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There are several executives and entrepreneurs that have taken the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program. As the executive director and founder of C&C Alpha Group, he already had a lot of experience in the world of business but he knew that he could always learn more. The program that Bhanu Choudhrie took at Harvard is completed over the course of 3 years. Throughout those 3 years, there are multiple sessions of 3-week modules that the students completing the program must take. Visit

Continuing education is something that has always been important to Bhanu Choudhrie during his career. The global economy is always going through changes and it’s important to know insights on events that relate to current circumstances. He first began earning about business and the economy while he was completing his formal education at the University of Boston. He also managed to learn a great deal while he was interning at JP Morgan, but he decided that he wanted to get more out of his career. This led to him making a big move to London which had a lot of business opportunities available at the time. It was an exciting decision that led a lot of success with C&C Alpha Group.

There were a lot of things that Bhanu Choudhrie enjoyed during his time in the program at Harvard. One of the favorite things about his time on the campus was just how much everyone there wanted to learn as much as possible. Everyone took their education very seriously and were willing to put the work into success. Admission standards to the program are quite high and he was excited for the opportunity to learn alongside some big names in the world of business.

As a leader in business, Bhanu Choudhrie was able to see a lot of benefits from the experience and knowledge that the Harvard program allowed him to gain access to. It was an exciting opportunity and he suggests to other business leaders that they take the program for themselves. While leaders in business may already know about their market, it’s important to stay humble enough to remember that there are things that you don’t know as well.


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Education and Work of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle France. His father was a skilled tiler. The Serge’s family relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. As part of the transition process, Serge had to learn English. While in South Africa, he attended Highlands North which was a boy’s high school. Serge Belamant was a very bright student and outgoing and this made him excel in sports such as athletics and rugby. His school work was also excellent given that he was a bright student. Serge was a leader while still in school.

In 1970, he was elected the house captain for science and bridge clubs. Later on, in 1972, he was elected the head prefect. His studies excelled and this saw him venture into other activities such as playing chess. After successfully completing his high school, he attended Witwatersrand University to study engineering. Along the way, he made a shift in his second year to study another different course.

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In his third year, Serge Belamant made another change to the University of South Africa to study Information Systems. Unfortunately, the University of South Africa did not allow him to transfer his credits from Witwatersrand University. Serge Belamant made a tough decision of quitting school and start working at the 22 years of age. As a young man, Serge Belamant was employed at an engineering company where he worked on IBM computers and cyber computers. He learned how to work on and develop computer models. His skills in computers got him a promotion. He was made the head of the computer section in Pretoria and Witwatersrand.

Along the way, he became so good with computers that his career was on an upward trajectory. Many companies looked for him and signed him up to work for them. His biggest achievement was being recruited to join SASWITCH where he was the head of the IT division. He completely renovated the IT department since they had quite a number of challenges before he joined. His master skill in computers saw him come up with new ideas that completely revolutionized the whole company.

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The Outstanding Performance of Guilherme Paulus in Brazil’s Hotel and Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most prominent businesspersons in Brazilian history. His recognition goes beyond Brazil to international levels. The entrepreneur has interests in tourism as the founder of CVC, an operator, and travel agency. He has a stake in the hotel industry through the GJP Group of Hotels. Besides, Guilherme Paulus participates in various tourism events and sittings. Paulus once sat as a National Tourism Council member. He currently chairs the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. Additionally, he works with the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies as the deputy president of International Relations.

His expertise in the hotel and tourism contributed to his win of the 2017 entrepreneur of the year in service among other awards. He made CVC one of the largest empires in the tourism industry helping it record a tremendous improvement in market value. Guilherme Paulus believes that the art of the hotel industry is providing the best services to the customers. In that connection, Paulus invested R $ 600 million in the GJP. The company controls 20 state-of-the-art hotels spread across Brazil in 11 states.

