Kevin Seawright makes Baltimore’s Housing Seaworthy

A graduate of the Notre Dame University Mendoza College of Business, Kevin Seawright wields degrees in both Accounting and Business Administration, as well as an Executive Management Certificate. His career spans more than fourteen years and carries with it titles such as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore City Government, the Property Finance Director for Baltimore City Housing, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Vice President at Tito Contractors, Inc. in Washington, D.C, and the Director of Property Management at the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County.

With all these titles in his background, it’s really no surprise that in 2015 he founded his own company, Real Property Solutions. RPS Solution LLC was founded with Seawright’s desire to strengthen the community in Baltimore and wrestle with the housing market, helping people become homeowners when banks and real estate agents might turn them down. The ultimate goal is to help people move into safer neighborhoods and it has been largely successful for some time. Although he’s the founder, he also acts as the Managing Partner, providing general oversight and stability for the company.

With his entire career experience to pull from, he knows how best to structure funds and has a network of knowledgeable individuals to contact in a variety of fields, should any of his own knowledge prove insufficient for RPS Solution’s needs. Because of his time working for Baltimore’s government structure, is aware of how red tape flows, and how to trim some of it.

Kevin Seawright has been an active member of several societies for administrators such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and he is a senior board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. He also has one unlisted title: Father, to his little girl Tia. For more information about Kevin Seawright, click here:

Bhanu Choudhrie, the Investor, Businessman and Specialist in Emerging Markets

Bhanu Choudhrie is an investor, businessman and a specialist in emerging markets like India and China. He was born in 1978 in Delhi before moving to London. Bhanu went to the University of Boston, where he studied International Business and marketing. Since 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie has been a member and the executive director of the C&C Alpha Group Limited.

Bhanu Choudhrie has won various awards, including the entrepreneur of the year at Asian Voice Political and the Public Life Awards in the year 2008. In 2010, Bhanu spoke to This is Money about the Alpha’s Investments, his passion for an opportunity as well as his top tips for the first time entrepreneurs.

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 The Areas of Investment that He Takes the Most Pleasure From

Choudhrie controls the investment strategy for the C&C Alpha Group Limited which is a family run firm that invests in different areas like hotels, healthcare, and restaurants. About the areas he takes the most pleasure from, he said that he loves all the businesses that his family manages, but the real estate industry is exciting.

According to him, hospitality and opening luxury hotels are amazing. Another investment that he takes the most pleasure from is the aviation sector where his family invested in the Air Deccan in the year 2003.

Choudhrie’s Advice on Emerging Markets

When you talk to investors and entrepreneurs, everyone is currently looking to the East for profits and growth. There has been significant growth in India, China, and the Far East. In these countries, local demand does not rely on the outside investments which means that there is still room for growth.

Bhanu understands that the more you give to the community, the more you get. Giving back to the community is all about taking care of other people. For you to appreciate what you have, you must take good care of the needy people.

Bhanu Choudhrie together with his mother operates the Path to Success which is a charity organization. He helps her as the director to promote charity and work with various schools in the United Kingdom. The secret to success is being able to support and work closely with the management teams, professionals and CEOs who manage businesses daily.



Agera on Energy Utilization and the Average Residential Consumer

Agera Energy realizes that the most important things within the home will vary from person to person, as such, it is of the utmost importance for individuals to be aware of what they are spending a majority of their energy budget on to be able to use their energy wisely and efficiently.

Agera Energy has analyzed a few of these different components and will talk about it in a brief manner below.

Agera Energy and Frequent Residential Energy Consumption

A majority of your energy cots will certainly go toward the heating and cooling of your residential space. A cursory glance at different statistics will show that the heating and cooling of space will take about thirty to forty percent of the overall energy budget.

The next major energy allocation buckets will be for heating water, conducting lighting, and for refrigeration and freezing. This regular use will take up about a total of sixteen to twenty percent of energy use within a home.

The rest of the overall expenses will come from televisions, charging phones, drying and washing machines, cooking, dishwashers, other genera uses.

Agera Energy has worked with municipalities, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and more to manage costs and to provide their varied consumers with the unique and special service that they rightfully deserve. Learn more about how Agera Energy is able to make a difference in the lives of their consumers and how they strive to stay innovative and improve their services and offerings on a regular basis.

Ashley Lightspeed: What You Should Know

Ashley Lightspeed has achieved an impressive record of career achievements, including contributing to developments of some of the last decade’s best companies. Ashley Lightspeed from an early age has been intrigued by the process of developing new business models, new products and new services. When she was young she was fascinated by her father’s architectural work and she would sit with him at the drafting table all day, sketching ideas and building things.

Ashley studied at Duke University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. She also attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she acquired Master of Business Administration. As a fundamental member at Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley is able to use her intensive knowledge and deep passion to create new products daily. As a partner at Lightspeed, Ashley brought her extraordinary perspective and striking talent which has helped to create trends that endure. Moreover, she has helped to further diversify Lightspeed’s operations, and provided keen insights into the female – steered consumer market. For more information about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile.

