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Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Curitiba Brazil. Igor joined the Federal University of Parana at the age of eighteen as an engineering student. Only awe-inspiring students in academics were admitted in that institution since it was the only university that taught engineering in entire states of Parana and Santa Catarina. After two years he realized that engineering was not is passion. He was passionate about economics and enrolled in economics class in the same university.


Igor self-driven attitude, determination and hardworking as in economic student led him to appear at the top of the class for his outstanding skills and ingenuity in calculating interest rates. As a student, Igor has shown high comprehensive capacity and excellent analytical power. He graduated in 1970. Upon he was lucky enough and landed his first job in an investment bank.

He emerged as diligent and conscientious employee who always aspires to do the best. His intelligence in solving compound interest rates in the bank made him a resourceful person. He has built a reputation for himself since calculates, and computers were rarely used during this era.


He was promoted shortly as the board of directors’ member. He later became the chief executive officer of the Multibanco investment. How unfortunate it was that he had to look for green pasture after the bank was acquired Bank of America. He was hired at Unibanco. Igor Cornelsen is a go-getter, who grasp every opportunity comes his way. Libra bank hired him.


In 1995, he ventured into his own business. Igor Cornelsen has emerged as outstanding entrepreneur; his work is recommendable. He started providing similar services to his previous employment. He has extensive experience for over two decades; it was easy to run his investment firm. Igor shares his insightful knowledge to friends, client and publishes articles. His leadership’s skill is admirable and perfect epitome to follow.

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