Jeunesse Global Original Youth Augmentation Products

Jeunesse is a global group that commenced as a result of strategy and visionary depicted by the minds of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Following achieved success in other ventures, Ray and Wendy materialized from retirement to come up with Jeunesse on the 9th of September at around 9:00 pm. The timeline which represents permanency replicated the initiators’ yearning not only to endure but thrive. The mission of the organization is to change people’s lives while making Jeunesse a household, world-renowned brand.

With the eagerness to share their original youth augmentation products, the two set out to craft one of the most gratifying reimbursement strategies in the direct selling firm. This projected to a cutting-edge, universal platform that has yoked the influence of technology to segment great concepts, products, support, and training. One of the various objectives has been to creating a global movement that empowers human being to attain their full potential without the regard to race, age, rank or even the income.

The assortment of products is via a Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). The system is designed to syndicate many influential reimbursements into a synergistic synchronization of both skincare and enhancements that are hardly found anywhere else. The Y.E.S will keep you young in various ways such as Luminesce, which is an anti-aging skincare line that will reinstate your enthusiasm and vivacity to the skin.

Reserve is a distinctive merger of super fruits retaining a dynamo of antioxidants that slog as protection against elemental damage. For balance, the Zen Bodi system aims at the three vital facets of getting fit: structuring muscle, burning fat and appetizing. For energizing, the Nevo offers a fresh twist on energy in various refreshing formulas. For beauty purposes, Jeunesse provides an APT-200, NV which comprises a skin-nourishing foundation, primer, and bronzer giving a fortunate, proficient sprayer finish. Inspired by Eastern medicine, M1ND is a reminiscence and attentiveness dietary add-on made with clinically proven proteins mostly from silkworm cocoons. Instantly Ageless reduces the look of under-eye bags, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. For restoration, Finiti contains an exclusive amalgam of constituents and is Jeunesse’s most progressive supplement. It includes an amalgamation of fruit and vegetable extract. Jeunesse is passionate about redefining youngness via revolutionary products and life-changing opportunities.

Dr. Rand in Balancing Hormones Multiple Health Therapies for the Aging Process

Doctor Rand uses a powerful combination of medical interventions to treat his patients. Hormonal therapy, physical therapy, and dietary intervention combat the normal aging process of any human being. Decreasing the typical aging issues such as menopause, anxiety, weight gain, ED in men, insomnia, and lethargy to name a few. When a person’s hormones reach their balanced level they can often very suddenly experience an increase in their immune systems efficiency which would give that person more youthful and youth like daily health experiences. All of this is done in what Doctor Rand calls the healthy aging medical centers where he brings in individuals that are committed to work alongside a doctor for a lifestyle change. A life long process taking the responsibility of living a healthy and satisfying life.


In addition to the treatments spoken up above Doctor Rand is also qualified to deliver steroid and cortisol injections as well as nerve blockers as an assisting tool to help those individuals dealing with physical discomfort and pain. Along side the pain management systems in play are also weight management systems. Doctor Rand accompanies with his treatment programs with a normal hunger low-calorie diet.


Patients need to refer to each health management practice from Dr. Rand to see results. But really focus on to your own specific needs. Doctor Rand teaches patients the levels nutrition and exercise for whatever health state your on or want to focus on from the program. A program designed to educate you how to properly balance intake of carbohydrates, protein, to fat and in conjunction with the appropriate supplements. These supplements are often your fish oil supplements, the proper doses of vitamin D, proper delivery and type of vitamin D, as well as other a supplements that help improve your metabolism. The anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants hell prevent things like cancer and production of free radical formation. Keeping all of these in balance is like keeping a seesaw leveled. Where the good hormones and bad hormones are constantly fluctuating. As aging occurs good hormones decrease and bad hormones increase. But if starting on your own path to wellness is something you’re interested in doing. Doctor Rand is changing lives and maintaining balance in an area many people have a consistent struggle.