Edwin Miranda Shares Insights That Make Him a Productive Marketer

Edwin Miranda is one of the most valued marketing strategists in the United States. His advanced marketing plans have helped numerous companies to gather more customers, increase their sales, beat their competitors, as well as expand to new business territories.

How does Edwin Miranda maintain his marketing prowess?

Edwin Miranda attributes his top-notch marketing prowess to several factors. First, this marketing expert believes in teamwork. His company, KOI IXS collaborates with a seasoned team of marketers, researchers, designers, and administrators who collaborate to develop efficient, industry-specific, result-oriented marketing plans.

“Collaborating with like-minded people is an effective way to grow and maintain your professionalism. Teamwork allows you to delegate some duties to the most suitable members,” argues Miranda.

Second, Miranda spends his free time reading insightful marketing articles and books. The reading habit imparts him with new bits of marketing information, and it hones his analytical thinking skills.

According to interview.com, Miranda starts his day reading articles based on trending marketing topics. Besides reading the articles, Miranda spends his time reading Predictive Marketing, a book that sheds light on advanced marketing tactics.

“Predictive Marketing shares important intuitions that can help marketing officers to transition from the traditional marketing to the modern data-driven marketing tactics,” says Mr. Miranda.

Third, Edwin Miranda says that his organizational skills have helped him maintain the top spot in the United States’ marketing sector. Before he starts his professional day, Miranda identifies the activities that need his attention. He lists them down and dedicates his determination to complete the activities.

Miranda says that a to-do-list is an essential part of his professional day. It keeps him organized.

Fourth, Edwin Miranda uses modern technological solutions to simplify his regular duties. For instance, he uses a time management app that helps him stick to his to-do-list, as well as remember critical dates.

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