Although modest about her achievements, Ashley has worked for very powerful players in the world of finance. After graduating from Duke University, she worked with the titan consulting Bain & Company, where she acquired the value of possessing insight and foresight, as well as the use of sophisticated tools such as economic modeling to design practical business intelligence. From here she accepted a new position at Thumbtack, a startup company that worked towards connecting professionals and the local clients. At Thumbtack, Ashley helped to propel it into becoming one of the leading online places for hiring events and other event related services. An opportunity at the Lightspeed delights Ashley as it provides her with a chance to work with newly emerged business ventures, meeting with problems and experiencing the thrill that people like her and other entrepreneurs only.

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Boraie Development Gives New Jersey A Makeover

There is a change that is currently going on in New Brunswick, New Jersey at this time. The change is for the better. It can bring the value up, clean up the area, and most importantly possibly have a decrease on crime. One of the new properties that has been built is called the Aspire. The Aspire is a 238 unit luxury residential building that is currently located near the New Brunswick train station. These beautiful apartments are surrounded by many different stores and restaurants. There is also two prominent hospitals located near by and one is the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System and Children’s Cancer Institute. The Aspires offers many different floor plans from studios to two bedrooms.

The units are energy efficient and come equip with an in home washer and dryer. Each unit also has hardwood floors throughout and designer kitchens. To top it off balconies are available upon request, each unit comes cable and internet ready, and with stainless steel appliances. The developer that is responsible for building the Aspire is Boraie Development. Boraie Development specializes in property management, real estate development, and real estate marketing. The company is currently generating three million plus in revenue. Boraie Development is instinctively focused on rebuilding and creating a new culture for the New Brunswick, New Jersey area.

Ex- NBA super star Shaquille O’Neal grew up in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area and the area was very rough when he was growing up. This is the reason why he partnered with Boraie Development to work as a team on this rebuilding process. The vision is shared by Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development is to improve the lives of the people in the community. They want to provide a safe environment for the children in the neighborhood and a more stable economic environment. Hopefully this process will also create more jobs for the locals in the community.

Unroll Me Shuts down Its Operations in the EU Region

Unroll me is a company that has been offering email management services to a huge pool of clients globally. Recently, the company had to shut down its operation in Europe since the GDRP Laws had come into play. These laws do not align with the terms and conditions of the company. Unroll me would offer email management services while also engaging in activities such as data mining. The company stopped serving their client base in Europe as from May 25. They also wrote about the unfortunate shutdown, and they published it on their website.

All the user accounts that were present in the EU region were deleted on May 24. Unroll me went forth to declare that they are well suited to offer their services to the people in the U.S. since the company cannot adhere to all the GDRP requirements. Slice Technologies serves as the parent company to Unroll Me. The company uses the personal information gained through Unroll Me platform to come up with market research tools that can be used to track and analyze the trends of various consumers. Unroll Me has also experienced a lot of criticism since they are being accused of lack of transparency.

The individuals who have perused through the Unroll Me privacy policy can attest to the fact that the company states that they can share the personal information of their users with anyone that they please. Such entities include Slice technologies– their parent company, and any other interested entity. The non-affiliated companies can use such data as long as they are adhering to the various legal requirements.

By having a close look at the terms and conditions presented by Unroll Me, you will realize why they can no longer offer their services to their users in the EU region especially after the GDRP laws take effect. All the companies that access personal data have to comply with the GDRP laws in the EU region. At the moment, the non-EU users should question themselves and also ask themselves whether they need the services offered by Unroll Me. They should also reach out to the company so that they may learn more about what the company is doing with their information.

Organo Gold

How Does Organo Gold Fit Into The Coffee Culture?

First, it is important to note that coffee is certainly a culture. Though it is hard to define, the coffee culture involves coffee and social interaction. The culture itself has been divided into three waves. The first wave started in the late 1800s and extended into the 1980s. This is the time when brands like Maxwell House were found in most coffee cups. The second wave was about making good tasting coffee. This is when flavored coffees were introduced. The third wave is about coffee appreciation. Coffee drinkers are interested in sustainability and knowing their coffee’s origin.

Even though Organo Gold fits into the third wave, they are pushing the boundaries. Not only do they have an appreciation for coffee, but they are taking it a couple steps further. They are expanding the line of coffees that are offered to consumers. Organo Gold is more than great tasting instant coffee. Their coffees are enriched with health benefits that are not found in other coffees. Organo Gold adds Ganoderma Lucidum spores to their coffee, which has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. The spores contain a variety of nutrients and antioxidants.

Organo Gold does not stop there. Not only is it very easy to keep your pantry stocked with your favorite Organo Gold flavor by placing an order directly with Organo Gold, but people can become fully immersed in the coffee culture by becoming a distributor. Distributors get a chance to interact with other people who love coffee while making money.

