The impact of expansion of the OSI Food Solutions’ facility in Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a prominent food production company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has a presence in 17 different countries. With a global presence in such a sensitive industry, the company is taking measures in pursuit of the goal of becoming the leading food production company in the world. They have established various strategies that they will use in order to take over the global food production business. Two of the most methods include the acquisition of existing businesses in different parts of the world and the expansion of existing food production facilities. Already the company has made significant expansion operations in the local market in North America and now it is focused on the international market.

OSI Food Solutions has embarked on the expansion of its food production facility in Spain. The facility which is based produces range of food as chicken, beef and pork products. In recent years, there has been an increase in the consumer demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. As a result, OSI Food Solutions has listened to the needs of the customers and have facilitated the expansion of their facility in Spain. There is an addition of 20,2600 sq feet of space and the total production of chicken products will go up twice. From 12,000 tons production capacity, it will now produce 24,000 tons. The new expansion of this facility has created new job opportunities for the local persons.

From 140 employees, the facility with now be served by 160 employees; meaning that 20 new jobs have been created. Also, there will be the creation of an executive position of a product development manager who will be responsible for the development of new food products for Spain and Portugal markets. The expansion of this facility was necessitated by the shift in demand for chicken products from an annual rate of 6 percent to 8 percent in recent years. As demand grows, the company can only improve on supply. Due to the expansion measures that the company is taking, its position as a global food producer is getting better. Now OSI Food Solutions is one of the top 100 private businesses in the United States with an estimated net worth of over $6 billion.

The Medical Revolution at Sussex Healthcare

All throughout the world, the level of medical care can vary greatly. Local customs and traditions can affect who can receive which level of treatment. However, respect for the elderly is a philosophy held by most individuals across cultures. Sussex Healthcare is medical care facility in England that takes this notion a step further. They specialize in accepting elderly individuals so they have a place to be treated and recover from their mental impairment. Sussex Healthcare recently sat down with Medical Daily Times to discuss how their practices have evolved in their 25 years of business to date.

Sussex Healthcare began as a small scale operation in 1985. The founders wanted a place that would be comfortable, but advanced in the available treatment options. Over the course of the last two decades, it has to grown encompass nearly two dozen buildings. they have everything from gyms and recreational centers, to community areas that encourage socialization. This location’s unique approach stems from the background of the founders. Starting with Shiraz Boghani, he worked in the hotel business for several years. During this period he learned what a consumer expects during a long term stay. Paralleling this knowledge is Shafik Sachedina, who has the medical background. He has been in the operating room on countless occasions and knows how to make a patient feel comfortable in such unusual circumstances. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

Naturally, a company of Sussex Healthcare’s fame as to constantly find new ways to remain relevant in the medical industry. They regularly invest in upgrading the facilities, and giving employees the best training possible. As for internal practices, they recently hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as CEO. She brings a fresh young mind to the team, with a modern perspective to the classic practiced in the medical industry. Her experience in patient interactions is especially valuable for the company. The ideas she brings to the company will have a huge effect in shaping its future.

Sussex Healthcare is a shining beacon in the medical of what is possible with innovation meets action. They have received nothing but positive feedback from the patients and surrounding community.



The Best Innovation By Edwin Miranda

Focusing on the future marketing trend is essential for any firm that is targeted to grow. The next market trends emanate from the way people operate their firms in the current market. Edwin Miranda urges business people to work for better market status in the future. As the founder and the CEO of the ever-growing company, he is an authority in the market. He has proved that when one is focused towards achieving their dream, they can provide they poses the right skills. For instance, he started company KOI IXS from a single idea, and it has grown to what it is today.

How does he survive the market?

Edwin Miranda works together with his team of creative designers to improve the state of his company and the markets in Miami and San Juan. He has motivated the group, and they work together without biases or any division.This expert team helps him to bring ideas to life throughout their operation. He also helps his clients to discover the best ways to manage their business despite the many market challenges. The clients love his activities as they try to emulate him and the success it comes with. Another important idea is the location of your business. Edwin Miranda has located the company at the heart of his people. He aims at improving market trends and operations in his locality.

Advice to young entrepreneurs

He advises the upcoming entrepreneurs to invest without fearing the risks accompanied by venturing in new fields. They should endeavor to pursue their ambitions and posses the right skills. They should also surround themselves with the right people. Creative, designers, and innovators. These people are essential as they share their skills for the stability of your company. They should impress teamwork, and they will see you grow.

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José Auriemo Neto spearheads the universal Expansion of JHSF.

Launched in 1972, JHSF is a well known organization that deals with the real estate sector. The company capitalizes in commercial as well as residential areas. It also majors in the development of shopping centers and executive airports. To add to this, JHSF has currently incorporated iconic hotels and restaurants. To this end, it has also stamped its foot on the international stage and created a significant global presence in various cities and states such as Uruguay and New York. JHSF is prominent for identifying new market niches in areas where it conducts its businesses. The company also upholds its discipline in acquiring part of the most luxurious real estate sector in the market.

