To maintain a high-profile company such as OSI Food Solutions, one has to be smart in business. This is precisely what the management of OSI has done, and the company is now a renowned organization. OSI Food Solutions specializes in providing food products to organizations and restaurants. OSI was founded in the year 1902 and over a century later the company is still prospering.

There are a few measures that OSI takes to remain relevant in business and these include;• Producing high quality goods – When the name OSI Food Solutions is mentioned the first thing that comes into mind is the quality of their products. Products of high quality are the main reason that OSI rose to success. OSI believes in availing its customers with goods that are in good shape and safe.

OSI gets most of its products from the food supply chain where it has many connections that enable the company to get goods at an affordable price. OSI’s food products are always fresh and take less preparation time than other products. This has significantly attributed to its success. • Employing local workers in OSI centers that are foreign countries – OSI Food Solutions is a large company that has numerous facilities in different countries. Some of these countries include China and Japan. Any company that has tried starting a business in a foreign country can say it is not easy pleasing local citizens and prospering there, but OSI has been able to do both in the countries that it operates in. To know more about the company click here.

The first positive step that OSI took was hiring employees from within the regions that they are situated in. People find it easier to relate with people of their kind and by doing this OSI has managed to attract more customers. The facilities in foreign countries are even managed and headed by local people.By following these simple business hacks, OSI Food Solutions has managed to stay afloat in business over many years. OSI has partnerships with major food processing facilities in the world and is working towards becoming the most extensive food provider all over the globe.

Article Title: Agera Energy Helps Businesses Save Costs Through Affordable Plans

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As a leading provider of clean and sustainable electricity, Agera Energy is focused on operation in making green energy. One of its aims is to help its customers save energy and offer lowest rate but giving world-class services. The company knows how costly it is for the businesses to operate, so it also offers services that enable savings.

One of the saving features that Agera Energy offers is the LED lighting in businesses which is also available for residential customers. LED lights use 20% less energy to produce the same light on regular bulbs. This does not only reduce the cost of energy, but it also reduces the need to replace bulbs. In addition, Agera Energy Company will also shoulder all the upfront cost during the installation.

Agera Energy is available at 13 states, which includes Maryland, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Washington DC, Illinois, New Hamshire, Texas, Ohia, Delaware, and Connecticut. The company also offers the Utility Recovery program if the company provides inaccurate utility bill.

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Extended Series B Funding Round Gives Betterworks $27 Million More in Investment Capital

When Betterworks Systems Inc. launched in 2013, its focus was on improving human resources management efforts. Over the years, the company’s hard work and focus on innovation has made it a true leader in the industry. Investors infused Betterworks with $27 million in additional funding through a recent extended Series B funding round. This increased its total funding to $65 million.

Betterworks’ Continuous Performance Management program has been well-received in the marketplace and stands apart from its competitors in critical ways. The company’s main competitors produce software mostly used to facilitate employee performance reviews by HR professionals. The Betterworks program has a user-friendly dashboard design with more pronounced applications and a cloud-based platform. Some of its applications are designed to facilitate goal creation, monitor progression, encourage and enable intra-office communication, and provide feedback.

The company’s management attributes its product’s appeal to an ongoing focus on improvement. In fact, the additional capital raised from the recent funding round will be used to continue to innovate and improve features. The company recognizes that its customers have diverse and rapidly changing needs, so a focus on innovation is critical to its ongoing success.

The success of this strategy is documented through user data. Annual user accessibility of the program’s features has grown by 100 percent each of the previous two years. These applications are designed to provide users with improved talent retention rates, exceptional agility, and enhanced performance.

The HR-centric software company is based in Redwood City and has a second office in New York City. Some of its other successful products include Goal Science and Glance, which offer different features with the primary goal of facilitating the creation of goals and the oversight of goal progression.

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Education and Work of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle France. His father was a skilled tiler. The Serge’s family relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. As part of the transition process, Serge had to learn English. While in South Africa, he attended Highlands North which was a boy’s high school. Serge Belamant was a very bright student and outgoing and this made him excel in sports such as athletics and rugby. His school work was also excellent given that he was a bright student. Serge was a leader while still in school.

In 1970, he was elected the house captain for science and bridge clubs. Later on, in 1972, he was elected the head prefect. His studies excelled and this saw him venture into other activities such as playing chess. After successfully completing his high school, he attended Witwatersrand University to study engineering. Along the way, he made a shift in his second year to study another different course.