Organo Gold has more than coffee, tea, and cocoa. They have health-related products that contain Ganoderma. Organo Gold is making their mark in many different markets worldwide.

Bernardo Chua’s Business Model

Bernardo T. Chua is a Philippines businessman and worked in multi-level marketing. He was an executive at Gano Excel, and after about three years he expanded it to Canada and Hong Kong and afterward to the United States. He became the president of Gano excel of U.S.A which produced products such as instant coffee and capsules and other foodstuffs. The FDA claimed their products detected hidden diseases and also removes toxin and excess cholesterol from the body.FDA objected that the Gano products were used to treat diabetes, psoriasis, and gout. Bernardo Chua founded the ORGANO GOLD in 2008 which included a group of companies working under Organo Gold, and he used to sell the coffee product that contained Ganoderma lucidum which found from lingzhi mushroom. In 2015 they began selling consumables at a wide range using its extensive network. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at Business for Home.

Bernardo Chua saw many benefits of working in sales directly and its the best line of business, especially to those setting business model. Since it helped him grew his businesses quickly .in Philippines’s he among the most successful men in Pacific Rim, He has received several business awards such as Dangal Byan award and national consumer quality award which he awarded on 2014. He received an honor for the Direct sale company of the year. Organo Gold is the 55th largest company for direct sales’.He used to educate people on the benefit the company can provide.

Chua focused much on education since it creates trust with the consumers and distributors. Organo Gold has over one million distributors, especially in Canada. His company has grown since he focused much on the competition ahead of him. He earned himself an excellent reputation due to his superior customer services, and He used to test all the products and herbs before they are distributed. The organic Gold coffee is used to boost one’s immune system hence fighting the virus, bacteria and any impurity that causes the threat to one’s body. This coffee is made of natural ingredient and is a secret to a healthy and long life. The coffee also prevents inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and allergies.

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Nitin Khanna Is A Serial Entrepreneur Who Has Served In Many Different Business Sectors

Nitin Khana is an entrepreneur who calls Portland, Oregon his home. Outside of work, he focuses on his passion for music, which has allowed him to be a DJ at different festivals and clubs. He is also a lover of different wines and has created his own wine brand named Four Handle, which is a well known Oregon pinot noir. He has also worked as a producer who was responsible for the production of “What Lies Upstream,” and “Terms and Conditions May Apply.”See more here Khana spends as much time with his family as possible when not working and has four wonderful children.

On top of being a businessman, Nitin Khanna serves on the board of TiE Oregon, Vendscreen, Classic Wines Auction, and Freewire Broadband. He is also an advisor to many different companies in the tech sector. His work with Saber has earned the company the Inc. 500 award twice and has also earned it the The Deloitte Fast 500 award. The company was eventually sold for the very large sum of $460 million thanks to his efforts to build it up.

Nitin Khanna has always been a man to challenge the status quo and has been a trendsetter in Portland. He has served as a mergers and acquisitions expert and investment banker in the United States and is also a first generation immigrant who has discovered a lot of success in the country. He was born in India but moved to the U.S., where he received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in industrial engineering while attending Purdue. Click this link to see his professional achievements.

Nitin Khanna created his own boutique technology bank named MergerTech in 2009 and has been offering personalized advice to his clients since then. It is his belief that many individuals and companies are ready to pay more for technology startups that are located in the U.S.A. His advice led to the successful sale of Mutual Mobile to WPP, and it also helped with the sale of Simple’s to BBVA. It was his knowledge and experience that helped these companies to get the price they were looking for. Nitin Khanna plans on continuing to do everything he can to serve his clients and business partners to his fullest capacity.

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Ashley Lightspeed is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Capital. She has set the trend for others through her success. She studied at Duke University and also attended Stanford Business School. She has worked with top companies such as Bain & Company and Thumbtack. At Thumbtack, she worked in the Wedding and Events department as a Category Manager. Ashley was in charge of growth for the department and also ensured that customers had the best experience. She used prototyping as a key tool when working at the two companies to improve products and ideas and to also collect feedback. Ashley was initially interested in architecture but changed to prototyping business ideas after studying at Duke. She left Thumbtack to study at Stanford and thought of starting her own company. While studying, Ashley needed a source of income, and she, therefore, worked for startups as a consultant. She then realized that she loved working with various industries at once better. She also preferred partnering with entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed thought of starting her company because she loved her work at Thumbtack but could not continue while studying since it required her full attention. She took to doing consulting projects for Thumbtack from her experience while working at Bain & Company as a consultant. Some colleagues heard about her work and hooked her up with startups. Consulting became an around the clock job helping her earn some money and also expound on her ideas. She worked with BetterUp and Fundbox exclusively. She was later employed at Lightspeed Venture Capital and stopped consulting. She is especially gifted in developing growth strategies that ensure long-term growth and are pocket-friendly. Ashley loves her job and puts her best in it every day. She is often very busy with meetings, emails, and other company projects but still manages to outshine others in her field.