The Outstanding Performance of Guilherme Paulus in Brazil’s Hotel and Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most prominent businesspersons in Brazilian history. His recognition goes beyond Brazil to international levels. The entrepreneur has interests in tourism as the founder of CVC, an operator, and travel agency. He has a stake in the hotel industry through the GJP Group of Hotels. Besides, Guilherme Paulus participates in various tourism events and sittings. Paulus once sat as a National Tourism Council member. He currently chairs the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. Additionally, he works with the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies as the deputy president of International Relations.

His expertise in the hotel and tourism contributed to his win of the 2017 entrepreneur of the year in service among other awards. He made CVC one of the largest empires in the tourism industry helping it record a tremendous improvement in market value. Guilherme Paulus believes that the art of the hotel industry is providing the best services to the customers. In that connection, Paulus invested R $ 600 million in the GJP. The company controls 20 state-of-the-art hotels spread across Brazil in 11 states.

The hotel business has four flags that include Wish and the Prodigy rated at five stars and four stars respectively. Others include the Prodigy rated at three-star and the Saint Andrews Premium Line. The latter covers the Relais & Châteaux labels located in Gramado. Since GJP started operations in 2005, over 92,000 guests have enjoyed the services offered by the more than 1,900 GJP staff members.

Since Guilherme Paulus started CVC in 1972, his passion for investment continues. The company stands as the Latin American’s largest travel operator. He acquired Webjet, an airline operator that had one aircraft in 2006, and anchored it to number three in Brazil in five years. He sold it to Gol in 2011 with a fleet of 20 airplanes operating in 20 Brazilian cities.

Paulus is one of the pillars in the Brazilian tourism industry. His heart goes to the ministry of tourism for providing a conducive working environment. He praised the former tourism minister Vinicius Lummertz and believed that the new minister, Marcelo Álvaro, would continue with the same spirit.


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