Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the famous cosmetic company Lime Crime. She is the mastermind behind the famous makeup line with an unapologetic use of color in many of its products. Born in Russia, Doe moved to New York at seventeen. She later moved with her husband to Los Angeles, California. In 2004, she registered the eBay account lime crime to launch her DIY fashion line. With the desire to fuse her vibrant fashion style with that of makeup. In 2008, she started her first eccentric lipstick line. Lime Crime has based off an exuberant sense of style and includes mystical colors. Doe Deere describes Lime Crime as an intensely pigmented, bold and magical line of makeup that is animal-friendly, cruelty-free and is certified vegan. She views her makeup line as a form of freedom and self-expression.

Here is a peek into her spicy morning lifestyle. She’s up by 8.30 am with no alarms as she’s no morning person. Good rest is her secret to making a vibrant skin. Hydrates by drinking a full glass of water followed by a couple of stretches. She proceeds to take breakfast and is fond of grits, her favorite type of hot cereal. Literary her calendar dictates her life; she contacts the team through her internal company chat and responds to her urgent emails. Obsessed with The Beatles she listens to her music while doing her makeup. Glossier face wash, moisturizer by Murad then she goes right ahead to her make-up. The foundation that is set with powder, filling in eyebrows, blush, and lipstick are her favorite parts of her makeup as they add color to her life and give her freedom. This routine takes from 15 minutes to an hour of her time depending on how her day is scheduled. She spends time with her cats. At noon she arrives in her office to get a briefing on work this may end at 6 pm or run to midnight.

Lime Crime is my holy grail; the liquid matte glides onto my lips leaving a luxurious sensational finish. Long lasting, stays on through food and drink for hours. The colors are vibrant and genuine to the bottle; you will get the same color seen on the bottle on to your lips. I found it less drying than most of the liquid lipsticks I use. It is my criminally coveted form of expression.

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The Success of Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a company that was created for the purpose of showing individuals all over the world that there are new ways to apply makeup to the face that can bring out the beautiful features on the outside, and can bring out a positive attitude on the inside just with this brand. The creator of this product is Doe Deere, a businesswoman who is most known for her online presence on social media sites such as Instagram where she posts photos of men and women wearing her designs. Doe Deere is a firm believer that bright makeup is the new way of applying makeup for the future as it looks good on everyone and brings out the natural beauty. These special designs have changed the way that both men and women apply their makeup in the morning. Thanks to Doe Deere, many new colors are on the market which include the name of the company which is lime, Doe Deere’s favorite color to use on the face.

In recent news, Doe Deere sat down with Galore magazine to not only discuss her product, but to also discuss the creativity behind the Lime Crime company. During this interview, Doe Deere stated that the business that she has worked hard to created was officially founded in 2008 as a side business to pair well with the bright patterns and colors of the clothing designs that she made from scratch.

Doe Deere has had an interest in makeup for decades ever since she was a little girl playing with her friends. Doe Deere has always felt a connection with makeup as she has been an individual who has always had a creative side. Doe Deere often remarks on how she feels on the company Twitter, as though she cheated with her career due to the fact that she loves what she does and she loves the fan-base that she has collected that are known to be unicorns.