An All Natural Part of Growth With EOS Lip Balm

“EOS is everywhere” would be an understatement. The EOS Lip Balm (or Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm brand is being well received by the public and business is truly booming. With their cleverly placed marketing in magazines, on billboards, and all over the web, the ads put out by EOS Lip Balm are reminiscent of their signature Easter egg-like packaging. With beautiful, toned down colors that are easy on the eyes, EOS has managed to appeal to the masses with their unique twisted containers that are smooth to open, apply, and easily fit in the hand.

The real hub-bub started seven years ago, when the EOS Lip balms started showing up on Walmart, Target, and Walgreens shelves. Honeydew and grapefruit were favorites, due to how rare they were to find in other lip balms at the time. A superstar endorsement deal with Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera, certainly didn’t hurt their marketing of the affordable lip product.

According to statistics gathered by Kline Research, it was EOS who have been able to drive sales in the oral category all on their very own. Over 1 million units are sold per week of EOS Lip Balm and their growth isn’t expecting to see a decline in numbers anytime soon.

In fact, there is a projected increase of up to $2 billion by the end of the year 2020. That is a lot of EOS Lip Balm units being sold within a short amount of time. It is not surprising, since the company’s model runs off of their all-natural products and that is exactly what a millennial is looking for in their skincare routine.

Sunday Riley Skin Care Brand

Sunday Riley is a skin care brand that is loved by many for its ingredients and the packaging of its products. One of the ingredients in it is called retinol, according to the article by One of the products is called Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which helps the skin stay smooth. It is a blue color and the individual loves it for the packaging and the look of the font. All of these elements matter when getting invested in a beauty product. It is priced at a hefty price of $105 dollars, but an individual named Brandy, who is a makeup artist from Connecticut, believes that it is well worth the price. The artist believes that the products effects speak for itself as it has risen her confidence to the next level. Sunday Riley has other items for purchase such as face oils, a lactic acid treatment, balms, and a brightening enzyme water cream.

Sunday Riley developed the products over the years to be natural and effective on the skin, which is why they are priced so high. Riley believes many individuals buy a beauty product off of the name, instead of if it works and tries to keep her products affordable as other skin care products can be in the thousands range. The company launched in 2009 and was met with success early on as another company was interested in their mission. Sunday Riley mentions that because of the high pricing for advertisements, they turned to social media to get their name out and some of her friends would use the products. The owner is very hard pressed on putting the best quality on shelves, so if anything is not working, it will be removed without a moment’s notice. One of the things she does is allow friends and family members to use the items and for them to give her honest feedback on it. Sunday Riley believes the skin care brand has a lot of potential and looks forward to the future. Sunday Riley also has their own website where customers can shop products and connect to their social media accounts.

Keeping Hair Beautiful With Wen

Emily McClure is a writer for The Bustle, a YouTube blogger and she is also an individual who loves hair care products. Emily McClure had spent many years working hair salons, so she has gotten to put her hands on a lot of different hair care products on Sephora. McClure is a haircare enthusiast, so when she heard about WEN conditioning cleanser, she wanted to try it for herself. McClure decided to do a seven day experiment to see how WEN conditioning cleanser would do with her fine hair. McClure was surprised about the amount of product that she was supposed to put in her hair. Generally, McClure tries to put the least amount of product in her hair possible because it is so fine. Instead of doing what she thought was the best; McClure decided to follow the instructions on the WEN.

After following the instructions, McClure found that she was very happy with the results. McClure found that WEN left her hair feeling shiny, soft, thick, and full. McClure found that if she did not wash her hair each day, her hair would feel greasy. McClure will be adding WEN to her hair care regimen, even though it might not be the only product that she uses.

Chaz Dean is the man who had the idea to make a cleanser and conditioner all in one. WEN is a hair care product that really stands in a place of its own. It can be used as a leave in conditioner, a shampoo, and a hair styler. WEN is a product that is good for all hair types, and it is used by women all around the world.

Dean wanted to be able to create a hair care product that would not contain unneeded chemicals or colors. He created his product because he wanted to help women to have beautiful hair.  Chaz sells his products online, on the website an on his official online store at