The Medical Revolution at Sussex Healthcare

All throughout the world, the level of medical care can vary greatly. Local customs and traditions can affect who can receive which level of treatment. However, respect for the elderly is a philosophy held by most individuals across cultures. Sussex Healthcare is medical care facility in England that takes this notion a step further. They specialize in accepting elderly individuals so they have a place to be treated and recover from their mental impairment. Sussex Healthcare recently sat down with Medical Daily Times to discuss how their practices have evolved in their 25 years of business to date.

Sussex Healthcare began as a small scale operation in 1985. The founders wanted a place that would be comfortable, but advanced in the available treatment options. Over the course of the last two decades, it has to grown encompass nearly two dozen buildings. they have everything from gyms and recreational centers, to community areas that encourage socialization. This location’s unique approach stems from the background of the founders. Starting with Shiraz Boghani, he worked in the hotel business for several years. During this period he learned what a consumer expects during a long term stay. Paralleling this knowledge is Shafik Sachedina, who has the medical background. He has been in the operating room on countless occasions and knows how to make a patient feel comfortable in such unusual circumstances. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

Naturally, a company of Sussex Healthcare’s fame as to constantly find new ways to remain relevant in the medical industry. They regularly invest in upgrading the facilities, and giving employees the best training possible. As for internal practices, they recently hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as CEO. She brings a fresh young mind to the team, with a modern perspective to the classic practiced in the medical industry. Her experience in patient interactions is especially valuable for the company. The ideas she brings to the company will have a huge effect in shaping its future.

Sussex Healthcare is a shining beacon in the medical of what is possible with innovation meets action. They have received nothing but positive feedback from the patients and surrounding community.



Neurocore – Different Programs that it Offers to its Clients

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Neurocore Muscletech is also one of the products that the company has designed and developed by Neurocore that is meant for adults as a pre-workout bodybuilding supplement. The good thing about the Neurocore Muscletech is that it does not have any side effects when followed a disciplined workout regime. It would help with increasing stamina and energy and would also help the consumer to get through hardcore and long workout sessions. The company aims to offer all-around care to its athlete clients and help them win competitions.

An insight to the life of Sujit Chaudhry- Founding director of The Center for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most renowned and honored professors in the field of law. His unparalleled experience in this field has enabled him to inspire people all across the world. Being the former dean at University of California, Cecelia Goetz teacher of Law at New York University, and a law clerk of the chief justice in the supreme court Canada, his profound knowledge has enabled him to do extensive researches, write multiple articles and work on the constitutions of many countries such Jordan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and many others. Some of his of books such: Integration or Accommodation? (Oxford, 2008), The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution (Oxford, 2016) is currently used by Law students all across the world. He is a graduate of Oxford, Howard, and Toronto and has also worked with many international organizations and has been a consultant to United Nations Development and World Bank. As a founding director of Constitutional’s Transitions founding a director and partnering with organizations such as think tank and multilateral universities, he is truly an inspiration. Here are some information and tips to learn from Professor Chaudhry.

Always so something that inspires you

When asked what keeps him motivated to work he replied that while working on a number of constitutions around the world, I have realized there is a need to keep our constitution up to date and add more effective policies and this is what The Center for Constitutional Transitions aims to do.

Spend your time wisely

His day starts with reading about the current issues, latest researches and various new constitutions that are being made and amended all across the world. He also takes out some hours every day to write about everything that he wants to share.

Communicate with the people you are working with

His work is inspired by the practical and real-life examples while keeping the policy partners in the loop of everything that the does. He believes that having an entrepreneurial mindset as well as effective coordination and communication is the key to doing the job in the best way possible.

Click hear

Sussex Healthcare facility: Providing Care for the Elderly

Sussex healthcare has been in the healthcare industry for years now and brings in massive experience. The healthcare facility provides care to the elderly and other people who require specialized care. The company offers its services in the southern coast of England. The facility operates a daycare, state of the art gym and the full care residential houses. It has skilled staff that have gone through the required training to care for the elderly. Sussex healthcare facility ensures that its residents stay active by taking part in activity based plans that interest them.

The leadership of the facility has played a vital role in its growth. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have led the healthcare facility for the past two decades. The chief executive officer is Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has worked her way in the ranks to be in the top position.

There are different types of care being offered by the healthcare facility. Its primary focus is on caring for older people who get meals accommodation and individualized attention. There is also the specialist adult care which is offered to adults of all ages. The facility also provides short term respite care that ensures that home caregivers get a short break. The palliative care is meant for those who are terminally ill. The specialist is trained to provide compassionate care to the residents. There is also neurological care and dementia care.

Sussex healthcare has over 580 facilities. Some of the residential facilities for the elderly are forest lodge, Clemsford house, Longfield manor, Upper mead, Rapkyns care home, and Kingsmead care center. The specialist, adult care facilities, include Redwood house day center and Rapkyns care center among other facilities.

Sussex healthcare is a company that provides support services in Sussex. It offers a wide range of services that care for people who are mentally ill with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The special care is meant for people who have neurological disabilities and adults with learning difficulties. It has been providing the services for 25 years. In 2002 and 2003, the healthcare facility received accreditation from the health quality service (HQS). It also got an international standard accreditation in 2005.