Brad Reifler Helps Investors Reach Their Financial Goals

There are many ways for people to reach their financial goals. One of the ways that has passed the test of time is saving money over an extended time period using investing as the method to reach their financial goals. The financial world has always embraced the idea of investing money to make money. However, the idea of saving money over an extended time period to reach financial goals is not the preferred way that many companies in the financial industry approach investing.

For many financial companies, the goal is to help its investors, but the timeline is typically shorter. The goal is to help investors make money quickly on significant investments, which will increase investment earnings for the investors as well as the financial companies. This is one of the reasons why financial companies tend to focus on what are called accredited investors, which are investors who have over a million dollar net worth and earn over $200,000 a year.

Accredited investors are usually the type of investors who have the available money to invest in investment deals that can bring significant financial returns over a short time period. The type of investor who typically wants to invest money over an extended time period is called a non-accredited investor. The primary reason this type of investor wants to invest over an extended time period is because this type of investor usually does not have the money available to make large investments at any given time.

The financial industry has focused and continues to focus on accredited investors. However, accredited investors only make up around 1% of the overall investor population. The remaining 99% are considered non-accredited investors. Although the percentage of accredited investors is small, the vast majority of investment money is earned through investments made by accredited investors.

In recent years, there has been a move by some financial companies to broaden the scope of investors that are looked at for potential investments. The additional investors that some companies are starting to look at are non-accredited investors. One of the financial companies that is bringing non-accredited investors into the investment main stream is Forefront Capital.

The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. A well known and respected executive in the financial industry, Brad Reifler understands the power of investing. Brad Reifler through his corporation has developed investments that non-accredited investors can invest in over an extended time period. With the ability to make smaller investments over an extended time period, numerous non-accredited investors have been able to invest in top level investments developed by Brad Reifler.

Wessex Institute of Technology Promotes Scientific Research and Technological Innovation

Wessex Institute of Technology is a center of academic excellence established several decades ago by Prof. Carlos Brebbia. The institution is located in Ashurst Lodge, South England. It offers higher degrees and specializes in conferences, research, and publishing. The goal of Wessex Institute is to assist learners in developing knowledge transfer mechanism that will enable them exchange information with professionals in the industry.

Wessex Institute Conferences and Awards

This institute organizes and hosts about 25 conferences annually. The conference’s program serves to meet the institute’s objectives and goals. Additionally, they offer an avenue for professionals and academic bodies to interact while fostering trans-disciplinary research. Among the conferences organized in 2016, include 3rd International Conference on Defense Sites, 7th International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, and the 1st International Conference on Big Data. It records and publishes all conference proceedings for future reference.

During the annual conference, Wessex Institute offers the Prigogine Medal. This award was launched in 2004 in memory of Ilya Prigogine, a former Nobel Laureate. This year, Prof. Brian Fath of Towson University was the recipient of this prestigious accolade. Wessex Institute teams up with the University of Mississippi to issue the George Green Medal. Prof. Edward Kansa bagged the George Green Medal during an international conference orchestrated by Wessex Institute.

Wessex Research Division

Most of the institute’s research projects receive funds from the Industry and Research Organizations. Wessex Institute interacts with universities such as Universita di Siena, Italy, Universita di Pisa, Italy, and Brazil-based UNICAMP in matters associated with research.

Wessex Publishing Division

WIT Press is responsible for publishing the institute’s journals, conference proceedings, edited works, and research monographs. Upon publishing conference proceedings in the form of transaction series, they are archived in the institute’s eLibrary. Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary is composed of over 30,000 peer-reviewed papers. The institute has been publishing articles since 1993.

The transaction series titles include WIT Transaction on the Built Environment, WIT Transaction on Engineering Sciences, and WIT Transaction on Environment and Ecology. This publishing division produces about eight internationally recognized journals annually. Among its top journals, include International Journals of Sustainable Development, International Journals of Safety and Security Engineering, as well as International Journals of Design and Nature & Eco-dynamics.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: The Scientist that Might Come Up with a Cure for Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the foremost researchers and scientists in oncology. Blagosklonny went to First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He earned a Master’s in Internal Medicine and a Doctorate in Cardiology and Medicine from the University. Mikhail moved to the United States and started his career at the New York Medical College as an associate professor of medicine. His work here led to him being offered a position at the Ordway Research Institute on as a senior scientist. He accepted the job and worked at the Institute which is also located in New York for seven years.

