Article Title: The Transparency of Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s

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Racism is wrong and it can cause big damages to communities and to people. The new Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie and he sincerely apologized to the people that were offended with the incident that happened. According to him, it was his first time to experience a difficult time after working for more than two decades at Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie is known for his extensive talent and ability, he is known for being passionate about his work, and for being a good leader to other employees. During the incident, it can also be seen that he was very compassionate and slightly vulnerable after offering a public well-written apology on behalf of what their Founder did. The words that were said does not represent the views of Steve Ritchie along with the company’s principles and moral values.

Insensitive language, racism, and the type of behavior that the public saw can never be tolerated by the new CEO of Papa John’s. The company has been serving delicious and notable pizzas for decades now, and they have millions of customers worldwide. They have hundreds of thousands of corporate and franchise team members all over the globe and providing the best service and products has always been their mission. Steve Ritchie also mentioned that they are going to do something about the issue by knowing what their weaknesses are as well as their strengths. They strive to improve the culture of the company and its diversity. Setting new goals that are clear and concise will allow them to do better and to address the problem properly. He also stated that they should be held accountable for what happened and they will continue to remain honest to their customers.

Steve Ritchie gave his point of view regarding the issue, and he will work hard to regain the trust of their customers. The entire management and the team of Papa John’s are taking specific actions, and Ritchie will personally be leading the effort. Truth be told, the recovery and healing process will take time, but the new CEO will not stop until their actions are fulfilled.

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