The story of businessman and investor Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a famous actuarial mathematician who resides in New York. He earned his place among the most respected investors and businessmen through his various contributions to the industry. His company is a worldwide investment firm, and he has been tasked with helping it achieve its immediate and long term goals. Although he lives in the United States, Henry was born in London and started showing interest in mathematics at an early stage in his life. He would later transform his passions into his successful career that spans over many years.

Henry’s career story

His career started after graduating from the Herriot-Watt University, Edinburg where he graduated with a Bachelor of Actuarial Mathematics and Statics. That was in 2001, and there has been no looking back for the man who is always determined to find new solution to problems that face businesses. His first job was at the Watson Wyatt where he worked as an analyst in the Manager Research Team. Gareth Henry worked there shortly before moving to the Global Investment Management Services, and he stayed there until 2004before moving on to take up new business opportunities. He also worked at SEI Investments, Shroders, Fortress Investment Group, Angelo, Gordon & Co., before eventually being named as the Managing Director of an investing company in February 2019.

Henry the philanthropist

Besides his long illustrious career, Gareth Henry is passionate about helping people, and this is evident through his philanthropic activities. He funded the Gareth Henry Access Bursary which is based at the Herriot-Watt University. Many students have benefited from this bursary scheme and have gone ahead to establish blossoming careers. In addition to that, he has partnered with various other organizations to help aspiring investors. At an investing firm, Gareth Henry brings a lot of his working experience to a company this seeks rapid growth. Although he only joined in February 2019, he has already been involved in the formulation of various policies that will help the organization in achieving its goals. In both the United States and The United Kingdom, Henry is an accredited professional who commands a lot of respect wherever he goes.


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