Mikhail accepted a position at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as an oncology professor in 2009. He is a professor at the Institute to date. Blagosklonny’s career has revolved around cancer, anti-cancer, and anti-aging treatments. He has been focusing on the relation between aging and the diseases that are associated with aging. Mikhail Blagosklonny has written close to 300 papers which have gotten more than 20,000 citations.

One of his articles talks about the role of TOR signaling in cancer and aging.  The key to anti-aging would be to reduce the rate at which this development occurs. Cancer is one of the diseases that arise from development. There are specific cancer treatments on that delay this development. Rapamycin is one of these drugs. Studies have shown that it increases the life span of people that take it.

Mikhail’s research in Oncology led him to start Oncotarget where he is one of the editors-in-chief. Oncotarget is a peer review medical journal on oncology. It is released weekly. It has grown to become one of the top journals in the world since it was started six years ago. The journal has an impact factor of 5.0. This is a testament to the level of quality of the papers that are published in the journal. Oncotarget is released online and is easily accessible. He is currently the editor-in-chief of two other journals known as Aging and Cell Cycle.

Research And Respect Are Key For Igor Cornelsen


The changing world we live in is seeing people look to take more control of their lives in almost every area, including the investments we make with specialists from around the world. Former Brazilian banking executive Igor Cornelsen is looking to bring his own type of transparent investment options to a new generation of clients through his work with Bainbridge Investments; although Cornelsen retired from the banking industry in 2011 he remains an active part of the global financial industry through his consultancy and research role with Bainbridge Investments.


Unlike many of his contemporaries, Igor Cornelsen believes he has found a strategy that allows his growing list of clients the chance to invest in the way they feel is best and in an ethical way. As a key executive for many different financial institutions in Brazil Igor was able to help these companies to navigate what was often a difficult economic situation in what is now the fifth largest economy in the world. The strategy developed by Igor remains in place and sees long term gains given a higher priority than short term investments that may yield high returns, but do not offer a long term approach that provides financial security for years to come.


Cornelsen recommends on Facebook that his clients do not invest in damaged companies, and maintain a healthy respect for the rules and regulations of the part of the world an investment may be made in. The investment specialist believes in finding investments that can bring success in any part of the world, including his home country of Brazil Cornelsen believes is undervalued by many investment specialists; in the view of Igor Cornelsen, emerging economies like Brazil will play a key role in the success of future investments making up a successful portfolio for his clients. Check out Igor’s official website for more, or you can also read more about his methodology on CNN.

Brad Reifler’s Financial Principles

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Management. Before that, he was the CEO and chairman of his company, Pali Capital where he served between 1995 and 2008. He previously worked at Refco as a star trader before founding Pali Capital. Reifler also worked as a director at Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities and the European American Investment Bank. He is currently a director at the Sino Mercury Company.

As CEO at Pali Capital, Brad guided the company to achieve over $200 million dollar profits. Under his care, the company also grew to employ over 200 workers. They also widened their scope from the US to Australia and the United Kingdom.

In a recent article published at the Huffington Post’s Contributor platform, Brad Reifler shared some financial lessons that everyone is required to learn. Here are some of these principles:

The Importance of a Budget

The same way businesses prepare budgets to plan their expenses and predict their revenue, individuals ought to figure out their possible income and how they intend to spend and save their cash. In fact, you would handle your finances better if you considered yourself as a business. If you understand the importance of balancing your income and expenses while focusing on future needs, you will be able to avoid falling victim of unmet needs and endless debt.

What Compound Interest Does

A young person who begins saving a small amount of money every week or even month can become rich by the time they reach retirement age. The interest gotten from your saved money is added to your account balance and this result in even more interest. Over a long period of time, the compounding effect will result in substantial gains and help to reduce the stress that comes with retirement.

