Cotemar’s Business Operations In Mexico

In 2016, CNN announced that Mexico had opened its oil and gas industry to private companies such as Cotemar. Previously, the only oil production firm in the region was Pemex. The issuance of tenders to private companies will result in oil productivity in the nation. However, the shift in operation from Pemex will render in the inheritance of unresolved issues such as theft of infrastructure, issuance of tenders for deep water exploration, and land disputes. The Mexican government laid a plan to stay on top of the operation by limiting the dependability on Pemex for funds by raising taxes and royalties.


Cotemar began operating 38 years ago in 1979 and has formed a formidable business presence in Mexico and the world over. It started its enterprise as a provider of offshore oil with the use of explorative vessels. Two years after its launch, Cotemar purchased large transportation vessels to increase the volume of goods in transit. In 1985, it began offering hospitality services such as world class accommodation and restaurant dining. Between 1988 and 1999, Cotemar purchased fleet vessels, transportation ships, three restaurants and lodging ships to maximize on its business opportunities. The first large vessel acquired by the firm began operating in 2002. After a decade, the firm’s administrators put out an order to have more specialized ships and 2 PSS constructed and delivered in 2015. With the increased resources and long-standing experience, Cotemar began exploring onshore oil retrieval in 2016.


Currently, Cotemar has 30 specialized vessels and more than 8000 highly skilled employees. The firm prides itself in ensuring that newly recruited staff meet the quality standard of the firm and receive regular training to keep up with evolving technology. Gilberto Hernandez Pacheco is a longtime employee of the enterprise who began his work upon its establishment. He revealed that Cotemar has been critically instrumental in growing his expertise and knowledge over the years.


Apart from its major job role of exploring oil, Cotemar provides support in engineering, maintenance of boats and marines and construction. Some of the specifics available from the firm include installation of offshore tools, maintenance of innovation platforms, the collection of required resources for projects, and support of dynamically positioned vessels and semi-submersible equipment. Cotemar is mostly an independent business operation that relies solely on its vessels for transportation even for non-oil products. It has private vessels for food transportation and transit of fireboats, towing vessels, barges, and other light tools.


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