as a financial expert to the people of the world through his work at Banyan Hill Publishing. At Banyan Hill Publishing, the former Wall Street analyst produces an eight-page newsletter each week called “Profits Unlimited” to an audience of more than 90,000 readers.


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