Get Good Deals

They say,” cheap is expensive.” Paying more to get better quality stuff might make sense especially if you can comfortably afford it. Shop around for better offers or negotiate on things like life or car insurance without decreasing their value. It is good to understand the difference between an item that has a low price and one that has a good deal.

Reinforce the above financial lessons in your life then pass them to any young adult. Understanding budgets, saving, credit and other financial concepts will help you create a secure and stable financial future.

Leading Facilities Management Company IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the leading facilities management, logistics and technology companies in the world. This company has its base of operations in the United States and often assists with infrastructure projects for the United States federal government. However, the company also works with a number of private sector companies that are looking to develop a presence in remote areas of the world. Any organization looking to receive assistance from IAP Worldwide will greatly benefit due to the amount of expertise that the company has. It is very knowledgeable on how to build roads, construct building facilities, manage technology, install communications systems and also develop energy sources on By providing all of these things, numerous organizations will be in great position to firmly establish a base of operations in any location worldwide.

When an organization looks to get established in a remote location, it will first need quality infrastructure. IAP Worldwide specializes in developing infrastructure by developing and building roads that are safe and smooth. This will enable a number of organizations to easily transport vehicles and other items throughout their base of operations. As well as developing roads, IAP Worldwide will also build facilities so that any organization will have a firm place to conduct operations. With solid infrastructure, organizations will have an environment that will help them complete projects more easily.

Read more: U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 million

Government entities and private sector companies who establish infrastructure in a remote location will also need to put together energy facilities and communication systems. Since the buildings need climate control and electricity to operate, IAP Worldwide will devise and construct a number of energy sources that will help provide the needed resources to operate. The company will build and manage power plants to make sure that organizations get the energy they need more efficiently. As well as providing energy facilities, IAP Worldwide Services will also install communication systems as well. With the help of IAP Worldwide, government entities and companies will be able to set up phone systems as well as satellite signal towers.

Once an organization has infrastructure and communication and energy systems in place, it will need technology in order to establish a complete presence. Fortunately, IAP Worldwide Services has a lot of expertise in developing and managing technology. With the help of this company, businesses and the government will have the guidance necessary to operate the most up to date technology. IAP will make recommendations on what technology to use and install. It will also make sure that everything is working properly as well as ensuring that all important data is protected. By having state of the art technology that is well managed, organizations will have the resources they need in order to accomplish their goals in remote locations.


Securus Technologies Adds More Products and Services to Inmate Technologies

Securus Technologies has been in business as a provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for decades. Their company position includes creating proposals for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring ventures. Currently, Securus Technologies shares ideas with the law enforcement and corrections sectors of the economy.


Securus Technologies Offers Services

As a growing leader in technology, Securus Technologies performed the metrics from focusing only on inmate technologies to furnishing additional services to government services and high-tech software to a diversified market. According to sources, Securus Technologies deiced to execute a multi-million project four years ago. This particular investment originated from a large variety of vertical markets, in order to cover valid technologies, partnerships, patents, and companies. The goal is to move out from acting solely as an inmate telephone company while changing to cater to help their customers to apply technology to assist interactions from a social perspective.


According to CEO and Chairman Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, the Securus Technologies product represent the front line to grow with corrections and law enforcement, which is a significant role that the company takes extremely seriously by committing to improve people’s lives.


About Securus Technologies

The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and plans on serving more than 3,400 agencies – public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies. Currently, Secured Technologies provides services and products that affect over one million inmates. ST is a monitoring company that is committed to serving by offering emergency response, investigations, information management, biometric analysis, and public information to focus on what matters. To learn more about Securus Technologies, please visit Securus Technologies.


Sam Tabar: New York Attorney Extraordinaire

Sam Tabar has an illustrious career in leading financial companies to success. In fact, much of his career has been spent in the financial industry. But what many may not know about Sam Tabar is that he’s actually a very good lawyer. Aside from being an excellent capital strategist, he’s also a practicing New York-based attorney. Working in such a global industry, Sam has become fluent in both French and Japanese. He has worked in a lot of areas where he has had to face a language; therefore, he’s learned the advantages of speaking the same language.