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In his third year, Serge Belamant made another change to the University of South Africa to study Information Systems. Unfortunately, the University of South Africa did not allow him to transfer his credits from Witwatersrand University. Serge Belamant made a tough decision of quitting school and start working at the 22 years of age. As a young man, Serge Belamant was employed at an engineering company where he worked on IBM computers and cyber computers. He learned how to work on and develop computer models. His skills in computers got him a promotion. He was made the head of the computer section in Pretoria and Witwatersrand.

Along the way, he became so good with computers that his career was on an upward trajectory. Many companies looked for him and signed him up to work for them. His biggest achievement was being recruited to join SASWITCH where he was the head of the IT division. He completely renovated the IT department since they had quite a number of challenges before he joined. His master skill in computers saw him come up with new ideas that completely revolutionized the whole company.

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Agera Energy

Agera Energy is a company that offers energy in many different ways including electricity, renewable energy, natural gas, and more. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

Unlike many other energy providers Agera Energy actually cares about their clients. Agera Energy goes above and beyond to teach their clients about their energy choices so that they can make the best informed decisions about their energy usage.


Although Agera Energy has started out small they are turning into something huge. They are growing and expanding and hoping to serve more areas soon. Agera Energy is changing the way that we have always known energy for the better. They are going to be successful for many years to come. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on

Jose Auriemo Neto: President and CEO, JHSF

Jose Auriemo is the chief executive officer of JHSF, a real estate company in Brazil. He took over as president and CEO from his father, Fabio Auriemo when he was only 27 years. JHSF has carved out a niche for itself as a leading real estate developer both in Brazil and across the borders. The company specializes in both residential and commercial real estate. Since its inception in 1972, JHSF has stayed committed to the development of luxury real estate projects in and out of Brazil.

Projects Undertaken by JHSF

Diversification is a crucial ingredient in the success of any business enterprise. For that reason, JHSF has taken it upon itself to spread its wings and encompass various aspects of real estate. They have been at the forefront in the development of office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, airports, and other public buildings. Some of the individual projects carried out by JHSF are the Ponta Negra Shopping complex in Manaus, the Bela Vista in Salvador and Cidade Jardim shopping center in Sao Paulo.

Partnerships with Luxury Stores

Ever since Jose Auriemo took over as the CEO of JHSF, the company has taken a keen interest in partnering with luxury brands in a bid to expand its global footprints. Jose Auriemo Neto oversaw JHSF’s partnerships with leading luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermès in 2009. The luxury brands saw the collaboration as a lifetime opportunity to set up shop in the Cidade Jardim shopping mall owned by JHSF.

Additionally, JHSF has also partnered with Valentino who made a debut in Brazil in 2012. In retrospect, Valentino launched the Red Valentino stores in Brazil, which was their first store in the country. Although the sale of luxury products declined in Brazil in 2016 and 2017, JHSF and its partners managed to stay afloat and recapture their market share. The company experienced a 16.1% growth and a 2.3% increase in revenue post-2017.

JHSF is presently constituted of four business units; Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Incorporation, Shopping Center and Airport. JHSF has managed to solidify its position as the leading real estate developer in Brazil for the 42 years it has been in existence.

OSI Group and Its History Plus Mcdonald’s Takes Us on a Factory Tour

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. Originally opened as a family meat market, it was originally located in Oak Park, Illinois. Later in 1917, his family meat market grew and expanded. Because of its growth, Otto Kolschowsky relocated his business to Maywood, Illinois. Before OSI Group established its name, it was originally named Otto & Sons back in 1928. It was in 1975 that Otto & Sons became OSI Group. In the 1950s, OSI Group (then, Otto & Sons) were suppliers of fresh ground beef patties for the first Mcdonald’s restaurant. The first Mcdonalds was opened by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois.


Today, Mcdonalds is one of the largest fast-food chains, globally. Serving customers worldwide, it can be found in almost every country in the world. Famous for its burgers, we take a look at an article dated October 11th of 2018. The article begins to talk about how its famous burgers are made. Specifically, how Mcdonalds burgers are made from its factory in Germany. The article also talks about how important it is to know the ingredients that are included in what we eat.

