Chris Burch: An American Entrepreneur Interview

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur has been in the business for almost twenty years. Chris Burch has partnered with celebrities, started his own businesses and helped promote brands that were already established. Working exclusively with Ellen DeGeneres on her ED line has been a great success for both of them. There isn’t a job that Chris Burch can’t accomplish once he sets out to do it. The concepts are easy to come by and implement and especially when he teams with others.

There were several questions asked of Mr. Burch and he responded. When asked what advice Chris Burch has to give others he said “My advice is to always listen”. To always reflect and move on and learn from the mistakes. He says he has made thousands of mistakes and has learned from them all. Not a single mistake has gone by without him taking credit for it. He states he has no regrets and wouldn’t change things that have happened but would go back and tell his younger self to keep following his dreams and move forward confidently, check (

One strategy that has helped his business grow is the ability to take risks and keep moving forward. Risks aren’t a strategy however, they build the courage and confidence needed to move forward and do the stuff you are setting out to do, learn more on

In conclusion, when asked how to bring his ideas to life he stated that it takes people and passion to execute the ideas. He says he is a curious person by nature and continues to study everything around him, focusing on the consumer. Thinking like the consumer helps him to promote ideas quickly. Concepts and ideas start with a passion for something and people have incredible ideas to help bolster and create. Investing in people is the key to an entrepreneur’s success, click

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