After graduating from high school, Sam attended the Oxford University where he got a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later attended Columbia School of Law and earned himself a Masters of Law degree. In 2001, Sam used that law degree to begin working in the legal industry. He managed to sign on with one of the largest laws firms in the U.S. at that time, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom, LLP. He learned a lot of useful skills and gained years of experience in his short time working with the firm. He was only there for three years before joining Sparx Group, CO. / PMA Investment Advisors. It was while working with Sparx Group that Sam began developing a second passion. He became the Co-Head of Business Director Manager.

More recently, news about Sam’s career is that he was just named COO of FullCycle Energy Fund. Sam’s had a lot of experience dealing with funds, so it should come as no surprise that FullCycle would choose him. In his new role, he’ll be responsible for managing and developing innovative and profitable strategies for the company funds. FullCycle’s hope is to be able to take old, environmentally destructive energy problems and turn them into a clean, eco-friendly and less expensive solution.

Chris Burch Predicts The Future of Fashion

It’s no secret that as technology advances, so too does the fashion industry. Although they are wholly separate industries, there still exists a deep link between the two that is sure to continue strengthening well into the future. With that in mind, Chris Burch recently wrote an article exploring the possible future of fashion, and how it coalesces with the future of technology.

Beginning with a retrospective look on how the fashion industry evolved in the early 70’s, and its parallels to the evolution of the stereo. What once began as a bulky object used to advertise a person’s musical tastes gradually evolved into the miniature mp3 players that virtually everyone is accustomed today. As people gravitated towards personal music players, the fashion industry worked to accommodate these needs.

Burch draws a parallel to this in the present, with fashion designers currently working on making self-sufficient clothing that can accomplish a number of routine tasks, such as making a drink, entirely by themselves. Further pushing this self-sufficiency trend, Burch brings up clothing that can generate energy through movement, allowing the wearer to charge their electronic items and ensure that they’re never desperately looking for a charger.

Of course, Burch also mentions that this relationship works both ways. Sometimes, technology isn’t ready to be accepted by the world at large without a little help from the fashion industry. For example, in order to make Google Glass socially acceptable, fashion designers incorporated the technology into their shows. If people think that technology is “cool,” then they’re far more likely to incorporate it into their own lives.

For his part, Chris Burch has extensive experience in both the technology and fashion industries.  In fact, Burch is also the owner of the fashion brand Tory Burch.

Aside from owning many different businesses, Burch is also known as having a natural instinct for marketing. His ability to build the branding power of new businesses and products has made his insight particularly valuable to start-ups and businesses that are interested in growing their brand. When Burch puts these instincts towards predicting the future of marketing and technology, his wisdom is generally accepted as being accurate.

Living the Good Life in NYC Apartments



TOWN residential offers the best of high end luxury apartments from NYC  to Miami. Thisr high end approach to luxury does not stop with the property listing itself but rather they are a full service entity that can handle your marketing and branding needs too! Imagine having access to the best of the interior designs and amenity providers at your doorstep and call every single moment of the day.


TOWN residential highlights its laser sharp focus on building a property from the ground up including its planning, branding, and pre-market research to ensure the maximum value for the property in the least amount of time.


If you or your family members are looking for NYC apartments for sale, be sure to check out these guys for the great value and service that they provide to everyone. Many NYC apartments for sale offer luxury like in the SOHO district or the Upper East side but primarily in these spots, you are paying for access to the best of the best parks and restaurants the city has to offer.


But in other NYC apartments for sale, you are paying for the internal luxury of the apartment itself in terms of the granite and marble fixtures and great open concept kitchens. Still yet in other NYC apartments for sale, you are simply paying the price the uniqueness of an indoor lap pool or a pet spa that you can find nowhere else in the city.


And it is these out of the box places and luxuries that you will want to focus all of your attention on such as the apartment with an artist studio built inside or the one with a library inside for the book lover. Or if you really want to relax, you can enjoy movies inside private screening rooms too!  So check them out one by one and start living in luxury today and not tomorrow!