It then talks about a man named David Whipple. David Whipple began an “experiment to see how many preservatives there were in a Mcdonald’s burger”. He took the burger and put it in a cupboard” for 14 years. Later in 2013, he revealed that the burger “still looked almost exactly the same.” A program director from the University of Guelph’s Department of Food Science (Keith Warriner), stated that the not-rotting burger “has little to do with preservatives”. Keith Warriner then talks about microbes and the role it plays in the rotting process.

The article then moves on to describe the tour of the fast-food giant’s factory in Günzburg, Germany. The factory is one of the largest of OSI Group’s factories. It says that an “average of 5 million burgers” are produced every day there. It then moves on to talk about hygiene at the factory. A picture is also included showing an employee in protective clothing at a sanitizing machine.

An evolution of the OSI industries from OSI group

The OSI group is a popular food supplier in the world economy today. The company started from a humble background, to a major corporate business in the American history economically. The OSI group which later became the OSI industries started back in the beginning of the 20th century, with Otto Kolschowsky as a member of this German-immigrant community, which was set up in a rapidly growing city filled with immigrants who set up farms on the plains of Chicago. After some years of his introduction to the business, Kolschowsky expanded a small butcher shop which he had opened in the west sides of Chicago to a small wholesale during the approach of the end of World War I. Later, the company was rebranded to Otto & Sons and operated to be a successful business locally.

The transition of the OSI group from a regional supplier of food to an international corporate took place two decades after the Second World War with Kroc coming up with product model which would see every restaurant served with a consistent food surplus. In the year 1945, Kroc opened a new restaurant by the name McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. This gave a challenge to the Otto & Sons to strategize on how to steadily supply affordable food to the consumer consistently and transport the food over long distances due to the expanding scope of the McDonald’s restaurants. In the year 1975, Otto &Sons transitioned to become the OSI industries. This is when the company fully got recognized as an advanced technological company operating on a large scale level and as a manufacturer.

In the same year, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI industries as a partner due to expansion of the company globally and to the fact that the children of Otto & Sons were aging and approaching retire. In 1990, Lavin became the CEO of OSI industries due to the complexity in running the company and the links it required internationally. His expertise as an investor and guru in the banking system helped him handle the pressure of the growth phase of the company.

The Best Innovation By Edwin Miranda

Focusing on the future marketing trend is essential for any firm that is targeted to grow. The next market trends emanate from the way people operate their firms in the current market. Edwin Miranda urges business people to work for better market status in the future. As the founder and the CEO of the ever-growing company, he is an authority in the market. He has proved that when one is focused towards achieving their dream, they can provide they poses the right skills. For instance, he started company KOI IXS from a single idea, and it has grown to what it is today.

How does he survive the market?

Edwin Miranda works together with his team of creative designers to improve the state of his company and the markets in Miami and San Juan. He has motivated the group, and they work together without biases or any division.This expert team helps him to bring ideas to life throughout their operation. He also helps his clients to discover the best ways to manage their business despite the many market challenges. The clients love his activities as they try to emulate him and the success it comes with. Another important idea is the location of your business. Edwin Miranda has located the company at the heart of his people. He aims at improving market trends and operations in his locality.

Advice to young entrepreneurs

He advises the upcoming entrepreneurs to invest without fearing the risks accompanied by venturing in new fields. They should endeavor to pursue their ambitions and posses the right skills. They should also surround themselves with the right people. Creative, designers, and innovators. These people are essential as they share their skills for the stability of your company. They should impress teamwork, and they will see you grow.

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Neurocore – Different Programs that it Offers to its Clients

If you or anyone you know have been suffering from insomnia or any other kind of mental health disorder, then rather than going for traditional therapy, choose to go for the training program offered by Neurocore. It is one of the most advanced brain training programs that are available currently and helps in stimulating the trigger points of the brain that causes mental health disorders. People can go through Neurocore YouTube videos and learn more about what they do. The videos also contain details of their different programs and how each of them is helping change the lives of its clients in different ways. The company adds new videos weekly and offers an update on the latest happenings in their company. To know more about the company click here.

Neurocore Muscletech is also one of the products that the company has designed and developed by Neurocore that is meant for adults as a pre-workout bodybuilding supplement. The good thing about the Neurocore Muscletech is that it does not have any side effects when followed a disciplined workout regime. It would help with increasing stamina and energy and would also help the consumer to get through hardcore and long workout sessions. The company aims to offer all-around care to its athlete clients and help them win competitions.