JHSF has four main business units categorized under shopping center, airport, various incorporations, and the acquisition of hotel Fasano and restaurants. It additionally expands its portfolio into top luxury brands such as Pucci and Hermes. JHSF is led by Jose Auriemo Neto who is the CEO. He is also the board chairman in charge of decision making. Before joining JHSF, he was a student at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University (FAAP), where he studied business administration. He also pursued engineering. Neto’s career started in 1993 where he joined JHSF as a junior associate.  He launched the Parkbem Parking Lot Management Company, opening doors to JHSF’s parking management business.

His colleagues have since praised him for his outstanding performance he exudes in helping the organization to accomplish its objectives and delving into various projects such as the establishment of Santa Cruz Shopping Mall, which set a new social scene in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto has also overseen the establishment of other malls in Sao Paulo and Salvador. Some of these high-end shopping complexes include Cidade Jardim and Bela Vista. Neto has a clear focus on directing the operations of JHSF toward the global market. Under his expertise leadership, the real estate company has vastly extended its services into global industries.


Neurocore – Different Programs that it Offers to its Clients

If you or anyone you know have been suffering from insomnia or any other kind of mental health disorder, then rather than going for traditional therapy, choose to go for the training program offered by Neurocore. It is one of the most advanced brain training programs that are available currently and helps in stimulating the trigger points of the brain that causes mental health disorders. People can go through Neurocore YouTube videos and learn more about what they do. The videos also contain details of their different programs and how each of them is helping change the lives of its clients in different ways. The company adds new videos weekly and offers an update on the latest happenings in their company. To know more about the company click here.

Neurocore Muscletech is also one of the products that the company has designed and developed by Neurocore that is meant for adults as a pre-workout bodybuilding supplement. The good thing about the Neurocore Muscletech is that it does not have any side effects when followed a disciplined workout regime. It would help with increasing stamina and energy and would also help the consumer to get through hardcore and long workout sessions. The company aims to offer all-around care to its athlete clients and help them win competitions.

Kevin Seawright makes Baltimore’s Housing Seaworthy

A graduate of the Notre Dame University Mendoza College of Business, Kevin Seawright wields degrees in both Accounting and Business Administration, as well as an Executive Management Certificate. His career spans more than fourteen years and carries with it titles such as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore City Government, the Property Finance Director for Baltimore City Housing, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Vice President at Tito Contractors, Inc. in Washington, D.C, and the Director of Property Management at the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County.

With all these titles in his background, it’s really no surprise that in 2015 he founded his own company, Real Property Solutions. RPS Solution LLC was founded with Seawright’s desire to strengthen the community in Baltimore and wrestle with the housing market, helping people become homeowners when banks and real estate agents might turn them down. The ultimate goal is to help people move into safer neighborhoods and it has been largely successful for some time. Although he’s the founder, he also acts as the Managing Partner, providing general oversight and stability for the company.

With his entire career experience to pull from, he knows how best to structure funds and has a network of knowledgeable individuals to contact in a variety of fields, should any of his own knowledge prove insufficient for RPS Solution’s needs. Because of his time working for Baltimore’s government structure, is aware of how red tape flows, and how to trim some of it.

Kevin Seawright has been an active member of several societies for administrators such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and he is a senior board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. He also has one unlisted title: Father, to his little girl Tia. For more information about Kevin Seawright, click here:

Richard Liu Qiangdong- The Founder of the Leading Retailer in China

Richard Liu Qiangdong is currently the biggest retailer in China. Overall, it is ranked as the fourth largest company by market value in China. In the future, the founder and CEO, Mr. Richard Liu hopes for a situation where it will be the largest business in China and consequently the largest in the world. From his analysis, the Chinese economy will be the biggest, and therefore the biggest business in China will automatically become the largest in the world. Richard Liu Qiangdong built in 2004 after closing down physical business he was running from 1998. He engaged in the sale of computer accessories, but due to dynamics brought by the outbreak of SARS in China, he came up with a solution of trying e-commerce business since he would not have to close operations in case of such an outbreak.

Between 2004 and 2010, this business recorded significant growth by managing to stock almost every product that was on this Chinese market. Today, JD. com is a publicly traded company under NASDAQ. It is also ranked as one of the Fortune 500 Global. In a recent interview, Richard Liu revealed that his intention is to see this business become the largest in the world. To achieve this goal, he is willing to invest in product development and logistics. By making sure that customers have a wide pool of products to choose from, he will be giving them a unique shopping experience that will attract them to the business.

