An All Natural Part of Growth With EOS Lip Balm

“EOS is everywhere” would be an understatement. The EOS Lip Balm (or Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm brand is being well received by the public and business is truly booming. With their cleverly placed marketing in magazines, on billboards, and all over the web, the ads put out by EOS Lip Balm are reminiscent of their signature Easter egg-like packaging. With beautiful, toned down colors that are easy on the eyes, EOS has managed to appeal to the masses with their unique twisted containers that are smooth to open, apply, and easily fit in the hand.

The real hub-bub started seven years ago, when the EOS Lip balms started showing up on Walmart, Target, and Walgreens shelves. Honeydew and grapefruit were favorites, due to how rare they were to find in other lip balms at the time. A superstar endorsement deal with Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera, certainly didn’t hurt their marketing of the affordable lip product.

According to statistics gathered by Kline Research, it was EOS who have been able to drive sales in the oral category all on their very own. Over 1 million units are sold per week of EOS Lip Balm and their growth isn’t expecting to see a decline in numbers anytime soon.

In fact, there is a projected increase of up to $2 billion by the end of the year 2020. That is a lot of EOS Lip Balm units being sold within a short amount of time. It is not surprising, since the company’s model runs off of their all-natural products and that is exactly what a millennial is looking for in their skincare routine.

Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal

During the month of September, L’Oreal Paris held its second annual fashion show. The show was held at the French capital on a 60-meter floating runway. Some famous celebrities were spotted at the event, and some of them walked the runway. Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin all walked the runway during the show. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Marie Bochet were a couple of well-known faces that went to support the event.

The event was held in order to showcase the brand new beauty trends and to spread beauty to every person. The fashion show showcased creativity and diversity to all types of women around the world. Val Garland, L’Oreal’s makeup artist, and famous hair stylist, Stéphane Lancien, came up with 70 new looks to showcase at the show. Also, 13 different partners of L’Oreal Paris showcased some of their products on the runway.

The show was open to the public so everyone could see for free. Giant screens were set up so visitors and tourists could watch the show, and drones filmed the event. The show was aired in over 30 different countries. It was a successful event just as the last one was. It took eight days to build and take down the 60-meter floating runway, but it was worth the hard work.

The show was overseen by Nicolas Krafft. He made sure the event was glamorous and magical as usual. Creativity and diversity inspired him throughout the creation of the show. He wanted to show the world different beauty looks could be achieved through different people and diversities.

Nicolas Krafft is the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oreal and has worked for the company since 2004. He takes pride in the work he does, and in the employees he hires. He always gives 110% to make sure the company is at it’s best.

Article Title: The RealReal keeps luxury clothing sustainable & attainable

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The RealReal is providing a environmentally friendly way to love high fashion and luxury pieces. With 2019’s consumers wanting more sustainable, variety and value in high end fashion, the RealReal is providing it. Consigning clothing has become the new way to keep fashion circulating through the economy, to a second or even a third owner.

The goal is to have access to high end pieces of fashion that have been ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Shoppers are now thinking about the resale value of clothing and other garments and embracing circular fashion. In previous years, fast fashion, which is clothing made cheaply and with a low quality has been profitable for stores and favored by consumers. With the heightened awareness of global seamstress’s working conditions and unethically sourced materials, consumers want a change.

Items from high end designers like Alexander Wang, Yves Saint Laurent,Birkin and Hermes now have a place to be consigned through in an effortless process . With a list of nearly 1,000 designers they accept, The RealReal, has become the authority on where well loved, high fashion goes to live on, instead of gathering dust in the original owner’s closet. The highly coveted items are sold well below retail, selling for close to 90% off. The RealReal has focused in and proven winners at the consignment game. As trends come and go, so does pricing and sales for the company.

The business model of The RealReal is clear cut and self sustainable as most consignees become customers. While there are many similar online consignments sites, The RealReal cuts out the trading, haggling and personal interactions that often deter consumers to use swap sites. With 16 cities that offer home pick up service, any transaction is private and ran completely through The RealReal.

Whether looking for a bargain on high end fashion items or collecting pieces which are out of current circulation, The RealReal provides a great online consignment platform without any hassle and a fashion lovers paradise.

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