The hotel business has four flags that include Wish and the Prodigy rated at five stars and four stars respectively. Others include the Prodigy rated at three-star and the Saint Andrews Premium Line. The latter covers the Relais & Châteaux labels located in Gramado. Since GJP started operations in 2005, over 92,000 guests have enjoyed the services offered by the more than 1,900 GJP staff members.

Since Guilherme Paulus started CVC in 1972, his passion for investment continues. The company stands as the Latin American’s largest travel operator. He acquired Webjet, an airline operator that had one aircraft in 2006, and anchored it to number three in Brazil in five years. He sold it to Gol in 2011 with a fleet of 20 airplanes operating in 20 Brazilian cities.

Paulus is one of the pillars in the Brazilian tourism industry. His heart goes to the ministry of tourism for providing a conducive working environment. He praised the former tourism minister Vinicius Lummertz and believed that the new minister, Marcelo Álvaro, would continue with the same spirit.


Career life of Serge Belamant

 Being a patent holder and founder of the booming blockchain technology, Serge Belamant has proved to possess great exercise in his field of specialization. He is one of the well-known inventors of smart online payment methods. His inventions have not only benefited the financial industry, but they have also reduced the labor required in various sectors. He continues to receive appraisal form many people and his career is also one of the most flourishing ones. The duo is also known to form the various projects he has facilitated with the target of bringing new dawn in the entire world.

Serge Belamant has also taken the initiative of sharing with others about the things that enable him to achieve tremendous successes in his career. A vast number of individuals have benefited from his advises and they seek to keep abiding by his life principles to achieve successes in their lives. The duo believes in the importance of one challenging themselves. He believes that people who challenge their ideas, as well as thinking, acquire a chance to reason and get deeper into them to come up with extraordinary results that may entirely change the world. Find out more about Serge Belamant at

Besides, Serge Belamant has also continued to make a name for himself through his ability to keep up with new domains. He always targets issues that are likely to cause disruptive effects in specific application areas. He believes that new inventions create a lot of changes in the day to day activities of people. He also believes that through new inventions, he gets to acquire ideas to come with better and advanced inventions that make work easy for everyone. The duo has never given up on his dreams, and even at the hardest moments of his life, he has always continued to carry on. The ability of Serge Belamant to conduct field researches has also played a key role in offering him insight about the things he changes in life through bringing advancements in them. He is one of the most influential gurus in the field of technology, and many see him as a legend for the continues changes he brings to the world.

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Kevin Seawright makes Baltimore’s Housing Seaworthy

A graduate of the Notre Dame University Mendoza College of Business, Kevin Seawright wields degrees in both Accounting and Business Administration, as well as an Executive Management Certificate. His career spans more than fourteen years and carries with it titles such as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore City Government, the Property Finance Director for Baltimore City Housing, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Vice President at Tito Contractors, Inc. in Washington, D.C, and the Director of Property Management at the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County.

With all these titles in his background, it’s really no surprise that in 2015 he founded his own company, Real Property Solutions. RPS Solution LLC was founded with Seawright’s desire to strengthen the community in Baltimore and wrestle with the housing market, helping people become homeowners when banks and real estate agents might turn them down. The ultimate goal is to help people move into safer neighborhoods and it has been largely successful for some time. Although he’s the founder, he also acts as the Managing Partner, providing general oversight and stability for the company.

With his entire career experience to pull from, he knows how best to structure funds and has a network of knowledgeable individuals to contact in a variety of fields, should any of his own knowledge prove insufficient for RPS Solution’s needs. Because of his time working for Baltimore’s government structure, is aware of how red tape flows, and how to trim some of it.

