Neurocore Assisting In The Fight Against ADHD

The leader in applied Neuroscience is neurocore. Neurocore is brain strengthening and was originated by Timothy Royer. Neurocore says, to help individuals optimize their brains to be more productive and live healthier lives. Research has been done and shows that Neurocore can help to fight against ADHD. This disease is common amongst children and is growing rapidly. Some adults also suffer from ADHD approximately 4% of the adult population mostly women.

There are many best treatments method for ADHD and one of the newest is using brain mapping and neurofeedback to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. The doctor or therapist takes an EEG of the brain and after this neurofeedback training is instituted. This means encouraging positive brain activity in the form of music, games, and plays etc.

When a person is focused the symptoms of ADHD will decrease. If a patient does three months of neuro feedback training they will instantly see change and a decrease in the symptoms. The individual will get in a routine of staying calm and maintaining a healthy and steady breathing pattern. If this positive progress continues with the treatment of ADHD by the use of neurotherapy this can really help a lot of children and decrease the usage of  ADHD medication treatment.

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