Jeff Yastine Outlines the High-Risk Expectations Hold on the Market

Just a month ago, if you can remember, the NASDAQ fell 10 percent while the S&P 500 lost around 12 percent. At the beginning of February Jeff Yastine wrote and said that in almost thirty years of being an investor, He has never experienced a bull market like of late. One that comes to an ultimate stop and plunges down a cliff forever in such style like in the age of Wile E Coyote. Tables turn. A month plus later, the NASDAQ’s is blooming and at a new all-time high. Perhaps, in a week’s time, the S&P 500 will be better. Almost guaranteed to say it will rise. View Jeff Yastine’s profile at LinkedIn.

Then comes the expectation game, and we wait. As at the moment, everything revolves around the next earning seasons. Seasons when the businesses and corporations announce their quarterly margins. As it is, the first quarter season begins next month (April). Jeff Yastine says that Gold man Sachs expectations are that S&P 500 firms will report gains up to 17 percent and maybe more. From other estimates, suggestions are that the companies’ profits may indeed, jump to 18 percent in the second quarter, and in the third quarter, rise to 19 percent. With these projections, Jeff Yastine wrote privately to his subscribers and said that the report of better earning from institutions would most likely lead to a rise of ‘fear of missing out’ on higher stock prices due to rising interest rates. Naturally, what he meant was that it would hardly come as a surprise if the stocks go higher in the coming weeks.

However, such a situation comes with risks as it raises the stakes profoundly. As Jeff Yastine indicates, the anticipation of higher quarterly profits is so high that it takes only a small trigger to send the market in a downward trend. Anything from a rise in energy cost, interest rates, or a slow day in trade would warn the Wall Street strategists. As a result, they would set their estimates to lower values and trigger a downturn in stocks. It’s always the nature of investment institution to want favorable stock prices. However, the truth is that the money at risk come from investors. Visit Jeff Yastine on facebook.

Before you dismiss Jeff Yastine, take this as an extended warning. It’s a way of cautioning against a rise in interest rates and market risks. Therefore, the best approach lies in shifting your portfolio into value-laden investment. Such investments withstand higher rates and bring benefits in the long run.

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Michael Hagele Is Committed to Clients

Attorney Michael Hagele founded his own practice in order to serve technology clients more effectively. His small firm is able to offer high-quality legal counsel at a more affordable price than large law firms.

In order to be the most productive and effective, Michael schedules his day around certain tasks at certain times. For example, he starts his day by reviewing his schedule. Then, after other tasks, he takes a bike ride to clear his mind. The bike riding also assists him in coming up with solutions and ideas. Michael is a firm believer in entrepreneurs establishing a habit of exercise. He ends his day by dealing with any client issues that come to the forefront and speaking with his partners involved in his foreign investments. More info at

All of the above is accomplished by his belief in never giving up. Another key belief Michael holds is that the client comes first. He tries to see things from the client’s viewpoint which helps him to serve the client to the best of his abilities. These beliefs might have been fueled by a failure he experienced as an entrepreneur. In a particular venture, one of the key players was focused on his salary, not the company success, which depends on client satisfaction to a great degree.

Michael brings his energy into possible future ventures as well. He is interested in the artificial intelligence trend and its vast possibilities. For instance, machine learning is a major trend currently.

Another facet of Michael’s company success is staying current with the various social media without overdoing it. This assists Michael to connect with clients personally.

Michael Hagele’s clients include those in various technology industries such as aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology. He also invests in tech businesses and has been involved in funding companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries. He has worked in the areas of telecommunications, commercial agreements, and intellectual property rights.

Michael previously was employed in a law firm and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:


Dr. Jennifer Walden Can Be Trusted

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas, and she has chosen to work in that same city. She chose to stay near her family and to appreciate all that the city of Austin offers. This woman was born to a dentist father and a mother who worked as a surgical nurse, and she was exposed to the medical world at a young age. She completed her residency at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas, and she was serious about her studies. The education that she received when she was younger has helped her to be a great doctor.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is known across the nation as someone who is talented as a plastic surgeon. She is a speaker who shares information with others. She has worked as a media commentator and used her knowledge to inform others about plastic surgery. She works on the face and breast, the nose and body, and she completes the work that she does in a compassionate way.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has a heart for each one of her patients and she makes sure that her patients know that she does not judge them for the changes that they are making.There are advances that have been made that have helped plastic surgery to be done in new ways. About Dr. Jennifer Walden he is someone who takes advantage of all advances that are made in the area and who uses those to better help her patients. She appreciates the new technology that is developed and takes advantage of that.

Omar Boraie Leads the Way to a Stable City

I have often heard from those in America, who are quite opinionated, that the rich 1% are selfish jerks that step on every common man to get to where they are. I am sure this can be characterized of at least some of them, but it cannot be applied to Omar Boraie who is like a father to the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie has led to this cities resurrection through his Boraie Development company. He dreamed of helping New Brunswick flourish ever since he visited the influential cities on the continent of Europe. He visited places such as Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, and Sicily and saw how powerful these places were. He felt that he can make New Brunswick, New Jersey just as influential and powerful for the North East portion of the United States.

