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The RealReal is providing a environmentally friendly way to love high fashion and luxury pieces. With 2019’s consumers wanting more sustainable, variety and value in high end fashion, the RealReal is providing it. Consigning clothing has become the new way to keep fashion circulating through the economy, to a second or even a third owner.

The goal is to have access to high end pieces of fashion that have been ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Shoppers are now thinking about the resale value of clothing and other garments and embracing circular fashion. In previous years, fast fashion, which is clothing made cheaply and with a low quality has been profitable for stores and favored by consumers. With the heightened awareness of global seamstress’s working conditions and unethically sourced materials, consumers want a change.

Items from high end designers like Alexander Wang, Yves Saint Laurent,Birkin and Hermes now have a place to be consigned through in an effortless process . With a list of nearly 1,000 designers they accept, The RealReal, has become the authority on where well loved, high fashion goes to live on, instead of gathering dust in the original owner’s closet. The highly coveted items are sold well below retail, selling for close to 90% off. The RealReal has focused in and proven winners at the consignment game. As trends come and go, so does pricing and sales for the company.

The business model of The RealReal is clear cut and self sustainable as most consignees become customers. While there are many similar online consignments sites, The RealReal cuts out the trading, haggling and personal interactions that often deter consumers to use swap sites. With 16 cities that offer home pick up service, any transaction is private and ran completely through The RealReal.

Whether looking for a bargain on high end fashion items or collecting pieces which are out of current circulation, The RealReal provides a great online consignment platform without any hassle and a fashion lovers paradise.

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