Sheldon Lavin CEO OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin is a chief executive officer and the chairman of OSI Group. OSI organization is a commercial company and it not managed like other companies of large size. It has a different culture of management and this has been seen as the best means of conducting business.

In an interview conducted by Lynn Fosse, Lavin said that he always saw himself in owning his own business. Because he studied in accounting and finance he decided to go to that field. He added that he was the pioneer behind the arrangements of funding the first meat producing company that was established by Kolschwsky family in Chicago, Illinois. The company was first known as Otto & Sons, getting its name from the founder Otto Kolschowsky. It later transformed the name to OSI Industries. Lavin was directly engaged in the operations of the company and these eventually lead him to become an owner.

Sheldon said that from the start he has always focused on how to develop and expand OSI company to become an international level food processing firm. OSI company has been successful in growing to have over 70 facilities in 17 countries. The company produces products that are rich in protein content but it also produces other items like sauces, vegetable products, and baked foods.

Sheldon Lavin stated that OSI is a business company. Sheldon Lavin added that despite the fact that in the management there are approaches and policies to follow, the organization is not operate like any other firm but rather it runs like a family corporation. And that habit has helped the company to develop and be able to conduct businesses successfully.

Sheldon Lavin recognized the input of OSI staff and he was very happy of them. He praised the workers for being loyal and called them talented folks saying that this has made the company to make great achievements. He said that his team of management if ever ready to give a listening hear to each person.

When asked about his donations and contribution to charity work said that OSI company loves to give back to the society where it has its operations and it has been donating and helping charity projects.

He said that he wanted to remain productive in OSI always giving services of world class results as the company is a global leader in food production.

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