Omar Boraie set to work on the four pillars that make a strong society. He began by working with the community to make it more oriented towards families. One of the many things he did was provide social events for families to get to know one another. One of these events was hosted by the State Theater and was a summer of movie nights given to the public for free Omar Boraie paid the admission for 7500 families so that they could all get to know one another and begin working as a community to help New Brunswick become great.

According to NJBiz, Omar then began by making the job market in the area more stable. His first step to doing that was keeping Johnson and Johnson in the area. The second step to doing that was building commercial real estate that would attract factories so that they could employ a large portion of people.

Omar then looked through his Rolodex and began calling people who could unite together and help New Brunswick thrive. Eventually, he had a coalition of 20 people which included the President of Rutgers University, the city Mayor, and the editors of several newspapers. Check out Press of Atlantic City

Omar then focused the rest of his attention to bringing back a strong middle-class. He knew that the middle class was the backbone of any society. He wanted to target young professionals who are just starting their practice so he built upper-class office space, which normally they could not afford, was sold at a lower price. This was so enticing that hundreds of families moved to New Brunswick.

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Ian King And His Bet On Cryptocurrencies

Ian King is one the cryptocurrency market’s most noted experts on the cryptocurrency subject. In 2017 Ian began working for Banyan Hill Publishing an economic expertise publishing journal dedicated to provide the latest economic expert advice. In this case Ian King remains as one of the few people who can tell you exactly what to expect from the cryptocurrency market growing every day. Ian worked as a trader for a number of years at a New York hedge fund Peahi Capital. He studied psychology in college which he says still remains part of assessing trading behavior. The idea of digital currency began to interest him after the economic crisis and the realization of banks’ ultimate futile nature. The idea of crypto currency such as giant Bitcoin provides trading based on digital visibility without relying on any monetary currency fund or bank as proof of the trade. Ian King sees Cryptocurrency as second to the internet in terms of advancing people to exchange ideas and money without the need for physical presence. Ian says trust is the sole base of crypto currency and believes this can only move the economy forward. Ian himself has purchased from Litecoin another cryptocurrency project on the rise.

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With companies whose success have proven to attract Wall street immediately, cryptocurrency is still in its early stages. Ian says cryptocurrencies are currently open for investment to the general public, because very few institutions are attached to them. The Chicago Trade of Commerce began opening shares for digital currency last December. To Ian this by far has been the fairest investment project the world has ever seen. The gains are also very powerful. Unlike stocks which provide a slow change in value turnout, cryptocurrencies have a strong alteration rate. The number of cryptocurrencies available are also growing. Bitcoin is inspiring and growing competition. Ian is sure once others begin to see how cryptocurrencies rise, they too will take interest in them, at some point let go of banking as funding for the crypto market, so the time to invest is early. Ian hopes to reach those still unaware of cryptocurrency, and educate those wishing to know more. Ian also promises to advise which cryptocurrencies worth investing in. Banyan Hill Publishing has been grateful to have Ian King join their team, as they too have faith in cryptocurrencies and want to provide real time information against any unreliable sources. Read this article:


Todd Lubar Shares His Views On The Baltimore Real Estate Market

Quietly and under the radar, Baltimore is experiencing a positive real estate market. While Baltimore has garnered a lot of negative press in recent years those outside the city haven’t really noticed that there are a lot of buildings being converted to apartments and condos. These chic new apartments are designed to be appealing to millennials who are increasingly moving to the city. One of the main things attracting them to Baltimore is a less expensive cost of living, particularly compared to Washington D.C., and it being a good place for new college graduates to start their professional careers in.

Due in no small part to all of the young professionals moving to Baltimore, a number of start-ups are thriving in the city. This has led to a rising income in the city and greater opportunities. It has also supported an increasing number of local restaurants and upscale shopping options. The most popular area right now is Harbor East which features a lot of dining and shopping options for residents in the area.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who has been following the Baltimore market for over 20 years. He attended Syracuse University and then entered the mortgage industry after graduating. His first position was a Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he handled mortgage applications. Todd left this company in 1999 and established his own firm in the industry, Legacy Financial Group. He quickly became one of the top mortgage producers in the region.

After surviving the recession that rattled the overall economy but especially real estate, Todd Lubar now runs TDL Global Ventures, LLC. which he founded in order to solve people’s mortgage issues. He is also the Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments, the company he had founded back in 1999.

When not working, Lubar really enjoys spending time with his two young children. He has said that he also loves traveling whenever he can. His favorite vacation spot to return to whenever he can is Southern California. This region of California stands as a big contrast to Baltimore and so provides a place that is an ideal location for a vacation. You can follow him on his Facebook account

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How Louis Chenevert Contributed to the Economy

While serving as the top executive at United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Louis Chenevert was credited with guiding the company through the 2007 recession that heavily impacted companies around the world. He was the Chairman and CEO of the company from 2006 to 2014. Upon his resignation in December of 2014 the Director of the company, Edward Kangas, took over his role.

