Accounting Firm- IC System

Starting a business can be an overwhelming task, due to the process and also the capital needed, but staring it is not enough to make the business successful. An investor must think about several issues for the business to succeed, one of them being how well their accounting is managed. Every business person must look for an accounting expert to do their accounts for the expansion purposes.


IC System is an accounting company, considered to be one of the oldest. IC System was established in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The two had a major purpose of delivering honest and right services to their clients. The accounting firm has been in existence for decades and because of its strong foundation and principles, the family business has been able to stand through the three generations of Erickson Family. IC System company is an accounting receivable firm, and ever since the inception of the group it has been a leader in the invention of the accounting receivable recovery industry. Quality services have been their principle ever since their foundation, and in 1968, IC System was the first collection agency in the United States of America to advance from typewriters to computers. IC System has not only expanded in terms of customer number, but they have also been improving their services as technology improves. The accounting firm also keeps up with the latest regulatory and compliance standards of the nation.


IC System has their Head Offices located outside St. Paul Minnesota, and their company’s principles and purpose are the same since their foundation in 1938. Clients are their important asset, and they work hard to offer them quality, honest and the best financial outcome in their finances. Everyday IC System looks forward to building a strong relationship with their clients, that is why they have well-trained staff who know how to handle their customers in a friendly and honest way. For three consecutive years, IC was nominated for the BBB Touch Awards for Ethics as finalists. The accounting firm is founded on strong core values which help them conduct their day to day business, interact with their clients, and even shape their office tradition.