The future of business rests in technology, Jason Hope states

Jason Hope has established himself as the most sought technology experts since he started his professional career. Jason possesses solid knowledge of the business and technology derived from his past academic work. He was born in Liverpool and raised in Arizona region where he undertook his higher education studies graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration.

Jason is passionate about technology and states that the future of business rests in the advance-ment of technology. Jason has great interests in entrepreneurship and knows how to incorporate his excellent managerial skills in running of activities. His first venture was in the telecommu-nications industry where he established a mobile communications company named Jawa. He has developed his mobile company extensively through a partnership with other technology-related companies and internet marketing.

Jason runs his website and blog where he writes technology-related topics to inform his readers of the current trends and future of businesses in technology. He also has active social media pages and encourages social media marketing as a tool for promoting business growth. Jason Hope is passionate and excited about the internet of things (IoT). Internet of things repre-sents the interconnection of technology-based devices such as home appliances like mobile phones, electronic devices and vehicles.

As a futurist, Jason Hope predicts that the businesses will grow considerably in future with the advancement of technology in various sectors of the economy. Jason Hope welcomes ideas from potential entrepreneurs whereby he selects the most viable ideas and invests his money in sup-porting the entrepreneurs establish their businesses.

Jason Hope invests in an anti-aging research foundation

Jason is philanthropy who likes spending his money in many charitable organizations that add value to the society. He donated $500000 to support SENS foundation to establish a labora-tory that seeks to research anti combat aging caused by age-related diseases such as heart dis-ease and other age-related ailments. Jason pointed out that the donation will spearhead research that aims to utilize modern technology in the elimination of conditions that cause breaking down of body tissues hence accelerating the chances of death.

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