Article Title: Agera Energy Helps Businesses Save Costs Through Affordable Plans

Article Text:

As a leading provider of clean and sustainable electricity, Agera Energy is focused on operation in making green energy. One of its aims is to help its customers save energy and offer lowest rate but giving world-class services. The company knows how costly it is for the businesses to operate, so it also offers services that enable savings.

One of the saving features that Agera Energy offers is the LED lighting in businesses which is also available for residential customers. LED lights use 20% less energy to produce the same light on regular bulbs. This does not only reduce the cost of energy, but it also reduces the need to replace bulbs. In addition, Agera Energy Company will also shoulder all the upfront cost during the installation.

Agera Energy is available at 13 states, which includes Maryland, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Washington DC, Illinois, New Hamshire, Texas, Ohia, Delaware, and Connecticut. The company also offers the Utility Recovery program if the company provides inaccurate utility bill.

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