Zeco Auriemo and JHSF: The Luxury Property Development Team Taking Over Brazil’s Market

The globally powerful JHSF has truly done some great work in real estate. Sao Paulo is where this company runs its business from, and Zeco Auriemo is the guy who makes this success possible, as he has performed excellently as a chief executive officer since taking over that role. When it comes to their developments in the Brazilian real estate world, the area in which this team places the most focus is on properties of great luxury.

If you are curious as to what developments Auriemo’s JHSF has worked on in other lands, then two of the most notable properties are located in the United States, New York specifically, and Uruguay. Uruguay is home to the gorgeous Fasano Hotel, and New York is the backdrop for a prestigious residential building. When it comes to luxury, Zeco Auriemo certainly knows what he is doing, and these two property developments are shining examples of this.

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Inside Brazil, out of all the different luxury building projects that have come out of JHSF, shopping centers have actually been the most common so far. Cidade Jardi and Metro Santa Cruz are the two most prominent examples of these properties. Commercial and residential developments have also taken up a large part of Zeco Auriemo’s focus, but there has significantly more publicity with regards to the shopping malls.

There was recently a grand celebration put on by Mr. Zeco Auriemo and his lovely wife, Mariena, that happened in Sao Paulo’s Nicaragua Street. This dinner party was affectionately titled “Brasil Monaco Project,” and it was designed to welcome the Italy based Rene Caovilla. This high-status footwear company had just agreed to set up a store inside of Cidade Jardim, which brought great pride and joy to Auriemo.