Currently, offers customers over 1 billion products. In the interview, Liu revealed that he is keen on investing in sectors that seem to be attracting the largest portion of sales. Industries such as fashion and consumer products are the best-performing meaning that this will be a battleground for any e-commerce retailers who would like to succeed in the future. has also opened up numerous opportunities for other businesses outside China to access their customer base. Companies such as Farfetch have been granted “level one” entry into the JD’s app, and now over 300 million active shoppers can access over 3,000 fashion brands from Farfetch.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum- A Joint Replacement Surgeries Expert

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with correcting muscle and bone deformities. Doctors specializing in orthopedics focus on restoring joints, bones, and tissues in their proper form. Some of the common orthopedic surgeries today are hip and knee surgeries. Among the well-known orthopedic specialists today is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. Faulty joints can be replaced with implants.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum works for Bronxcare Health System where he serves as the chairman of orthopedic surgery. He holds an undergraduate degree from Brown University. He later attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University. For his fellowship in orthopedic surgery, he attended Rothman Institute. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also possesses a certificate in health care delivery management from the Harvard Business School. He was the founder of Medscape and other notable healthcare organizations.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is known to many as an innovator and designer in the orthopedic field. His practice mainly deals with information technology, process engineering, and operational leadership. He has participated in the design of numerous joint replacement systems that are used today. Throughout his career, he has always looked forward to coming up with initiatives that will improve the state of the orthopedic field. He has published numerous educational materials in orthopedic surgery, technological developments in orthopedics and joint replacement.

Through many years of practice, Dr. Ira has managed to complete numerous joint replacement surgeries. Most of the surgeries he has completed are in the areas of knee, hip, and shoulder. Dr. Kirschenbaum has won awards for his contribution to the orthopedics field, positive work ethic, and quality care. Before joining Bronxcare team, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was running as an independent practitioner between 2000 and 2008. He has also served as the Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery and the Advisory Chief Technology Officer with Kaiser Permanente System and Swiftpath program respectively.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, the Investor, Businessman and Specialist in Emerging Markets

Bhanu Choudhrie is an investor, businessman and a specialist in emerging markets like India and China. He was born in 1978 in Delhi before moving to London. Bhanu went to the University of Boston, where he studied International Business and marketing. Since 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie has been a member and the executive director of the C&C Alpha Group Limited.

Bhanu Choudhrie has won various awards, including the entrepreneur of the year at Asian Voice Political and the Public Life Awards in the year 2008. In 2010, Bhanu spoke to This is Money about the Alpha’s Investments, his passion for an opportunity as well as his top tips for the first time entrepreneurs.

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 The Areas of Investment that He Takes the Most Pleasure From

Choudhrie controls the investment strategy for the C&C Alpha Group Limited which is a family run firm that invests in different areas like hotels, healthcare, and restaurants. About the areas he takes the most pleasure from, he said that he loves all the businesses that his family manages, but the real estate industry is exciting.

According to him, hospitality and opening luxury hotels are amazing. Another investment that he takes the most pleasure from is the aviation sector where his family invested in the Air Deccan in the year 2003.

Choudhrie’s Advice on Emerging Markets

When you talk to investors and entrepreneurs, everyone is currently looking to the East for profits and growth. There has been significant growth in India, China, and the Far East. In these countries, local demand does not rely on the outside investments which means that there is still room for growth.

Bhanu understands that the more you give to the community, the more you get. Giving back to the community is all about taking care of other people. For you to appreciate what you have, you must take good care of the needy people.

Bhanu Choudhrie together with his mother operates the Path to Success which is a charity organization. He helps her as the director to promote charity and work with various schools in the United Kingdom. The secret to success is being able to support and work closely with the management teams, professionals and CEOs who manage businesses daily.



Oren Frank Announced that his Company has Hired a Chief Medical Officer

Oren Frank is the powerful force that is behind one of the influential online companies in the United States. Oren Frank took the initiative to start Talkspace, an institution that had the interests of mental patients at heart. Oren Frank has been very successful since then, and his organization, which operates online, has reached so many lives in the global community. The online business came not long ago, and it is now trending in all offices because of its special mission. Talkspace has signed so many contracts with companies who want the best for their workers. These institutions get the online therapy services for all their employees at affordable rates, and this is why it has grown tremendously in the recent years. View Oren Frank’s profile on linkedin

Oren Frank has been present in all the company achievements. Because of the prominent role he has in this firm, the businessman has so many responsibilities. His company has reached so many personalities, and this has increased the number of duties he has to accomplish in a single day. The businessman has just announced that his organization will be bringing in a chief medical officer who will assist him in making the customers have the best experience. Oren Frank says that he has done extensive research before bringing in a new executive to help in running the company. Oren Frank believes that with the new executive in place, the people who need online therapy will get the excellent services they need in life. The company chief executive announced the new addition to the company in a statement that was meant recently, and everyone is excited. The executive chosen for the role is experienced, and he has adequate knowledge in the mental health department. The expertise he has been accumulating in other roles in the past is going to be used to help the large number of customers who depend on Talkspace.

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