Kevin Seawright has been an active member of several societies for administrators such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and he is a senior board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. He also has one unlisted title: Father, to his little girl Tia. For more information about Kevin Seawright, click here:


Ashley Lightspeed is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Capital. She has set the trend for others through her success. She studied at Duke University and also attended Stanford Business School. She has worked with top companies such as Bain & Company and Thumbtack. At Thumbtack, she worked in the Wedding and Events department as a Category Manager. Ashley was in charge of growth for the department and also ensured that customers had the best experience. She used prototyping as a key tool when working at the two companies to improve products and ideas and to also collect feedback. Ashley was initially interested in architecture but changed to prototyping business ideas after studying at Duke. She left Thumbtack to study at Stanford and thought of starting her own company. While studying, Ashley needed a source of income, and she, therefore, worked for startups as a consultant. She then realized that she loved working with various industries at once better. She also preferred partnering with entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed thought of starting her company because she loved her work at Thumbtack but could not continue while studying since it required her full attention. She took to doing consulting projects for Thumbtack from her experience while working at Bain & Company as a consultant. Some colleagues heard about her work and hooked her up with startups. Consulting became an around the clock job helping her earn some money and also expound on her ideas. She worked with BetterUp and Fundbox exclusively. She was later employed at Lightspeed Venture Capital and stopped consulting. She is especially gifted in developing growth strategies that ensure long-term growth and are pocket-friendly. Ashley loves her job and puts her best in it every day. She is often very busy with meetings, emails, and other company projects but still manages to outshine others in her field.



Stream Energy

When a business actually takes an interest in helping the general public throughout all crisis, and does it well, it’s worth taking note. Enter, Stream Energy, a direct selling and connected live services company that has made the short list since 2005. Texas, a state hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey, saw a new development emerge help the community of Houston and surrounding cities in amazing ways. According to an article on, Stream Energy launched a charity foundation called “Stream Cares” to better display the company’s philanthropic desires beyond monetary donations. The relationships developed between Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross allowed Stream Cares to use the revenue to pay it forward, encouraging associates to build a network of clients and provide residential and corporate services in return.

One such partnership that is particularly outstanding among the homeless comes through Hope Supply Co., as they hold an annual event that helps provide thousands of North Texan children with meals, money and basic supplies. Another instance in 2016 saw Stream Cares work closely with the Salvation Army to belay the cost of damages incurred by devastating tornadoes that destroyed local homes and businesses. Using their direct sales, the company was able to match the amount of donations brought in by their associates and double the pool.

A particularly touching event while partnered with Operation Once in a Lifetime really displayed the human-to-human effort Stream Energy strives hard to convey towards the public. Veterans of the Dallas area and their families received both moral and financial support via donated transportation to those unable to travel to gather for a true Texan lunch of ribs, burgers, steaks and the fixings at a designated restaurant. Soon after, Stream Energy co-hosted an event with the American Girl Doll Experience; allowing ten young girls of military families to receive an American Girl Doll of their choice and lunch at the American Girl Cafe, all expenses paid. For a state that proudly flies its Lone Star flag, companies like Stream Energy proudly do their best to make sure that Lone Star never truly flies alone.

Krishen Iyer: Marketing Ideas to Assist Entrepreneurs

Krishen Iyer is a top marketing executive in the United States. Having so much knowledge in the changing markets has been helping him to maneuver in difficult situations and emerge victorious. Krishen Iyer is the founder of a respected insurance marketing company that is called Managed Benefits Services. With the knowledge under his belt, the marketing executive has done his best to educate entrepreneurs about the steps they should take so that they can successfully market their products in the tight markets. According to the executive, it is paramount for all business people to find a suitable balance between marketing tasks, service or product development. When a company fails to spend the right amount of resources in marketing, the business in question is only getting ready to fail in the marketing. See more about marketing on this link.

According to Krishen Iyer, companies that want to earn as much wealth as possible from their investments must analyze and at the end of the day come up with a marketing strategy that works for them. There are so many marketing strategies to use in the modern times. The business owners should only know the type of audience they are targeting and use the right platform to get them. Identifying a budget that is appropriate is also very important. A company should not spend all of the time available just marketing their products.

In all businesses, there is so much work involved so that success can be registered. This means that people need to plan their time well and the marketing features they plan to use should be time-saving. If you want to get a marketing strategy that will suit your needs completely, it is essential to get the services of seasoned experts like Krishen Iyer. With an expert, a company will concentrate on important matters and leave the marketing part to a professional who will ensure that it has become successful. Krishen Iyer has worked in this department for a long time. His expertise in the field cannot be questioned. Health insurance companies that are using his expertise are currently leading in the American market. Krishen Iyer education has set him apart from the crowd.

