Matthew Fleeger Hosts Sadie Keller Foundation Charity Drive

Sadie Keller, an 11-year old is not just an ordinary girl. Sadie Keller is many things. She is a childhood leukemia survivor, a philanthropist, a notable public speaker and the impulse behind Sadie Keller Foundation. This foundation leans on providing support to children fighting childhood cancer and their families. Sadie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 7. This made her to not only miss school during her 2nd and 3rd grade but also missed experiencing a normal childhood. She underwent chemotherapy and fortunately completed it in May 2017. Sadie is now cancer free.

The Sadie Keller foundation’s success largely depends on donations. The CEO, President and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Matthew Fleeger became inspired by Sadie Keller’s story, ability, and passion for helping children battling with cancer. Being a cancer survivor himself, had tremendous empathy on the kind of emotional and physical effect that cancer can have on an adult, he could therefore not really comprehend the kind of strength that a child must have to endure the kind of suffering that cancer causes. He, therefore, decided to make a difference hosted 2018 Sadie’s Sleigh toy drive and, made a match donation of $25,000.

The Sadie Keller foundation earlier on centered on raising funds that were meant to provide gifts and toys for children that were undergoing childhood cancer. Mathew Fleeger hence decided to commit his resources to help Sadie’s Sleigh toy drive to set a new record for their yearly Christmas Toy drive. Matthew Fleeger rounded up Gulf Coast Western and their 45 employees and together they donated to Sadie’s Sleigh toys worth over $14,000 helping her to reach and exceed her goal of 13,000 toys and bring happiness to children fighting cancer. Matthew Fleeger and other dedicated supporters are key to helping the Sadie Keller Foundation continue to grow and thrive.

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