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal and earned a degree in production management. He worked for several years at General Motors before moving on to the airplane engine manufacturing company Pratt & Whitney in 1999. He first joined United Technology as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. It wasn’t long before has promoted to the company’s top position.
Unlike many manufacturing companies in North America, under Louis Chenevert’s leadership, the company declined to outsource jobs to other countries in order to save money. He felt the quality of work by the American workers was too high to compromise by chasing lower salaries. The company, headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, continued to grow while he led it and he led it to a value of $63 billion.
Beyond paying a fair salary to the workers at UTC, Louis Chenevert also took the company’s environmental responsibilities very seriously. The company built jet engines that were used by plane manufacturers around the world. Additionally, Louis Chenevert oversaw the subsidiaries of the company as well including elevator and escalator giant Otis. His company also built helicopters and was one of the largest such manufacturers worldwide.
Louis Chenevert is credited with greatly contributing to the economy of Connecticut. He had acknowledged that there were less expensive places to do business even in the United States but he remained committed to the workforce he had built at the company. Despite these additional costs, UTC had annual returns that were twice that of the average company on the S&P 500. Every year, even during the subprime recession, UTC paid out dividends over the last 70 years.

Unmasking the Beauty behind Arthur Becker’s Business Networks

Arthur Becker’s art studio is located in his real estate office, full of sculptures and paintings he creates for office display. He is a former Bear Stearns stockbroker and went ahead to make his fortunes by buying the earliest technology companies in the 2000s before he made in-roads into the real estate business in Ney York and the Florida. Becker’s business dealings though are vast, ranging from technology, art, real estate and finance.

A fascinating feature in Arthur Becker offices is the many old currencies he collects from African countries, especially Cameroon and Nigeria, and uses them to produce sculptures. He plans to install two major works in a commercial building in Boston. He states that he does this since nowadays most people attach personal fulfillment to money, from their hopes, security, and safety and also romance.

Man of Deals and Connections

Arthur Becker has however remained a silent money-partner, choosing instead to stay behind the scenes but in real sense backing billionaires like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney in their recent development of 111 West 57th Street. He has an interest in the 16 storey building developed by Maloney and his partner Robert Gladstone, centered on the Madison Equities.

Money is what usually appears contorted and remains most conspicuous in Becker’s arts. The sculpture in his office is one of crumbled cash with gold bars stacked in beautiful patterns like the so-called Jenga pieces. He has however sold a number of the pieces to the prominent Wall Streeters, and in June will be exhibiting one of his newly built Sullivan Street townhouses, which he plans to have them curated by gallerist James Salom. Visit

Brief Professional History

According to The Real Deal, Becker is the Chair and CEO of Zinio and previously served as the CEO of NaviSite, a company that specialized in technological applications and management services in the United States and the United Kingdom, from the year 2002 to 2010.

NaviSite has offices in the US and UK as well as India and provides data center hosting and cloud-based management applications to corporations and enterprises. Becker was initially the senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion industry for seven years and has remained the most active private investor in the technology industry since the NaviSite was auctioned and sold to the Time Warner in 2011 at the cost of $ 230 million.

Nathaniel Ru-Growing a Sustainable Company

Sweetgreen has become the desirable model for other restaurant companies of the future thanks to its healthy, fresh, organic, and of course local food options. Sweetgreen has grown to include 40 locations and is only growing in popularity. Learn more:


According to Nathaniel Ru, they have created a brand that is not only healthy for people to eat but it is a brand that really stands for something. The more common and traditional food chains could stand to learn a lot form Sweetgreen. 30% of all of Sweetgreen’s transactions are made on a mobile app or online and technology is a big part of Sweetgreen’s success. Learn more:


In order to stay grounded and close to their customers, Sweetgreen shuts down their corporate office five times every year in order for everyone to work in its restaurants. The company operates without a main headquarters because they simply don’t believe in big corporate headquarters. Learn more:

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet met at the university they attended and took an entrepreneurship class together. They also have another thing in common: all three of them had parents that are not only first-generation immigrants but they also started their own businesses. They began Sweetgreen because they felt that there were simply no healthy eating options in the Georgetown area and that had to change. They knew that if their new business could survive the winter break when the campus was sparse of students, then they had made it. Ru doesn’t have any regrets but he does wish that he made more time to read more books when he was younger. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru is an investor as well as a businessman and entrepreneur. He is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Sweetgreen, a seasonal kitchen that offers food that supports local communities and sustainability.


Nathaniel Ru is from Pasadena, California and he graduated and obtained his BS in Finance from the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. It is also where he became acquainted with his future colleagues, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. They founded Sweetgreen together in 2007 and opened their very first location in Georgetown. They launched sweetlife in 2010, the largest music and food festival on the East Coast and it attracts thousands and thousands of concert goers every year. Nathaniel Ru has been recognized by many accolades such as “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under” and Inc.’s “30 under 30” just to name a couple.