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The Sandy Chin Explanation Regarding Fluctuating Stocks

December 4th, 2018 was a devastating day for the market and everyone remembers that entire timeline. Panic was all over the place because no one really understood what was behind the drop. Global events regarding the China trade dealings and trade negotiations were a huge factor. That is probably why 2018 will not be a year to brag about regarding the stock market.


An economic slowdown and slump with several interactions had impacted the stocks. It was even reported and charted by algorithms within investment apps and the like, including their programming. This was a cause for the drop and descent in the overall market chain. A reaction that caused both investors and those who were betting on the market to react in a way that had not been seen for a very long time.


Stock Market Professionals


All eyes were turned towards stock market professionals and analysts who were to try to make sense of the market. The evolution of the stock market is really what was at stake and the uncertainty of the future was a big question even aged experts were trying to figure out.


There was a need for not only market experts, but also for people to listen and look for change that was productive for everyone. Those who had lived in the eighties remember how fast the culture of change was moving along and during those times the movie culture was also in full swing.


Tech over The Pit


The “pit” as it was called at the New York Stock Exchange, was getting looked at from different angles and traders rushed in many cases to try to find a way that would save them and their clients. Every broker and stock trader looked at the NYSE for support and it seemed each investor would go sit and look at the pace that technology was moving within the trading environment. Electronic trading was the new thing that came with a lot of animated exchanges.


AI Algorithms and More


Program trading has been applied to the stock market in general with the advent of technology. Artificial intelligence and algorithms via computers are now determining when is a good time to buy and sell the stocks for investors.


In the recent past, it was the stock experts and investment managers who would research and share their professional findings for their clients. A lot of emotion and bias was part of the human factor in the buying or selling selection, but that has now pretty much been replaced by machines with Artificial Intelligence who do not have emotions and don’t make mistakes like humans.


Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health Opens up about Her Life and Interests

Penelope Kokkinides works at InnovaCare, Inc. as the chief administrative officer (CAO). She was working at the same healthcare provider as its chief operating officer before taking up the new role. Penelope has worked in the health care industry for over two decades. She has experience in government programs, such as the Medicaid and Medicare and the managed care sector. Penelope’s appointment as the CAO at InnovaCare Health was as a result of her extensive knowledge and expertise in creating and managing health care operations and processes that target the enhancement of efficiencies and organizational infrastructure.

Penelope is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences. She holds a master’s degree in social work from the New York University. Kokkinides also attended the Columbia University School of Public health where she graduated with a master’s degree in public health. The CAO of InnovaCare Health also holds a post master’s program advanced degree from the Columbia University School of Public Health in alcohol and substance abuse.

A typical day for Penelope Kokkinides is always unique, and no day looks similar to the other. However, Penelope plans and organizes for her day the previous night by organizing her meetings, where they will be held and the time. Penelope values organization and planning, which are essential in succeeding as an entrepreneur. She recently spent $100 to buy her godchild some test prep materials. Kokkinides admits that she cannot imagine her day without email because she uses it to make her communication easy while traveling. Penelope recommends a book by Simon Sinek known as “Start with Why” that talks about beginning with the why as opposed to focusing on who, how, what, and when. Kokkinides admits that STAT News has significantly influenced her thinking. She notes that their approach to healthcare is unique among the trade media of today, Penelope notes that STAT News approaches the industry with a data-driven and analytic approach.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC offers high-quality health solutions, and it was established in 1998. The healthcare provider has its headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It offers managed healthcare services that focus on the changing healthcare needs. The healthcare organization provides physician practice services and Medicare plans. InnovaCare Health Solutions has an optimized structure that establishes a culture and leadership governance as vital pillars for attaining every benchmark. It also employs the integrated approach of collaborating with the right stakeholders to come up with a coordinated and a 360-degree model of care.