Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital provides structured finance and advisory services to public organizations. It is a company that focuses on helping its customers to meet their business needs by providing a full range of innovative monetary solutions. The company has its executive team that has remained core to the company. The team of professionals has excellent knowledge and experience when it comes to what is taking place in the marketplace as well as expertise in curation.

Since the organization was established, it has been able to invest up to $1.8 billion into early-stage organizations across the world. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 by Steve Hicks. The organization has funded more than 250 public firms something that enables it to understand the challenges that come up companies face. Due to these, the organization has gained experience over time to come up with solutions to these challenges.

The services that Southridge offers to these first stage organizations include how to become a public organization, how to personalize financing techniques, and managing their balance sheets. Other services that the organization offers under its advisory umbrella include a financial analysis which helps companies to come up with a highly comprehensive and approximated financial statement that aligns with the operational and financial assumptions. When it comes to an optimized balance sheet, Southridge helps the organizations to maintain a suitable balance between equity and debt including other techniques that can bring about better financial results.

Southridge Capital was established in 1996 by Steve M. Hicks. Currently, Steve is the chief executive officer of the organization. He directs all the strategic activities going on in the organization. Southridge involves other companies in its portfolio, and it is Steve who manages them when it comes to strategic direction. Steve Hicks has served in the financial field for over three decades. He has excellent experience including knowledge when it comes to derivative, financial structuring, risk arbitrage, as well as investment banking. Southridge Capital offers business execution and development to organizations that are in their early stage development. Steve Hicks takes much of his time focusing on his organizations as well as those new opportunities that can bring more success to the company. You can visit for more details.




How OG Juan Perez’ 50th Birthday Celebration Went Viral

Roc Nation Sport’s President and CEO, Juan “OG” Perez, recently celebrated his 50th birthday with his wife Desiree Perez, his longtime friend Shawn ‘JAY-Z” Carter, and many other close pals. The crew’s Presidents’ Day weekend birthday extravaganza began with dinner at Zuma, a swanky modern-day Japanese cuisine outfit centered in Midtown, Manhattan. The celebration ensued as OG Juan and company feasted on fine lobsters, steaks and intricately detailed sushi platters. The $13,000 bill was just the beginning, as hip-hop legend and Roc Nation founder, JAY-Z had treated the crew to a night out at Made in Mexico, a popular Mexican themed restaurant, bar and dance club.

At the club, OG Juan and pals were presented with copious amounts of very expensive cognac. JAY-Z dished out a total of $9,000 for the drinks and felt that they all should conclude the birthday celebration at the Playroom Lounge, a famous nightclub in the heart of Manhattan. This is the infamous spot where one of the servers displayed JAY-Z’s bill to the wonderful world of Twitter. The bill totaled a whopping $91,000 that included the tip. It made its rounds online and quickly went viral. It was stated that JAY-Z had generously bought 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Rosé and Ace of Spades Gold for the nearby tables. Overall, OG Juan Perez’s epic night out totaled up to $113,000, and the bill is still circulating on the web.

OG Juan Perez, 50, was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He became the president of Roc Nation Sports after JAY-Z had realized that OG Juan was the perfect lead for his new sports management division. OG Juan is heavily involved in managing all of the endorsement deals, PR and media relations, philanthropic endeavors, brand strategies and more for all of their signed athletes.

Shervin Pishevar Urges the Government to Focus on Infrastructure to Overcome the Growing Influence of China

Shervin Pishevar, the venture capitalist mogul, has been tweeting for 21 hours highlighting some of the crucial issues affecting the United States at large. Since sexual allegations, the Uber investors has not be seen or heard in the public platform, including social media, until he decided to spill the beans on what could be a prophecy to the changing economy in the country. In one of his trending tweets, Shervin Pishevar touches on a controversial topic that involves the United States and China.

According to Shervin Pishevar, China has been spending large sums of money in the infrastructure industry and will soon replace the United States as the largest economy in the world. This might have surprised many who have been witnessing the increasing trade wars between the two nations. It might have given Shervin Pishevar some much-needed credibility as the country seems to be fighting a losing war. This school of thought has elicited many emotions which many economic observers are indicating that the United States response and trade wars with China are a clear indication that China is becoming a thorn in the flesh of the United States.

Over the last few political campaigns, nothing has been spoken much about the deteriorating state of infrastructure projects around the country. The government has been focusing on streamlining controversial issues in immigration, health, and the unending political and nuclear issues in the middle-east. Could this have shifted the focus of the country from local investment in infrastructure to military investment and foreign participation? Most of the economic and foreign policy pundits will answer in affirmative. It could even prove to be true if a referendum was conducted to answer the same question.

What does Shervin Pishevar see that many in government cannot figure out is that the government needs to focus on improving local infrastructure lest the country start lagging behind in infrastructure development. Shervin Pishevar is one of the investors who has been worried by the increasing influence of China in the world economy and his tweet only confirms his fears. As a single citizen, there is nothing he can do but to warn of the consequences.